The Quest for Peace: Chapter Four, Part Two


I know I said I would run an heir poll, but Hestia and Eddie just proved to be too squee-worthy not to make her heir and him the spouse for Generation 2. And I get to show off Eddie's new makeover since during critical plot points he was wearing his outerwear. >.< This chapter covers the rest of college as well as some future plot points. Adonis and Daphne will be starring in their own chapter after this since there's so much to do with them and their curse by the Furies. I have decided that Hestia will remain immune to the Furies' curse since she was blessed at birth by the goddess Hestia just like Alana told Oliver. And I believe that covers the basics and style set up for this chapter so now on with the show...

Last time, Roxie had gone to Bluewater Village and forced Eddie to change his look and style to make a good impression on Hestia...

Eddie: I'm so nervous Rox, I--I what if she hates it? I couldn't take it if she hated it, it would be

He began to wheeze a little, the poor kid was nearly hyperventilating...

Roxie: Calm down little bro, you'll give yourself an asthma attack. Hestia will love it, I know she will. And you gotta let me meet her sometime too, I wanna know why she has my little brother so enamoured with her.

Eddie: Rox, come on...

Roxie: Trust me. It'll be fine.

It took some coercing on Roxie's part but she finally got Eddie to calm down enough to let the stylist work on his hair. Roxie made sure he had the proper clothing to go out on his date with, only she didn't count on him clamming up at the last minute and refusing to change out of his trench coat.

Hestia: This is lovely Eddie, much nicer and quieter than our last date.

Eddie blushed slightly. "I know I wanted this one to be better."

Hestia: And this time you're wearing your outerwear, why do our dates always go like that?

Eddie: I dunno, I'm nervous and kinda cold...

Hestia: That was a rhetorical question Eddie.

Eddie: Oh.

Eddie took a sip of his wine, he was so nervous about this date his hands were shaking.

Hestia: It's okay Eddie, relax. You're as nervous as a chipmunk.

Eddie: I'm sorry, I can't help it.

He set his empty wine glass down and tried to concentrate on his dinner.

While they ate, their conversation steered towards school and majors a safe subject for them and it helped Eddie relax a little more.

Eddie: So have you given any thought to what you'll do after college? What do you have planned?

Hestia: Well I don't really have any career goals as such, I mean all I really want is to see three of my kids Graduate College as I'm going to.

Eddie: Really? Wow, me neither. I mean about the career goals thing. Junior year re-roll showed me a new path in life, one focused on Family. I'd love to see Six of my Kids happily Married.

Now was the time, he wiped his sweaty palms on his coat and dug around for the small box...

Eddie: And...if you'll have it, I'd like those six kids to be ours. Will you marry me?

Hestia gasped, this was not what she expected.

Hestia: Oh, Eddie....of course I will!!

Hestia: It's so beautiful Eddie, how did you...

Eddie: Does it matter how?

Hestia smiled, and shook her head. She placed the beautiful diamond on her finger and examined its shine in the candlelight. This date couldn't be any more perfect if she tried. Eddie felt like a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders, he knew deep down she would accept but there was always that small nagging doubt in the back of his mind about it. Roxie was right as always, he had been over thinking things and over reacting.

Eddie pushed back out of his chair and offered Hestia his hand.

Eddie: Would you like to dance?

This time it was her turn to blush, she had never been a good dancer.

Hestia: I warn you though, I can't dance.

Eddie smiled, "Neither can I so we're both in the same boat."

They took it easy and just twirled around in small circles, it seemed safe enough, less chance for embarrassments.

He pulled her closer, his confidence growing as they slowly turned around. He managed not to screw up, for the first time. Eddie made a move and lowered his hands...

Hestia: I see you've found a nice spot to rest your hands on.

Eddie: Mmhmm, it's a nice spot I think.

He winked at her.

"I love you Edwin Sharpe."

"And I love you too, Hestia Reed."


Meanwhile, back on campus Daphne's quest to find a husband was not progressing as well as Hestia's.  While she was out with Eddie, Oliver called and informed them that he had picked Hestia for his heir, the news made Adonis happy he could continue to pursue his quest of Romancing half the campus's female population with no strings attached. It did make Daphne feel left out however, Junior year saw her path lead her down the way of Knowledge instead but it still was a lonely road, she wanted companionship for the journey. So when she saw a familiar face passing by the lot she had to run out and see him.

Daphne: Reias!!! I didn't know you were here!!

Reias: Well yeah, why wouldn't I come? I mean if you're gonna live forever why not use that time to learn all you can?

For the first time, she felt complete. Seeing him again was all she really needed...

Reias smiled, he had missed her.

 "It's been a long time hasn't it?"

Daphne felt her cheeks grow warm, she remembered the day they met, it was one of the happiest days of her life....

It was just before Hestia left for college, Adonis had taken the well pretty much everyday trying to find his "Hunnies" as he called them and she made sure to get in before he got there, her one wish was to find someone who would truly be hers...

At first she was surprised by his enthusiastic greeting, as much as he was apparently. Reias fell from the sky, he was sent to her and he was truly gorgeous. She fell in love instantly with him, she felt something different with him though it was powerful, electric almost. Reias then told her why that was, she learned firsthand what it was like to be in the presence of a true god.

Daphne craved his touch, his kiss; it was like an addiction to her. She had wondered what had become of him after that day he fell from the sky, they sadly lost contact soon after then Daphne never got over him, she never found another guy. She knew all about the arrangement he had with his family, half the year with his father Hades and the other half with his mother and grandmother on Olympus. To her, only seeing one parent at at time for half a year had to be extremely difficult to endure she loved her parents and brother and sister, she couldn't imagine going six months without seeing them.

When she was with him, nothing else in the world seemed to matter, he was a god and she only a mortal. She had grown up on stories about the gods and their numerous affairs with mortals and other immortal beings alike but she never in a million years thought she would be part of it. Maybe that was why she could never find anyone, she was already in love with Reias. Why it took her so long to figure that out, was beyond her.

On the other hand, for Reias Daphne was truly his first love. His history with the mortals of Hidden City was unpleasant to say the least. They feared him because of who he was and what he did as a god. When he came to do his Soul Collections of the mortals who have died he got a few who went with him willingly with no fuss but most fought him, tried anything and everything to get him to go away it was a thankless job with little rewards. Normally his Aunt Celesta would be the one who would take the souls on their journey to the Underworld she provided a comfort he simply didn't have as a male, but Hades insisted that he be the one to perform soul collections most often. Reias had found that when he was with Daphne she became his beacon in the darkness, his light of hope for a normal life; as normal as one can have between a god and a mortal. Leaving for half the year to stay on Olympus didn't help him any, he could do nothing but watch her from afar up there. Then there was that massive earthquake, he couldn't return to see her because of the number of dead that needed to be escorted to the Underworld, it tore him up inside. So he insisted that once it was finished he was allowed to be alone, like an overdue vacation. Hades was reluctant to let him at first but eventually he caved so Reias went to college with the hope of seeing her again.

Eventually he had to leave, Daphne had class and he had to get home. So he reluctantly broke their kiss and said good bye.  The next day at home his roommate Mokosh was waiting for him when he came down.

Mokosh: Death Boy!! There you are!!

Reias: What? I was here the whole time.

Mokosh smiled. "So Daphne called for you..."

Reias: How do you know it was her?

Mokosh: We know each other, we're friends.

Reias: I see, so what did she want?

Mokosh: Well, she wanted to know if you were free today, she wants to see you.

Reias: And?

Mokosh smiled wider, "I told her to come on over."

Reias: What? But I'm not dressed!! I haven't had a shower yet!! Mo why did you tell her to come over now?

Mokosh laughed, she loved embarrassing him, " You're just fine the way you are, I know she won't mind. I don't either."

Reias vanished upstairs, he had to change quickly. Mokosh shook her head and laughed. "Gods and their teleporting."

Daphne came over a few minutes later, Mo told her to go upstairs. She was still smirking, Reias had always been the shyest one of their group despite that though, he had a good heart. Mokosh knew how good a friend he was to her and everyone, especially Dalen and Diamos...

"Have fun Death Boy." She said aloud. Then she made a hasty exit for class, what was going to happen next with them, was something she didn't want to hear.

Reias: Are you sure you want to do this?

Daphne: I've wanted to do this ever since we met  and fell in love as teens. I'm more ready now than ever.

Reias: I warn you though, it can get...intense with me.

Daphne: I know; you're a god.

Reias: As long as you know now.


For Adonis, his quest to woo and hoo the ladies of the campus was hindered slightly by the annoying recurring nightmares he had been having ever since he saw the second demon thing at the Loungerama Leisure lot. He had decided it was time to branch out, expand his horizons a bit, maybe something the matchmaker pulled out could get the quest back on track. He was a Senior now and he would be graduating soon, since Hestia was heiress he didn't have to worry about spouse hunting it made him feel better about the matchmaker dates. His sisters weren't far behind and they too would be graduating soon he wanted to enjoy his last few weeks of freedom.

Adonis: Give me a hottie, here's $3281. It's most of my accumulated scholarship money.

Matchmaker: I'll see what I can do deary, this lovely lady is a real catch I'm sure you'll have the Power of Three with her.

Adonis: OOh!!! Gimme!! Gimme!! Gimme!!

And what a sight she was, the golden locks, the outfit that left little to the imagination, the aura of power wafting off her, she was definately Power of Three material.

Adonis: Hey, how you doin?

Alecto: What trickery is this mortal? And what is with this flower?

Adonis: Ooh, mortal? You wanna play goddess and mortal huh? I'm game for anything, if you catch my drift....

Alecto: What drift? What game do you speak of? And why do I feel an overpowering attraction to you?

Adonis: No one can resist the Don Adonis...hehehe.

Needless to say, their date was memorable. However, his lust was not quite slaked by the alluring beauty...

When Delilah came to visit Eddie, Adonis couldn't help himself. He pounced on her. Indulging his wants was helping him to forget the nightmares, if only for a little while. He was still not ready to tell his sisters about the demons and the recent nightmares he was having, they both were happy with their own lovers he figured he may as well do the same. Though for some reason, these indulgences felt hollow and only satisfied him for a little while so when his mind wandered back to Jade he was shocked.

Was he really only in love with one woman? The horror, the shame, what kind of Romancer was he if all he wanted was ONE woman?

So the next night he asked her out on a date.

Jade: It's been a long time Adonis, what have you been up to?

Adonis coughed; "Oh you know, nothing really. Just studying, working on term papers and school stuff....yeah.

Jade: I know you too well Adonis; I'm Romance too remember? So the other girls didn't feel quite right?

Adonis: Uh... what other girls...hehehe..

Jade: I'm a Dormie, we talk. I know you've had other dates and I don't fault you for it.

Adonis: Really?

Jade nodded. He sipped his water, the rock in his stomach felt like it had doubled in size.

Adonis: So maybe you're right and they didn't feel right. Doesn't mean I forgot all about you baby.

Jade: It happens. I mean if I wasn't stuck in a perpetual time freeze I'd be feeling antsy too.

Adonis: In that case, I wanna do this before the fear gets the better of me. It's totally out of character for me and I wonder if you'd even accept...

Jade: What are you saying?

Adonis brought up his other hand from under  the table.

Adonis: This. Marry me? Help fill the emptiness inside me.

Jade: Oh no way!! Seriously?

Adonis felt that rock grow again, why the hell was he even doing this?

Jade: Sure. What the hell. I'm not afraid of it right now.

Adonis: Oh good, me neither. Some Romancers we are huh?

Jade: No wonder we're perfect for one another.

Meanwhile, back at the family homestead in Hidden City....

Oliver sat at his computer typing up the final pages of his novel, his legacy for his children. All their lives and even before he had been writing a novel of his experiences in Hidden City. Though his past still eluded him, he made certain that his present and future would not be forgotten as his past was, this was the complete collection of his life's experiences. He felt his twilight years creeping up on him day by day and it was nearly time to relax and let Hestia take over for him. He wanted to make his remaining years the best ones he could.

Oliver: So here we are my beautiful bride, the twilight years are fast approaching. Do you have any regrets?

Alana: No, not a one. My life would have been pointless as a bartender in a bowling alley if not for you. Our three beautiful children, the little shack we expanded into a comfortable home, all the things a NPC such as me dreams of but few ever have.

Oliver: Neither do I; before I came here, I--well I can't remember anything before I came here. But the point is that you showed me things that I never thought existed and a way to live for the now and not the past.

Alana: And to live for the future, don't forget that. We have grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren to look forward to now. I want our birthday party to be the best it can be.

Oliver: So it shall be my love. I'll start making preparations.

He drew her close and kissed her.

Once the kids had arrived and the other honoured guests Oliver took one last look at his youthful body and his amazing wife before blowing out the candles on his cake.

Oliver: Still smoking hot as ever Alana baby.

Adonis: *groan* Oh please dad, PDA, PDA.

Daphne: You're one to talk.

Adonis: Yeah but when I do it, it's called awesomeness, when dad does it it's just...embarrassing.

Oliver: Huh, what do you know? Something that's not gods awful.

Alana: I look like a grape.

Oliver: Still hot though.

Alana: Still as charming as ever you silver tongued fox you.

Adonis: Oh gag me....

Daphne: Aww, I think it's cuuttee...

Athena: Well you made it, you actually made it.

Oliver: You doubted that I would?

Athena: No I mean it, you are one mortal I won't forget.

Oliver: Yeah..

Athena: Congradulations, Oliver. Your family is beautiful.

Oliver: You actually called me by my name. This is a change.

Athena: I don't usually get so attached to mortals, but somehow Oliver you are not your average mortal.

Oliver smiled, that meant a lot coming from a goddess. It's good to see things change....

And yet, there's those things that never change after all. Athena and Hera still hate each other.

Poseidon: Aww come on!!! Don't let her take you out Athena!! Go all Angry War Goddess on her!!!

Daphne: You call that a fight?? Kick her ass!!


While Daphne was away at her parents' birthday party Reias decided to make a trip home himself to see his parents.

Hades: Hey boy, how are you?

Reias: I'm good father, you?

Hades: I've been better. Your mother is here and she's expecting you.

Reias: Great. I'll go see her now.

Reias: Hello mother, you wanted to see me?

Persephone: Yes, I wanted to ask you about something.

Reias: What?

Persephone: I just wanted to know what has made you so happy recently. Normally you're so sombre and moody.

Reias: Mother, I am not sombre and moody...all the time.

Persephone: Baby, you glow when you're happy. I know because I remember you used to do that a lot when Aleidra was around.

Reias winced; she didn't have to mention her...

Hades: Well let the boy speak Persy, you're embarrassing him.

But despite that he couldn't help but smile slightly.

Reias: Well, there is something...a girl.

Persephone's eyes lit up; she clapped her hands together. "Wonderful new honey!! Who is she? A nymph? Another goddess perhaps?

Reias: No, a mortal. Her name's Daphne.

Persephone's expression changed. "A mortal?"

Reias: Yes, a mortal. Is that really such a shock?

Persephone: Well yes, son it is. You're a god you won't age, she will and she will eventually die.

Reias: Mother, I am fully aware of that. I know she will, but that doesn't change anything.

Persephone: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Reias: Mother I love her. I've never loved anyone as much as I love her. And with my reputation I fear that I never will again.

Persephone: Honey....don't say that. You're a wonderful young man.

Reias: Not everyone thinks so.

His uncomfortableness with his mother's disinterest in Daphne was relieved when Hades stepped in and distracted her.

Celesta: I think it's wonderful that you're in love Reias. She must be a very special mortal.

Reias: She is Aunt Celesta, she is.

Celesta: I'm very happy for you dear nephew.

Reias: Thank you, at least someone is.

End of Entry Six.


And I'll leave you with this lovely picture of the damned Cow Mascot scaring the wee out of Mo. He dared to to bother me while I was shooting so I had to exercise my Smite finger a  little bit on him. ^.^ And this concludes Generation Two's college years, once again I apologize for the plumbbobs and stuff I WILL get better at avoiding them eventually. Next time we head into Generation Three and more exploration of the Furies' cursing of Adonis and Daphne.