The Quest for Peace: Chapter Five, Part One

This chapter will cover most, if not all of generation three. I took tons of pictures this time of the kids hoping to make more of a connection with them this time. But first, we visit another familiar character.

Graduation Day was approaching and Roxie couldn't wait to start her new life. Jonah finally proposed to her, she had been waiting for this moment for four years and she was beginning to think it would never come. With placeholders, Mitch Indie and his roommate moved in they could concentrate on graduating. Roxie wanted a party, but Jonah said he'd rather just get the hell of out here, his words not hers. So they didn't have a party and just left as soon as the cab arrived.

Jonah hastily signed the lease for their new apartment and left right after to go buy some better clothes. Hip-Hopper was definately not him and purple clashed badly with his hair he said. Roxie didn't mind his look but he was unhappy with it so she kept quiet. She was looking forward to exploring their new place, as small as it was; it was theirs.

As soon as Jonah got back with his new threads they christened the bed in their new bedroom. It was so much nicer to have a quiet place to just be a couple together without all the noise of a college house. Roxie found a nice job working in Show Biz, her college degree propelled her nicely ahead of the rest of the wannabes in line. Jonah found his dream job as a Roadie working in the Music Biz, he wanted a head start on his goal to become a Rock God.

However, their buzz as newly-weds wore off much to quickly when Roxie found out she was pregnant.

Jonah: How can you do this to me Rox? I'm barely making a dent in the Music scene and you go and get pregnant!!

Roxie: Excuse me, but you were there too you know. I happen to be thrilled about this.

Jonah: You're not keeping it!! I can't afford a kid right now.

Roxie: The hell I am!! I'm not killing our child Jonah!!

Jonah: You are determined to wreck my dreams aren't you?

Roxie: What about my dreams? Don't they matter? I had high hopes for this marriage and I wanted to have something special like Eddie has with Hestia.

Jonah narrowed his eyes at the mention of Eddie's name.

Jonah: Don't speak of him in this house!!

Roxie: He's my brother!! And this is my house too!!

Jonah stormed off after that and he didn't return for two days. Roxie broke down in tears as soon as he was gone, what's happening to her? She was supposed to be happy, she was married, and having a baby. But Jonah hates everything about it, it's been nothing but a tedious chore for him. So it wasn't surprising that he turned to the Matchmaker for a release being the Romancer that he was.  He purposely planned it so she would come home and see him on a date with another girl.

Roxie: Jonah!! How could you do this to me?

Jonah: I told you; I don't want this kid or this marriage prison, I want to be free again.

Roxie: Well if you felt like this, why did you even go and propose to me in the first place?

Jonah: Because you wouldn't shut up about it!! I was sick of your whining.

Roxie: You bastard....

Roxie: Fine, if that's what you want, I'm getting a divorce lawyer in the morning. I'll make sure to take every pitiful penny you have you son of a bitch and you'll never see your child, ever.

Jonah: Oh be still my broken heart.

The sarcasm in voice was matched by his faked shocked reaction.

Roxie: You're a no talent scum bag; and you'll never make Rock God.

Jonah: Sticks and stones baby, be sure that the door doesn't hit you in the ass on the way out.

The divorce took a while to process, for some reason. A few weeks later however Roxie was officially divorced and she had cleaned out the apartment. With no where else to turn she looked up Hestia's family in the phone book, when she got there her little brother embraced her happily.

Eddie: Rox!! I'm so glad you're here!! And you're pregnant, wow.

Roxie smiled weakly but quickly lost her nerve and began to sob.

Roxie: Eddie, I was so stupid. Jonah was a first class bastard and I let him take advantage of me....I--I divorced him a month after we got married.

Eddie: Roxie, don't cry. You're not stupid, just a little lost. Do you have somewhere to stay?

Roxie: No...I cleared out the apartment.

Eddie: Then stay with us, here. We've got all the room you need for you and the baby.

Roxie: Little brother...

Eddie: And you get to be here for our wedding, I was going to wait a little bit while I got my career going but I realized I can't wait.

Hestia: Welcome home, sister.

Roxie: I can't believe I waited so long to meet you Hestia.

Hestia: Well things happen, but it's fine now you're here with people who love you.

Roxie: I don't know what to say, or how to thank you and your parents for letting me be here.

Hestia smiled warmly; "Just be here, that's all the thanks we need."

Eddie: And we'll be seeing you soon little man, or little lady. It's your Uncle Eddie, and I'm very excited to meet you.

Alana: A baby in the house again, it's been far too long hasn't it Ollie?

Oliver: Mhmm, I can't wait.

The next day it was finally time to officiate the Generation Three's beginning. Hestia looked around lovingly at the beautiful wedding her parents had planned for her then over at her soon to be husband. The adorable blush on his pale cheeks reminded her of just how much she loved him.

Eddie: Are you ready for this?

Hestia: I've never been more ready in my whole life.

Eddie: What are we waiting for then?

She looked out at everyone who had come to see her, her parents, her brother and sister, even Nico had managed to make it here. She couldn't be more happy that everyone was here for her big day.

They exchanged their vows and celebrated with some cake shoving. Poor Eddie barely had time to react, he choked a bit on the buttercream icing.

Eddie: MRMMPHH!! Hestia, I had no idea you were a cake shover.

Hestia: Neither did I; are you okay?

Eddie swallowed and smiled. "I'll live."

Nico: Adonis, where have you been man? I haven't seen you in like ages.

Adonis: Oh you know, college, partying, getting know stuff.

Daphne: You got married? Why the hell didn't you tell us?

Adonis: I didn't want to that's all. Besides, this is Hestia's big day.

Daphne: Do mom and dad know that you snuck off and got married?

Adonis: Um...

Daphne: Busted bro; they're gonna pound you. You know how Family types are about marriages.

Adonis: Don't blame it all on me!! What about you?

Daphne: What about me?

Adonis: Where's your man? Your Reias guy?

Daphne: I dunno, Tartarus?

Their little spat was cut short by the pained howls coming from Roxie. It seemed that the baby decided it was time to show up in the middle of Eddie's wedding.

Roxie: Guys?  Eddie? ANYONE? In intense pain here!!

Eddie: Rox? Oh gods, the baby!! Call 911!!

Hestia: Relax honey, you'll hyperventilate.

After a brief labour due to having many helping hands around, Roxie delivered two healthy babies. A boy and girl that she named Liam and Lila. In the nursery she cuddled her newborn son and gently rubbed his tiny back.

"Don't worry little Liam; we're safe here. No one will ever hurt you, not like I was hurt. I will protect you and raise you right; better than my own parents did for your Uncle Eddie and I."

Liam yawned and closed his baby blue eyes, Roxie kissed his soft fuzzy head and lay him down in the crib.

"Well you look like you need a nice nap too little Lila." She cuddled her daughter and sighed, she had Jonah's hair colour and his eyes. How can one that she loves so much take after someone she hates? Roxie didn't want to think like that, her children never have to know the monster that their father is she would raise them herself. She makes good money, and she has a loving brother and sister in law to help out if she ever needed them, why should they have to know what kind of man Jonah was? As much as she was grateful for Eddie and Hestia letting her stay here with her twins, she knew that they had a legacy to carry on and would need to have their own kids someday. With the three of them here, that left little room for anyone else. Roxie would wait until the twins were older to move out, right now she needed the safety of this house to raise them in.

As it turned out, Eddie and Hestia having a legacy to carry on came a lot sooner than Roxie thought. Just before the twins' birthday she got to meet her nephew Dionysus.

Eddie: This is your Aunt Roxie little Dion.

Roxie: Hello sweet pea, aren't you the cutest little thing?

Eddie felt a swell of pride, he smiled. "He looks like me, with Alana's red hair and he has Hestia's emerald green eyes."

Roxie: He's beautiful little brother; I can't wait to see him playing with his cousins.

Eddie: Me neither. I would love to have him grow up with his cousins. Family is important to have in this time, you never know what'll happen in their futures.

Roxie looked up at him, "You mean what you told me about the God of War?"

Eddie nodded. "Yeah, Hestia told me about it a while ago; what her family has to do to save this world and all others."

Roxie: It all sounds so frightening; having to take on the gods like that.

Eddie: Others have done it and lived to tell the tale, there's always hope.

It was soon time for the twins' birthday, Roxie had to miss their transitions into toddlers because of work. It tore her up inside to miss such and important event, but it was for their benefit if she was ever going to make a good life for them. Hestia and Eddie proudly took on the responsibility of helping their niece and nephew make it to the next stage of life.

Hestia: Ready?

Eddie: Yep.

Lila transitioned first, she grew up beautifully. She was a messy little girl, but very outgoing and neat. She was a little bundle of energy and didn't like to sit still very long.

Her twin brother was a messy little tyke as well, outgoing and playful but he had a mean streak. He did like the new llama rider that Eddie had gotten him for his birthday, his squeals of laughter lit up the house.

However, all was not bliss for Adonis. The night of his sister's wedding had been a tremendous strain on him, he never told them what was going on or that the nightmares had begun to affect him. He couldn't sleep soundly anymore and it showed in his eyes, they were surrounded by dark circles. His wife Jade had asked him about it once and he told her that it was just severe allergies, it was lame and it almost didn't work but she never questioned him further about it. Right now he had other things on his mind, like woo-hoo. It always made him feel better and Jade was always up for it being Romance like him, they were the perfect three-bolter couple.

Jade: So how bout some fun?

Adonis: Always, you know me too well baby.

After their fun time, Adonis fell back into the same nightmare. It was her again, the hideous purple skinned, green haired demoness.

"What do you want? I'm so sick of this night after night!! Just tell me what the hell it is you want with me!!"

She grinned, her yellowed teeth baring at him. "You don't know, you don't know...."


"The Sins of the Past must be absolved."

Adonis let out a roar of frustration, again with the damn riddles. He was about to say something when the sound of the doorbell jerked him awake.

He groaned; so much for sleep. He pulled on something to wear and trudged downstairs to the door. He was a little surprised to see Mokosh standing there on his doorstep.

Mokosh: Adonis, long time no see. You don't call, you don't write, I was beginning to think you'd dropped off the face of the Earth.

"I know, I'm sorry about that. It's just that I haven't been sleeping right that's all."

Mokosh: And you look it too, Raccoon Boy. What's wrong?

"It's nothing, really Mo. You don't have to concern yourself with me."

Mokosh: Is that a joke? Cuz if that was a joke it was a bad one. Don't lie to me, I know you too well buddy.

Adonis sighed; maybe it was time to tell them what's been going on.

In the kitchen, Jade had made some lunch. He took a seat and reached for his sandwich. Mokosh chatted a bit with Jade before asking what he'd been dreading to tell anyone.

Mokosh: So are you gong to tell us what's been going on or not?

"I know, I know. I'll talk."

Jade: About what baby? What's wrong?

"My dreams, or rather lack there of. I've been having nothing but nightmares ever since Senior year of college, they're relentless and they torment me every night. I haven't really slept in weeks."

Jade's jaw dropped and Mo nearly choked on her grilled cheese.

Jade: Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you tell me? I'm your wife.

Mokosh: Do your parents and sisters know?

"No, and I don't want them to. I have to deal with this alone."

Jade: Baby, you're not alone though. We're here.

"A man has to be a man Jade; he has to be the strength for his family, the support."

Mokosh snorted. "That's a outdated and vile attitude Donny; this is the 21st century in case you haven't noticed."

"Don't call me Donny; I hate that name."

Mokosh: Too bad; suck it up Donny. You're really not being fair to us, to your wife, your family. We love you and we want to help you.

Jade: Tell us about these nightmares, what are they about?

Adonis nodded and thought of how best to begin.

"It always begins the same way, there's this purple skinned, green haired demon there who does nothing but smile at me and speak in riddles. Though earlier today, before you came Mo, she said something different."

Mokosh: What?

"She said the Sins of the Past must be absolved. I have no fucking idea what that means. It can't be referring to my past, I mean Jade knows all about it and my sisters were there with me so it's something else and I don't know what it is. So I demanded that she clarify it."

Mokosh: Was there anything else this demon said? Something you can remember off hand?

Adonis struggled to remember something, anything. Then it came to him, after the second time she talked about the past.

"Get to the damn point!! What does that even mean?"

"Peaceful God, lost in time; forever drifting between life and death's sweet embrace; past sins revolve around igniting the Fire God's wrath. Despairing parent; lost child, innocent deaths at hands of Nature."

Mokosh dropped her sandwich; so that was it?

"You know what that crap means?"

Mokosh: Yes...I do. Because I was there when it happened.

"Well? Tell me already!!"

Mokosh took a breath, this was a painful memory for her and it was one she would rather not share but if it could help Adonis...

"It was about 25 years ago, we had just learned that Ares had taken it upon himself to make Dalen a full god. I knew that once Dalen had lost his mortal half his powers and conversely those of Diamos would be fully released. And given Dalen's abilities and Diamos's intense evil and hatred, that mean bad news for all of us. I was upset about him being turned into a full god, it meant that his personality would change and that Diamos would also become stronger too."

Adonis: So what does that have to do with it?

Mokosh: It was after that, after Dalen became a full god. Diamos used that new power to take over Dalen more and more we had a hard time keeping Dalen out and in control of the body. It was during one of those time when Diamos was in control that it happened, a friend of ours another half god named Aleidra, she had caught Diamos's eye and he decided that he had to have her for himself. Only thing was that she had this huge crush on Dalen.

Jade: And then what happened?

Moksoh: Now that Diamos and Dalen had the power of full gods, Ares was ready to take the next step and name one of them to be his successor as God of War. Ares chose Diamos, which meant that Dalen would have to die or cease to exist and Diamos would take full control of their body as God of War. We learned that he Ares had been grooming Dalen all his life to become strong enough for Diamos, he was using Dalen to get his evil twin.

"Dalen, you do know Ares is using you to release Diamos don't you?"

"Yes, I know and I won't let him Mo. I won't let that psycho roam free with full god powers..."

"I'm--I'm worried about you A-Bomb. What if he kills you?"

"He won't, trust me."

Adonis: I take it that all didn't go as according to plan?

Mokosh: No, it didn't. We were on our way to see the Oracle to find out. Ares knew what we were up to, he knew that Dalen being around others who were good and pure of heart would make him stronger and as such able to keep Diamos back; so we stuck to Dalen like glue, myself, Leslie and even Reias for a short time until we reached the Oracle. Only right before we got in to see her Batalia showed up and we lost Dalen again.

Jade: So what does this have to do with Adonis's nightmares?

Mokosh: Ares gave Dalen his sword, the sword of Ares is a very powerful and dangerous object and its power can destroy the minds, bodies and souls of the ones who handle it. Dalen was inexperienced with it and the power of the sword took control of him. That evil power gave Diamos the boost he needed and while acting through Dalen, he killed Aleidra. Aleidra was the daughter of Hephaestus, the God of Fire. In his rage and grief over her death, he made Mt. Etna erupt and it caused a great earthquake that split the city nearly in two. Many people died during the eruption and subsequent earthquake.

Adonis: Why am I being punished for something my great-great grandfather did when he was an evil psycho?

Jade: And why now? What possible force can there be out there that can do this?

Mokosh: I have an idea of who, the goddesses of Vengence, the Furies.


Mokosh told him that she would find out who sent the Furies after him and that she would get back to him in a few days. Mokosh had given him some answers to his questions, that helped a bit  in the meantime however, he had more important things on his mind. The birth of his first child for example, he didn't really see himself as being capable of being someone's father right now in his current state, though his fears were put to rest as soon as he laid eyes on his new son...

Sebastian Elliot was born healthy and happy, he had inherited his mother's red hair and blue eyes and his nose. Adonis made a vow that night, he would beat this thing and he would make sure that nothing like what he went through would ever hurt his son or his wife.

If one twin suffers, so shall the other.....

Daphne too had been experiencing strange dreams, though not as long or as intensely as Adonis. Her dreams were all about one person, someone who identified himself as Leukippos. She had never heard this name before, nor did she know why she was seeing him in her dreams; either way though she wasn't about to let him push her around.

"Head's up Loser!!!"

"No!! Please not the face!!"

Daphne: I told you once before Loser, I don't take kindly to invasions of my dreams and I'm gonna show you just what having two Nice points means.

"My name is Leukippos, not Loser."

Daphne: Don't care. I want you out of my head  and my dreams and if I gotta pummel you till you're black and blue I will.

"I can't leave, not after what I've been through to get to you."

Daphne: Like I care.

"I can't leave, not until the Sins of the Past have been absolved."

Daphne: Am I supposed to know what that means?

"Peaceful God, forever drifting between life and death's sweet embrace; past sins revolve around igniting the Fire God's wrath. Despairing parent; lost child, innocent deaths at hands of Nature."

Daphne: Huh?

*whack* "Don't worry, you'll have lots of time to figure it out. I'm not going anywhere."

Daphne: OWWW!! You son of bitch!! You have no idea what you've done!!

Daphne: I'm gonna kill you!!! How dare you!!

"You gonna kill something that's not really there? I'd love to see that."

Daphne: What are you?

"Leukippos, I told you."

Daphne: That's your name, what are you?

"What am I indeed? How will you figure that out? Am I really here or are you just talking to yourself?"

Daphne: Shut up!! You're here, I see you I can touch you, you're real!!

"Am I? Or is your mind playing tricks on you?"

Daphne: Quit it with your damned double speak an give me a straight answer!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?

He smiled and said nothing; Daphne's blood began to boil, he was an irritating...whatever he was.


Meanwhile, back at the main house the first born member of Generation Three was about to leave toddlerdom behind and join the bigger world of being a child. He looked up at the owners of the legs in front of him, they were all here to see him grow up.

After his transition he found out just how much fun it was to be a big kid. Fishing with grandpa was one of the best things about it, he thought. Eventually he found that his true passion was art, all that time playing on the xylophone had taught him that. Oliver told him that his Aunt Daphne loved her art too.

Dionysus: So Aunt Daphne loved to paint too grandpa?

Oliver: Oh yes, she did. I haven't seen her paint in a while though, I wonder why.

Dionysus: Maybe she's busy, I get busy when I go to school and have work to do too.

Oliver: I wonder. Maybe I should call her and ask.

Dionysus: That would nice grandpa, I think she'd like that.

End of Entry Seven.

Evil of me I know, but LJ is laggy again and I've been writing this for almost five hours now time for bed. Next time we'll await the arrival of the rest of Generation Three I'll leave you with the stats and signs of the kids so far:

Liam Powers

Lila Powers

Dionysus Reed

Sebastian Elliot