The Quest for Peace: Chapter Five, Part Two

Ever since his talk with Mokosh and Jade, Adonis's dreams had changed. No longer did he see things in only black and white but now they were coming to him in colour and while he was awake. This time, however it was somewhat more disturbing than before gone were the ugly demon things, replaced with new demonized versions of his family, namely himself and his sisters.

"By the gods, now what? I thought this was over with."

Demon Adonis: Hardly. You still haven't absolved the Sins of the Past.

"And just how the hell am I supposed to absolve the sins when they happened two and half decades before I was even born?"

Demon Adonis: What do I look like? A Google answer box?

"Well since no one else seems to know, I only have you to ask. So tell me what to do."

Demon Adonis: If you want to make amends, seek out the one who holds all the answers.

"Oh for fuck's sake!!! What's wrong with giving a straight, clear answer??"

Adonis had nearly reached the end of his rope, these damn nightmares were haunting him, tormenting him day and night and there was no end in sight. All he got was another cryptic response from a demonized version of himself.

Demon Daphne: Hey.

"Fuck off. Unless you've got some actual answers for me."

Demon Daphne: Is that anyway to talk to your twin sister? The one who always put up with your holier than thou attitude as kids?

"You are NOT my sister. You're some nightmare thing."

Demon Daphne: I am what you make me to be.


Demon Daphne: You're almost there Adonis, so close to the end.

"And what does that mean?"

Demon Daphne: Seek out the one who has the answers.

"If you were actually real, I'd beat you up for giving the same damn cryptic reply thing as Demon Me did."

Demon Daphne: Sure you would, you love me and you know it.

"Get out."

He had little peace before the final demon appeared to him.

Demon Hestia: Hey little brother. How are you?

"Do I need to repeat myself? Beat it, unless you have actual answers that aren't vague."

Demon Hestia: I'm sorry about this, we aren't the ones in control. But I do have the answer you want, if you care to listen.

Adonis raised a doubtful eyebrow: "Why should I believe you?"

Demon Hestia: As much as I look like a demon, I'm far from it. You know what is the cause of these waking nightmares, Mokosh told you so. The Furies are deities of Vengence but they have to be summoned to use their abilities. Someone is behind this and you have to figure out who that is before this torture will end.

"What did I say about vague answers?"

Demon Hestia: Do you not remember what your father told you when you were young? About why he's here and what your family has to do?

Adonis thought back, he recalled a time when he was about nine or so and Oliver was helping him with his homework, he was only half listening but some of it stuck:

Oliver: Now son you know why we're here and we have to do. Our job is to restore the God of Peace and prevent Dalen from destroying the worlds with his wars. It's most likely that he'll try whatever he can to stop us from doing that, I just want you to be prepared for it.

Young Adonis: So what does that have to do with me doing homework?

Oliver sighed; "You have be smart and aware of what may happen. To you this may seem tedious and boring but it's better to have knowledge of things in this world like history and math so you can be prepared for whatever may come."

Young Adonis: Sure dad.

Adonis laughed; " So you're telling me I gotta take on the God of War to end this? That's crazy."

Demon Hestia crossed her arms over her chest and frowned. "You really think that's any crazier than you talking to a figment of your imagination?"

"A figment that he put there. Not of my own creation."

Demon Hestia: So now you know who's behind this, but it's not only Dalen that you need to stop, it's Batalia too. She's pulling his strings behind the scenes.

"Two gods at once? Are you nuts? They'd kill me."

Demon Hestia: You have your answers, now it's up to you what you'll do with them.

"So when I go to sleep from now on, will I actually be able to rest?"

Demon Hestia: Not until you stop the Furies from tormenting you and your twin.

"Wait, Daph too? Now that's low."

Demon Hestia: Good luck little brother.

While he had the answers he was looking for, he was still a little peeved that Daph didn't tell him she was having nightmares too. Just after his son was born, she showed up on his doorstep with luggage in hand and a defeated look on her face. He didn't figure it out then, but after what Demon Hestia had told him, it made sense. She was suffering like he was and somehow he knew that, call it twin-tuition or whatever. He welcomed her with open arms of course, he would never turn her away. Both him and Daphne found the living arrangements beneficial, they both topped their careers easily. He had become the Rock God he decided to become after Junior year and she topped the Criminal Underworld.

Daphne: So now we both go to work together and come home together at the same time.

"Same hours too. Funny how that works out huh?"

Daphne: Twin really do do everything together don't they?

On her next day off, she called Reias over. She missed him a lot and it was also about time to tell him why she hadn't called him over sooner.

"So you see why I haven't been calling you much."

Reias: Daphne, why didn't you tell me sooner? I would have helped you out you know that.

"I dunno, call it a matter of pride. I didn't want to bother you with my petty little mortal issues."

Reias: Daph, that hurts. I love you and just because I'm a god doesn't mean I don't care about you or your problems. I'm far from being the type of god my parents were in ancient times.

"I'm sorry, it's programming I suppose. Gods are all seeing, all knowing, superior beings to us, we've always been taught that."

Reias: That doesn't make it right. Most other gods would expect that from mortals but I don't; I hate being treated like some superior creature that doesn't care about anything or anyone other than myself. I've wanted to be a part of the mortals' lives, interact with them, but they feared me, even hated me do you have any idea what that's like?

"No, I don't. I can't imagine how that would feel."

He turned to her, while she still could see the hurt in his beautiful golden green eyes, there was also love there and something else she missed too, lust.

"I'm sorry I was so stupid about this, I love you Reias I didn't mean to hurt you."

Reias: I know. I love you too Daphne.


Reias: Hmm?

"What was that music I just heard?"

Reias: I don't know, but I bet it's something wonderful.

It didn't take her long to figure it out though, with the constant trips to the porcelain bowl and not being able to keep her food down, she knew.

"I'm so glad you're here!! I have amazing news!!"

Reias: What's that?

Daphne smiled; "I'm pregnant."

The joy in his eyes made her smile wider, it was the most amazing thing in the world to him.  And she couldn't be happier either, she loved him and having his child would only help to solidify their bond even more.

"I hope this baby knows how much you want it."

Reias: Daphne, you have no idea how much I do. This child, it's all I could ever want.

"Even though it will be a half god like some of the others in this city?"

Reias looked up at her; " I promise you Daphne, our child will not have the same upbringing that many of the half gods in this city did. I will never abandon you or the child. And I will never let anything happen to you either.

"I know; I believe you will be there."

As soon as she began to show, it was time for little Sebastian to become a toddler. Adonis had to be at work so it was only Jade and Daphne there to celebrate.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather be the one doing this?"

Jade: No, it's okay. You can if you want.

"Alright, if you say so."

Daphne learned how painful it can be to be pregnant a few days after Sebastian's birthday but despite the pain she knew that this child would be special.


Jade: Okay, relax sis, spin and breathe...spin and breathe...

*whine* "How did you do this?"

It was over pretty quickly for her and once when she laid eyes on her new baby girl, she knew all that pain was worth it. She loved that fact that she had her daddy's golden green eyes and her hair, she was the perfect mix of both of them.

Jade: Oh Daph, she's beautiful. What are you going to call her?

Daphne smiled and cuddled her daughter; "Callie. Callie Reed."

Jade went on about how great it was going to be for Sebastian to have a playmate here, how wonderful it was that he was going to grow up close to his cousin, but in the back of Daphne's mind she wondered about Callie. She was a half god; and half gods are known to have powers and abilities that they inherited from their godly parent. Reias is the son of Hades, the God of Dead and Persephone the Goddess of Spring. With the two conflicting powers of life and death within her, which would be the more dominate part? And would she face the same kind of problems that Reias had as a child, mortals fearing her because of what she was. Daphne couldn't bear the thought of that happening to her baby girl, so for the time being she pushed it away. Right now she had a new life to care for and raise.

Meanwhile, back at the main house Roxie's twins Lila and Liam had joined Dion in the world of childhood. He finally had someone his own age to play with at home. Lila's first choice of clothing was not something Roxie thought she should be wearing and she told her and Liam to go and change into something more appropriate.

Liam: But mommy, what's wrong with this?

Roxie: Nothing really but I bought you some new clothes for your birthday.

Liam: Oh, alright.

Dion: I'm gonna win this time Lila.

Lila: Nuh-uh I rule at Mary Mack cousin!!

Dion: We'll see...

Lila: Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack. All dressed in Black, Black, Black....

While the kids played, Roxie went out to meet the Headmaster. She had expressed a desire to see her kids in private school before she told her brother she was moving out with them. Alone she doubted she would have the most entertaining home to impress him with, but here she knew it would work. Though it did bother her slightly that she was using the legacy estate to impress him with but it was all for the best and she knew her brother wouldn't mind.

Eddie: Rox, are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to leave.

Roxie: Little bro, you've done so much for us, helped me through a difficult time, but now that I'm an Icon and the twins have their private school education it's time for us to go. You can't have anymore kids while we're here and with what you guys have to face in the future you should have some help if Dion ever needs it.

Eddie: Alright, if you think it's best. Just don't be a stranger okay? Call me whenever you can.

Roxie blinked back a tear; " I promise Eddie. Take care of your family. I love you."

Eddie: I love you too big sis.

For Dionysus, his cousins leaving made him sad. He had grown up around them and he thought of them as his brother and sister. It was no fun playing King of the Castle without a princess to save from the tower and a dragon to slay.

"Oh, this used to be so much more fun with Liam and Lila."

Hestia: Have you noticed how down Dion seems to be lately?

Eddie: I think he misses having someone to play with.

Hestia: Maybe...maybe it's time to have another baby? My parents had three and it's always a good idea to have someone to count on if anything goes wrong, or gods forbid if something ever happened to Dion.

Eddie: I must say that I'm not opposed to trying.

Hestia blushed and so did Eddie.

Hestia: Let's go.

Eddie: You read my mind honey.

As luck would have it they succeeded on the first try.

Dion: You mean it mommy? Truly? I'm gonna be a big brother?

Hestia smiled at her son; "Yes baby. Soon."

Dion: I can't wait!! I wanna show them the koi pond, and teach them how to fish, how to play King of the Castle and....

Dion babbled on about everything he wanted to show his younger sibling, it warmed Hestia's heart to hear him talking so enthusiastically about it.

One of the first things he said he wanted to give them was a nice picture he painted. Oliver encouraged him to make his art, that it would be a great gift for his little sibling.

Dion: I'm gonna paint them so many pretty picture for their birthday.

He really had a talent for painting and it showed in the beautiful pictures he made.

Hestia: Oh

Oliver: I'm here honey you're doing fine.

Hestia: Oohhh....

Oliver: I always hate being the one who can't do anything.

Turns out he was useful after all, Hestia gave birth to triplets.

Hestia: So it was you three who were kicking mommy so hard? Welcome little ones.

Alana: Well, what do you know?

Oliver: Three for the price of one.

Hestia gave birth to two boys and a girl, sons Meliades and Nereides and daughter Oreiades. All three kids had different hair colours; Meliades inherited his grandmother's red hair, Nereides inherited Eddie's blond locks and her daughter had her black hair. It was a pleasant surprise to see how different the triplets were.

Hestia: I have four beautiful children, I'm so happy.


Meanwhile, at the Temple of Ares...

Alecto: Mmmm do you know how hot you are Dalen?

Dalen: Gods no. You work for me and I don't fraternize with the help, besides you repulse me Alecto.

Alecto: Oh come on, how can you say that?

Dalen: Back off or I swear I'll kill you.

Alecto: How would you do that exactly?

Dalen: Don't tempt me to try.

Batalia: Knock it off you two we have a guest coming.

Batalia: Well, well to what do we owe this pleasure Death Boy?

Reias: As if you don't already know Talia. I want you to call off the Furies, leave Daphne and her brother alone.

Dalen let out a loud, bored yawn. "No."

Reias: You know full well that what they're being punished for wasn't even their fault.

Dalen: Yeah, and?

Reias tried not to deck him one, instead he clenched his jaw tighter. "You know who was really responsible for Aleidra's death."

Dalen got up from his chair and approached him. "Of course I know idiot, I was there remember? But the fact that their family is going to restore Diamos's power in this world if allowed to live, is something I DO NOT want!!"

Reias: You've lost your mind Dalen; you are not the man I once called my friend.

Dalen: Duh, it took you this long to see that?

Reias: I will fight you on this, both of you. I won't let you destroy their lives for your ridiculous war rampage.

Batalia: Oh please, you and what army Death Boy? You can't possibly take us both on alone, even you aren't that stupid.

Reias: I'm sorry you think so Talia; but you obviously don't know me that well if you think that I'm no threat.

Batalia: Oh I know you alright, I know everything about you. Including your weakness for mortals...especially Daphne.

Something in her tone set off alarm bells in Reias's head; what did she know about Daphne?

Reias: You touch her and I WILL kill you Talia.

Dalen: We know about her, and that baby you two made. How would you feel if they suddenly, I don't know, blew up in a flaming fireball?


Batalia: Well you see our point then; unlike our parents we are not afraid to cross Zeus himself to make sure our mission succeeds.

Dalen: Besides, we have far more at our disposal to take care of the other gods if they dare to step in our should know that.

Reias narrowed his eyes at him. "Oh I do, I know very well what you can do and I will remind you that I too possess same kind of power to take you on."

Dalen leaned close to him and whispered: "That Crystalline Adriel of yours won't help you if you can't reach it, but let me tell you I can certainly reach mine in a heartbeat. You don't want to cross us old friend, take my word on that."

Batalia grinned wickedly, this would be fun.

Reias: How in the hell...

Dalen: I told you old friend; I know you better than you think. Because I think the same way.

Batalia: So now you know our plan, though I doubt you'll do anything about it with the lives of your lover and daughter at our mercy. Even you can't be there all the time to protect them.

Dalen: You should probably go now buddy, before we have to hurt you.

The Furies, who had witnessed everything were beginning to wonder what was really going on.

Tisiphone: Alecto, what are they talking about?

Megaera: What did he mean by  the one who's really responsible for the crimes in question?

Alecto: I am not sure sisters but somehow I believe we have been lied to.

Tisiphone: I should have guessed;  they are the children of Ares and Ares has lied to us before...

Alecto: I know; perhaps this requires some further investigation. We will remove the curses upon the children of Oliver Reed, descendant of the God of Peace until we can confirm these allegations of falsehood.

End of Entry Eight.


Well I shall say it again, when inspiration strikes you gotta purge the urge. Some questions to ponder, what will Dalen and Talia do now that the Furies have reconsidered their punishment of Daphne and Adonis? What exactly is Dalen talking about when he mentioned the Crystalline Adriel to Reias? And what will be in store next for the children of Generation Three? Come back for more if the suspense is killing you.