The Quest for Peace: Chapter Four

With my oldest already off at college, and my younger ones still at home I often wonder where all the years have gone. Adonis and Daphne stayed a little longer after Hestia to gain some skills and more scholarships for college, they've also met some of the other kids in Hidden City. Alana tells me that they are not your average teens, that they're special...she says they are half gods. I knew about the Olympians but I didn't know they had kids here too, it was quite a shock for me when she told me that...

Nico: Wow, you have no idea how refreshing it is to meet other mortal teenagers my age.

Adonis: Mortal?

Nico: Well my brother Akio and I are half gods you see and most of the mortals are afraid of us.

Adonis: Half gods?

Nico: Is there an echo in here? Yeah half gods. Our father is Hermes, the messenger of the Gods.

Adonis: So what, you have super powers or something?

Nico: Super human speed yes, also we live longer than a mortal too.

Adonis: So are there more like you, half gods I mean?

Nico: A few, I'm sure you'll run into some of them while you live here.

Mokosh: So....

Daphne: So....

Mokosh: Nice shirt.

Daphne: You too....well this is awkward.

Mokosh: You have no idea.

Daphne: I'm sorry, so you're like Akio and Nico? You're a half god too?

Mokosh: Yes, my father is Poseidon.

Daphne: What's that like? To have super cool powers and everything?

Mo: It's okay, I guess I mean I never really thought about it. I can control water and cause earthquakes when I'm mad or stressed, I've lived on my own since I was 9, ever since my mother tried to drown me.

Daphne: She tried to kill you? Why?

Mo: She hated me, with a passion. My father stepped in at the last minute and saved my life though. I have no idea, nor do I can what happened to my bitch of a mother....damn witch.

Daphne: She was a witch?

Mo: A sorceress yes, a powerful one at that. Her name was Medea.

Daphne: Is that sort of story familiar with all of the half gods in this city?

Mo: Some of us yes, Dalen...

Daphne: The God of War? What about him?

Mokosh fell silent for a minute, she remembered the day she met Dalen in the park it seemed like a lifetime ago now...the man he was now was a far cry from who she knew, and the man she loved. She had to figure out how to save Dalen and bring him back to the man he's supposed to be, the one who loves her.

Daphne: Mokosh?

Mo: Oh, sorry what did you say? I was thinking about something.

Daphne: You were talking about Dalen.

Mo: Dalen and I met in Hidden City Central Park one day, I was going to tell off a girl for shooting her arrows all over the place when I made the ground shake. He was there, he came out from behind the tree he was sitting at and closed his journal. I didn't know anyone was there at first, but we started talking...

Daphne: King to J6. Then what happened?

Mo: We got into a foot race to the library, I won of course by use of a well timed ice bridge but he couldn't stop in time and he ended up crashing into a table and sending it through the back wall. The librarian pitched a fit, it was funny. Only the two people sitting at the table didn't think so, and that's where we met Batalia...

Daphne: You met her too?

Mo: Yeah....she was looking at a book on Ares, she told us she was looking for a way to kill him. We found out that she was Dalen's older sister and that she had been searching for Ares for a long time, trying to cause as much chaos and destruction as she could to get his attention.

Daphne: So if she was looking up a way to kill him then why did she waste all that time trying to get his attention in the first place?

Mo: You sure ask a lot of questions, why do you want to know so much about Dalen and Batalia?

Daphne: I figure it's best to know what we're up against here, dad told us that Batalia threatened him, warned him to stay out of hers and Dalen's way.

Mokosh fell silent again, she wondered what it was about Daphne and her family that had Batalia resorting to threats, what possible threat could they be to her?

Mokosh: I'll tell you some other time, right now it's late and I've got work to do. I'm sorry about kicking you out like this, it's not very nice of me.

Daphne: It's alright I understand. I ask too many questions, too many personal questions.

The next night, Adonis had finally accumulated enough scholarships to keep him out of the dorms at college. Daphne would be following soon after he hoped that Hestia had chosen a nice place for them and some better clothes, there's no telling what gods awful threads he'll end up in when he gets there. And besides it was a whole new world for him to express his awesomeness in, lots of new ladies to woo and hoo, and no parental supervision. College was heaven on Earth for a Romantic Play Boy like him...

For Hestia, however, college proved to be a scary place for someone as shy as her. There were hundreds of students coming and going all the time and all hours of the day, it was far more stressful than high school ever was. And she was also not used to the attention she got from some of them, like a fellow Math major Edwin Sharpe. He was a Freshman like her and he lived with his sister and her rocker boyfriend at a house down the street from where she had rented a place. She was not used to the overtness of his attraction for her, but when she saw his pale cheeks turn scarlet she knew he was shy like her, it made her feel a little better.

Edwin: You're in my first period class aren't you?

Hestia: Ye--yes I am. I sit behind you about two seats back.

Edwin: I umm...I'm not usually so forward like this....I usually panic and need several puffs from my inhaler afterwards. But you're different Hestia, I feel like I can talk to you more.

Hestia smiled a bit, he was kinda cute when he stumbled over his words like that. "Me too Edwin, I feel like I can talk to you as well."

Edwin: Call me Eddie, my sister does.

Hestia: Alright, Eddie.

Hestia was so busy talking to Eddie that she totally forgot that Daphne and Adonis were coming today. She excused herself quickly from Eddie and went to greet them. Daphne had already found someone to pelt with a baseball, she was fitting in nicely.

Dormie: Head's up!!

Daphne: You should take your own advice...

Hestia: Daph!! Don't decapitate the poor guy!! You just got here!!

Daphne: Fine, ruin my fun...

Adonis had already zeroed in on the first pretty red head he saw and went right for her, not a care for what he ended up in. He looked like a balding middle aged professor...but Jade Elliot his unwitting victim hardly seemed to notice..

Adonis: seems I've lost my number, can I have yours?

Jade: That is soo cheesy...

Adonis: Yeah but it worked right?

Jade: ....

He followed her when she went to do her assignment on the nearby table.

Adonis: Forgive me pretty lady, let me start over. Will you take this humble offering of a single rose?

Jade: Oh sweet!!!

Adonis: *works every time, college is awesome*

Adonis: Now come with me my dear as I sweep you off your feet...

Jade: *swoon*

Hestia really didn't have to worry much about her twin siblings, they seemed fine on their own. She hadn't really noticed how they had grown, it seemed like only yesterday she was playing with them as toddlers at their little activity table...

After checking on them she went back inside to talk to Eddie again she liked him a lot.

Eddie: So everything good with your siblings then?

Hestia: Yeah, they're doing fine on their own. So I was thinking...maybe you'd want to study together sometime?

Eddie blushed, to a nerd that was like asking them out on a date.

Eddie: S-SSure...I'd like that. It would be a nice change from my place.

After they had purchased their new clothing and gotten settled in the nice little place that Hestia rented, Daphne decided that the two of them should go out on a girl's night and pick up some hot guys.

Hestia: Daph, I don't know if I like it here, it's so...loud and busy.

Daphne: Sis, live a little. You need a man, I need a man since we don't know who dad'll be choosing as his heir so I say start looking now. You can be sure Adonis won't like the idea of being married and tied down with kids so he'll never do for the heirship. We're Family types, we should be looking for spouses.

Hestia: Yeah but here? It's dark and creepy...

Daphne: I like it, you get all sorts of hotties here. But first....

Daphne: Some liquid courage...

Hestia: Agreed.

For Daphne, even the boost of liquid courage couldn't encourage the first hottie she found to even give her a chance.

Daphne: Way harsh dude...

Long Haired Hottie: Sorry, I'm just not into you.

Daphne: This guy trolling is harder than I thought. How does Adonis get all the chicks eating out of his hand?

Though it wasn't an entirely wasted outing, Daphne got her laughs at the bad Downtownies trying to dance.

Hestia: Daph, that's not nice.

Daphne: Yeah well in case you forgot sister, I'm not all that nice.

Hestia: You're a mean drunk.

Daphne: I'm not drunk. *urrp* Okay maybe a little sloshed but not plastered....

Hestia: Can we go somewhere else now?

Daphne: Sure...I guess.

The two of them headed over to the Lulu Lounge, it was calmer and suited Hestia better than the Crypto Club. And she found another guy she liked there too, the blond DJ. She found she had a lot in common with him too, though not as much as Eddie. It was strange to her that she would think about him at a time like this, maybe there was something more to him than she thought...meanwhile back on campus, Eddie was having troubles of his own.

Jonah, Roxie's boyfriend was at it again, arguing with her over him.

Jonah: Rox, come on how many times do we have to go over this? He's useless and he ruins the band's image.

Roxie: Jonah, he's my brother. I can' t just kick him out.

Jonah: WHY THE HELL NOT?? He can still be here, just not in our house.

Roxie: I told you a hundred times, he can't live in the dorms his asthma gets agitated too much from the cheap carpets there.

Jonah: Roxie, baby who cares?

Roxie: I do. He's all the family I've got left.

Jonah: I'm your family, I'm all you need.

Roxie: Enough Jonah. I'm not kicking him out and that's final.

Jonah: Fine, we'll see about that.

With that he stormed off to class, leaving Roxie once again on the verge of tears.

Eddie always dreaded when Roxie left for class, it meant he was at the mercy of Jonah's wrath.

Jonah: Listen you fat loser, you may think you're safe but let me tell you when Roxie isn't here you're mine.

Eddie: Why do you hate me so much? What did I ever do to you?

Jonah; You offend me with your very existence, you soil my image as an aspiring rock star, and I won't have it. Once we graduate and I marry Roxie, you'll never see her again. And if you try, I'll kill you got it?

Eddie: She's my sister.

Jonah: I don't care.

Jonah poked him once more before heading up to the attic and screeching away on his guitar, Eddie thought it was about time to buy a lock for his door, Jonah scared him. But he would never admit that, it would only make things worse if Jonah knew.

The one bright spot that helped him endure Jonah's badgering was Hestia. She was just so amazing, she was always there to listen to him when he chose to talk about his sister and her boyfriend so when he finally got up the courage to ask her on a date she accepted.

Hestia: I'm so happy you finally asked me out, I was beginning to wonder if you ever would.

Eddie: I know, I'm sorry but it took a lot to ask you. I was afraid you wouldn't accept. I don't have any experience with girls, I mean at all.

Hestia: I know, I'm the same. I had one steady boyfriend in high school but we've since broken up and drifted apart, I thought it was me for the longest time.

Eddie: How could it be you? You're amazing.

He then realized what he just said and blushed bright red. Hestia just smiled.

Hestia: You're so cute when you do that Eddie.

Hestia shyly took his hands in hers, after all she could ever only think about him when she was alone. Why fight Fate?

Hestia: I was thinking Eddie, why don't we start out right here and now?

Eddie: Here? But I're still in your outerwear...

Hestia: I know, it doesn't matter though.

Eddie: S-Sure...

From across the room, Adonis watched his big sister with the guy she was always talking about, he seemed nice enough, good enough for her. He smiled, as long as she was happy, he wasn't about to ruin her moment. She was very shy and this was good for her, he figured he wouldn't tell her now about the things he'd been seeing lately...

It all started when he went to the King's Music Theater on campus to scope out some ladies, there was plenty of heart farting and glowy-ness of love...

He played it cool and pretended not to notice the hottie checking him out as he jammed away on the Gibson guitar they had, all that creativity was finally paying off, figuratively and literally. He earned over $500 in tips alone not to mention all the rest he swiped from the others who played with him, plunking away on the drums and the bass, even though it sounded more like they were strangling a cat...

Then he saw it, whatever IT was. No one else seemed to notice the blue demon thing with the creepy yellow eyes and black spiky hair. When he saw it, all else in the room seemed to fade and it was eerily quiet all of a was like the thing sucked up all the noise in the room.

It just stood there, staring off into the distance like it could see something that no one else could, it unnerved him greatly. He hadn't even told Daph about it and he could always tell his twin anything, but this felt different. What if she thought he was nuts and laughed at him for seeing invisible demons? Not that it was likely, but still. He was the man and the man had to be strong in everything he did so he could protect his ladies.

So when he spotted another one of the demon things watching his sister and her new boyfriend with a creepy perv smile on its face, he knew that he had be seeing things. All the more reason not to say a thing to his sisters. Whatever was going on he would he deal with it on his own, and in his own way.


The next morning, back at Eddie's house Roxie came out for breakfast and told Jonah where she would be going today. She thought it was time they had some new threads to go with their new rock band image.

Roxie: So I was thinking about heading into Hidden City today for a shopping trip so I won't make practice today.

Jonah: What for? Why the city?

Roxie: There's a new clothing store there I wanna check out that cool with you?

Jonah: Yeah, sure. pick me out something nice k babe?

Roxie: Sure. And I'll be taking Eddie with me too.

Jonah: Whatever.

Eddie: Are you sure about this? I mean I've worn the same thing for so long, it's like a security blanket to me.

Roxie: Chill little bro, I'm sure. Have I ever steered you wrong before?

Eddie: Well, no but still...

Roxie: Trust me okay? You'll look hot. You wanna impress that girl you like right?

Eddie's cheeks flushed; Roxie just smiled.

Eddie: How do you know about Hestia?

Roxie: I'm your sister, I make it my business to know what you're up to. And plus you've been a lot happier lately and I know you've got someone you like.


End of Entry Five.

So, two updates in a week and half, aren't you guys lucky? I'm gonna have to stop here though, the LJ is getting laggy so I hope it'll let me post an entry this long. This chapter only covers half of generation two's college years so we're not done with college yet. I'll be posting an heir poll after this once I get some nice pictures of the kids, and do excuse the thought bubbles and plumbbobs, as well as the sky showing in some shots, the community lots wouldn't always allow me to add the ceilings.