The Quest for Peace: Chapter Six ; Phoenix


"Calliope, I told you already."

Calliope: So tell me again how you could do such a thing and not tell us.

"I told your mother and really, she was the only one I needed to tell."

Calliope: He's our brother!! We should have been told as well.

Clotho: can he be gone just like that? I totally agree with my sister, that was cruel and mean Creator!!

"I honestly don't know what happened in Hidden City, I should I know, but that place is far more powerful than here in Desiderata Valley."

Calliope: So ask Dalen, isn't he from there?

"My Dalen here is not the same one as in Hidden City....I cloned him mainly for my own pleasure. The real Dalen is far more powerful and dangerous than you know."

Clotho: Well explain it to us then.

Calliope: Yeah, what she said.

"Sit down girls, this is a long story."

*hours later*

Clotho: Wow...I knew you said long but that was epic.

Calliope: So you sent Ollie there to bring back the God of Peace? The same god who we're descended from and who you stripped of his immortality?

Clotho: And Dalen...I had no idea he was also related to us he sounds so evil.

"I know, it was stupid mistake and I regret it now more than ever. I just hope Oliver's heir can fix what I've broken..."

Calliope: Sounds more like Reias will be the one to fix it, I wish I could meet him he sounds so amazing.

"Reias is amazing, and I wish you could meet him but he has a job to do in Hidden City and he can't be called away at a time like this."

Calliope: And we'll never get to meet our nieces and nephews, it all seems so sad.

Clotho: Are you sure you can't send us to see him?

"I won't risk losing you two as well, something's preventing me from sending anyone to Hidden City and I will figure out what that is."

Calliope: So you're the other half of Creator aren't you?

"Yeah, in a manner of speaking. I'm the Yang to her Yin call me Gabriel."

Calliope: And you married Great Aunt Ophelia?


Calliope: So does that mean you know about Hidden City too?

"I helped make it so of course I do."

Calliope: Can you do anything?

"You mean like send you there? No, and I wouldn't want to either. There's no telling what's going on there and you guys mean a lot to Ani-Mei."

Calliope: Yeah...a lot...

"I heard that; and it's true she messed up stealing Dee's powers but she's trying to fix it so curb the sarcasm kid."

Calliope looked at this guy, how can he be so non-chalante about this? Her brother was missing, his family in danger, and they won't do anything about it...

"Okay, listen; this is hard for you I know I can feel your distress. But you have to have some faith here, you above all should know how capable Ollie is and you can be sure he'd pass that down to his descendants. Trust that Ani-Mei knew what she was doing when she sent him there, and this is only a minor set back."

Calliope: You are so different from her; I actually believe you.

"We're one in the same hun; she's me and I'm her. I just give a male perspective on things."


"What do you remember?"

"The triplets, it was their birthday and also mine that day. I was so excited to become a teen."

"It is an exciting age to be."

"How would you know?"

"Hey, now I was a teen once too remember?"

"I chose Pleasure and wanted to have 50 First Dates."

"How did that go for you?"

"I got two..."



"But the triplets made up for it by being adorable. Especially Meliades, we share the red hair."

"Is that the only thing you remember before?"

"Well, there's a few other memories...."

"Such as?"

Dion smiled: "Singing a folk song with Liana, my first love."

"She was a half god wasn't she?"

"Yeah, a daughter of Aphrodite, she was so beautiful....same flaming red locks as me."

"What else?"

"Couch jumping. I loved couch jumping, especially the hang time just after a flip...that was awesome. It bothered Oreiades who was trying to study though."

"Do you regret anything?"


"What I mean is, do you regret leaving them, or me for taking you from them?"

"Reias, you saved me. If not for you I would have joined them...wherever they went. I actually owe you for this."

Reias: You have no idea how much that means to me. I couldn't just let your grandfather's legacy die like that, not when its mission is so vitally important.

"Do you know, I mean have you figured out what happened yet?"

Reias: I have a very good idea of what, though the very concept of the reasoning behind it is incomprehensible to me.

"I may have become Knowledge now, but I need that in simpler terms. I'm not a genius like you."

Reias: I'm hardly that; but basically I know what happened and the reason why it did is what I can't understand.

"Gonna share with the class?"

Reias: Not yet; I still have some work to do first. You should be heading to college now, you'll need that advantage since as heir, it's up to you to save your grandfather's legacy. You won't have the advantages your parents had being second generation heirs you'll have to work for your place.

"I'm not afraid of hard work, if it means continuing his mission to stop Dalen and Batalia I'll do whatever it takes."

Reias: Take care Dion. And remember while some things and some people look the same here, they aren't the ones you knew.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me what that means either will you?"

Reias: Sorry kid, you're not ready to know yet. I'll be back to check on you periodically throughout college so don't worry about that.

"Where are you going? Can you at least tell me that?"

Reias: It's a place very far from here and I gotta pull in some favours to get there, it's called Elvendia.

"Well, you'd better tell me the whole story when you get back. I'll be waiting for you."

Reias: Good luck kid.

"You have come a long way Prince of the Dead, why are you here?"

Reias: Come on now, don't treat me like someone who doesn't know anything Gabriel.

"Fine, ruin it. But the question still stands, how the hell did you get to Elvendia?"

Reias: I pulled in some favours and I needed to see you guys.

"Still doesn't answer me."

Reias: I'd rather tell everyone at once if you don't mind.

"Whatever. YO!! Sis!! Family meeting in ten!!"

"Gabe, I'm right here. Don't need to yell. Finish your game first then I'll call Adahy okay?"

"Sure, so you gonna sink that or not?"

Reias: I'll try if you don't cheat again.

"Slander, I do not cheat."

Reias: Liar.

Adahy: You cannot be serious...

"I am, I really didn't know this would happen when I did it."

Adahy: After what happened last time Dalen was without the God of Peace? My love, how could you forget?

Reias: Ani-Mei, what else have you kept from me?

"Reias, it's not like I can just spill the whole story right now. The important thing is that we deal with the current problem."

Reias: If it's got something to do with the current situation then you should tell me.

"I've been through Dalen's rages before and they weren't pretty."

Adahy: It was not pretty? Is that all you can say? It was a near total disaster. Ani-Mei, my love you need to tell him everything about you and this planet, it may help save Hidden City.

"Blondie's right sis, Reias doesn't know who you really are and it could help him out."

"No fair, ganging up on me like this."

Reias: You're making me mad now; just spill it.

"Alright, alright. What Adahy said is true, I've kept things from you, a lot actually. First off here in Elvendia they know me as Lady Starr the Keeper of Eternity our Underworld and Queen of the gods. Adahy is my husband and King of the Elvendian gods. Our pantheon runs parallel to yours, we have 12 main gods and a host of minor ones. Six of them are our children and the other six are nieces and nephews, children of our version of Titans, the deities of Creation."

Reias: I see, but what about what he said about Dalen's rages before? Do you think that could happen on Earth?

"That is the the other big thing. Dalen needs Diamos, or rather his influence and balance he provides as the God of Peace. If he's without it too long he becomes unbalanced and extremely dangerous. Time here on Elvendia passes three times faster as it does on Earth so one day here is like three weeks there."

Reias: And you knew this when you took away Dee's power? How could you?!!??

"Must you continually kick me when I'm down? Reias, hun I love you and all but right now I don't like you."

Adahy: So that is the problem. There needs to be a new God of Peace on Earth soon or we all shall suffer the consequences of Dalen's unbridled rage and power.

"The powers of Dee have been diluted by generations of mortal blood, how can they possibly get it back in time?"

Reias: Which brings me to the reason why I'm here. I need his Crystalline Adriel and I'll need Botan back as well.

Adahy: You know you cannot use the Crystalline Adriel yourself. It was specifically meant for Diamos to use. Its Guardian will reject you.

"He's right; and as for Botan, I know he was passed to you from his previous master but can you still control him now?"

Reias was silent for a moment before replying; "I'll have to. If I don't, Dalen will use his Axe Adriel on the gods of Earth and all hell will break loose. It's because of that  that the other gods didn't stop him."

Adahy: What did he do?

Reias: He broke one of the highest laws of Olympus, he went back in time and changed history for his own personal gain.

Adahy: And the other gods let him? I am shocked and appalled that Zeus could allow such a grievous transgression.

"Do you ever speak normally? You're making my head hurt."

Reias: Like I said, he has his Axe Adriel and if the Olympians won't cross him, I will. He not only nearly destroyed Oliver's legacy...but he took from me something even more precious than my life...he took my daughter Callie away from me.

"Adriels are powerful weapons Reias. They can kill gods, any god; what makes you think that Dalen won't try to kill you?"

Reias: I'm sure he will, he'll do anything to see that his mission to create endless war succeeds but he doesn't know how nasty I can be...

Reias continued: "Daphne, she was my only true love. What she truly meant to me can't be expressed in words, her love was the greatest gift I'd ever had."

"She gave me Callie; my precious baby girl. I loved her so much for that and having Callie just made it even better. I wasn't there as much as I wanted to be, that stupid arrangement with my parents and grandmother made sure of that. When I was though, I wanted to give her everything, I wanted to show Callie Mt. Olympus one day."

"I was there for her biggest birthday, the transition to teenhood. I was really looking forward to the new experience that would bring me, she was going to grow up to be beautiful just like her mother. I planned to take her to Olympus that day to meet her grandmother and also to tell Demeter that I wasn't going to follow that arrangement she had with my parents anymore I was going to be a full time father to Callie."

"Callie was thrilled that I was going to take her there, she wanted to meet the other half of her heritage so badly. I made a promise to Daphne the day she was born, Callie would never have to suffer what I went through and what the other half gods in Hidden City did, I wasn't going to abandon her...then Dalen destroyed the past, I lost her, Daphne, Adonis all of them when he did that."

"We have to let him have Pellas; if we talk to her I'm sure she'll understand."

"And what if she doesn't? Diamos was her master, her bond was sealed with him. And he already wields an Adriel, what if he can't use two of them?"

Reias: Well what do you suggest Gabriel? I let Dalen get away with this? If I use the Crystalline Adriel against him it should at least make him think twice before doing something stupid again. Also Pellas and her bond with Diamos probably resulted in a transference of powers, which means that the power of  the God of Peace is within her.

Adahy: I understand, and there is a solution to this quandry; give the Crystalline Adriel to Oliver's heir. As Diamos's descendant there should be enough of his energy in them to make sure that Pellas's power is not rejected.

"Yeah I guess, but still, they're mortals. The power of an Adriel is far too much for a mere mortal to grasp, what if the power that's meant to protect them destroys them instead?"

Reias: I'll be there to channel it with my power as a god and with Botan. The power is still there, it's just weakened by the generations of mortals in the line. Are you going to let me take them or not?

Adahy: Botan is yours regardless and I will make contact with Pellas and tell her about this. I will send them along soon, in the meantime you should head back to Earth. If the boy you protected from the time change is there he may need you.

Reias:Yeah, it's been what three weeks there already? Dion probably thinks I forgot about him.


For Dion, Reias not visiting him was the second foremost thing on his mind. He hadn't wasted those three weeks since he had left though, he was passing all his classes, and made the Dean's list after his first semester; he even found a potential spouse for generation four in Madelaine Mace.

Maddie: I'm having a wonderful time tonight Dion. This is great.

"I wanted tonight to be special, this is our three week anniversary after all."

Maddie: I know. I'm happy about that.

"You have no idea how much this means for my legacy. As heir I need to carry on the family line."

Maddie: I'm glad, we don't get many here in Hidden City willing to admit they're a legacy heir. Most are too afraid of Dalen and Batalia's wars to say that.

Dion decided it was best not tell her everything, he wasn't completely sure she was the one yet. He thought about his parents' marriage and how happy they were, they had two bolts but acted like three most of the time. He had only two with Maddie but he didn't get the same feeling with her. But who else did he really have? He was shy like his parents were and this dating thing was hard enough for him, and the fact that Reias hadn't been around lately made him nervous. Also what he said about things that look and feel familiar here, weren't the same ones as he knew was bothering him too. Why do gods have to be so cryptic all the time?

Maddie: Dion? Are you okay? You look like you're a million miles away.

"I'm sorry Maddie, I was just thinking."

Maddie: About what?

"Nothing, let's dance how about it?"

She laughed; he pulled her up from the chair and began to move slowly to the music. True it wasn't dance music like at Londoste, but it didn't matter.

Maddie: If something was bothering you, you would tell me right?

"Of course I would. I just want to dance and enjoy the warm summer night is all."

Maddie: Alright, but just so you know.

"I appreciate it Maddie. Thank you."

One of the things Reias mentioned about being different was people he knew. Here his father and aunt were still young, here his father was still being harassed by Jonah, his aunt's former boyfriend, and here Hestia didn't exist to keep Eddie from spiralling down into depression from it.

Roxie: It can't be that bad Eddie, Jonah says it's all in good fun.

Eddie: And you believe him over me? Your own brother?

Roxie: I just think you're taking it too personally. Jonah really does like you.

Eddie: By the gods Rox, are you really that blinded by love? Do you think all the bruises and cuts are from playing sports? Do I LOOK like I play sports? He gestured to his belly.

Roxie: I just don't believe he would be so cruel...he swears.....

Eddie: I'm sick of this conversation over and over again!! Jonah is a snake, a predator he'll do anything to make sure you remain in ignorant bliss; it's how he controls you!!

Roxie: Eddie...

Eddie: Enough Roxie. What will it take for you to see what he really is? My bleeding, broken and dead body on a slab?

Roxie: Eddie, don't say that....

Eddie: I'm going home. See you.

Eddie left, leaving Roxie stunned and hurt. Why would Jonah lie to her? She didn't understand.

Jonah: So, trying to turn Roxie against me with your lies?

Eddie: It's not lies; you are a lowlife loser and I want my sister away from you.

Jonah: Don't even try loser, and from now on I suggest you watch your back I might just stick a knife in one of these days.

Eddie: There by proving my point.


Eddie: You heard me.

Eddie took off, Jonah was an idiot and he wasn't about to give an idiot any more ammo than he needed.

Eddie: Maybe it's you who should watch your back....I'll get you for this, I'm not going to take this anymore.

He made sure to say that quietly so he couldn't hear him, but his goal was clear; kill or be killed. And there are many ways to kill someone that won't leave any marks...and he knew of nearly all of them.

At dinner that night, Eddie was still upset from his run in with Jonah and he burned the meal. Roxie ate in uncomfortable silence, Eddie hadn't spoken to her since they got back from the campus shops, and it worried her.

Roxie: Eddie, say something please? We've never had secrets between us.

Eddie ate his sour, burnt meal and didn't reply.

Roxie sighed, she really did it this time.

She followed him and caught up before he locked himself in his room.

Roxie: Eddie, I'm not moving until you talk to me.

Eddie clenched his fists; "I told you everything Rox, you refuse to hear. There's nothing to say."

Roxie: How about listening then? I don't like being shut out of your life, I hate it. Ever since mom and dad died we've only had each other to rely on and now I feel like you've become someone else, a stranger.

Eddie: And you let the first scumbag who dazzled you with dreams of fame and glory take you from me. I tell you he's no good, I tell you he's only going to hurt you in the long run and I SHOW you that he's already doing it to me because he knows I'm in his way. And you still refuse to see; your blind devotion to him will kill you or me and I won't let that happen...

Roxie: You can't help who you fall in love with Eddie.

Eddie clenched his fists tighter, drawing blood from his palms.

Eddie: What about the ones who already love you? It's not like there's ever going to be someone for me to fall for. Hell, I sometimes wonder if Delilah is only humouring me with her friendship. I'm a geek, a loner, she's beautiful, smart and popular what does she want with me? You're all I have Roxie...all I'll ever have.

He left her with that and went to get a kleenex for his blood so she wouldn't see it.

After their encounter, Roxie had to get out of the house. She went for a walk trying to stop the tears from falling, she was losing the only family she had left and it felt like she was powerless to stop it. Roxie walked past a blue house not far from their street when a red headed guy came running out. At first she thought he was late for class or something but when he came right up to her she was a little surprised.

Dion: Hey, au--I mean aren't you Roxie Sharpe?

Roxie: Yeah, why?

Dion: I heard you have a band, do you play often?

Roxie: Umm, we're not really a band it's just my boyfriend and me really. We've never played in public before.

Dion tried hard not blurt out how much he missed his aunt, he was elated to see that she was still here and if she was, then his father would be too...

Roxie: Umm, can I like go now? I've got somewhere to be.

Dion blinked; "Would that somewhere be the same place that made you cry?"

Roxie: Look, I don't even know you so mind your own business alright?

She was taken aback at his outgoing observations, it unnerved her slightly...but this guy...there was something about his blunt observation that reminded her of Eddie.

So when he showed up with a friend the next week and went straight for Eddie, that feeling came back to her. He didn't look like he was upsetting him, he actually made her brother smile which was something she could never manage to do.

Eddie: Wow, really? You actually read my fan fic?

Dion: It was amazing dude, totally awesome.

Eddie: I--I never thought anyone would read that.

It was nice to see Eddie happy again, the two of them got along great. The guy, who introduced himself as Dionysus Reed, was actually a good thing for her brother. He had someone to talk to, even though it hurt that he felt he couldn't talk to her anymore but if this is what he needed to come back to his former self again, she wasn't going to complain.

Jonah: So now you got a little geek friend huh? Don't expect to have him over here again.

Eddie: You can't stop me, I won't let you walk all over me anymore.

This was perfect, this time Roxie had to believe him about Jonah and then he could finish his plan, he tried to his smile.

Roxie: I've had it!! Jonah, you lied to me!!

Jonah: Damn, well there goes my cover. Nice going loser.

Roxie: It's not his fault!! I think you should get out of here.

Jonah: Fine, whatever. You were just one of my side gigs anyway, I'll be back to collect my stuff.

Roxie: Eddie, I'm so so sorry I didn't believe you. Can you ever forgive me?

Eddie: I have to, you're my sister.

Roxie: I love you little brother.

Eddie: I love you too sis.

Jonah, being the predictable moron that he was, just had to come back and try to reclaim Roxie. Eddie knew that she would most likely take him back and true to her word, she did. Eddie used this chance to eliminate him for good, all it took was a well timed splash of belladonna on his food while he was out of the room...

And he dropped like a rock. The fool, he should have known better than to eat slightly green food, but it did serve to conceal the poison's taste a bit. Best of all belladonna disperses from the blood stream fairly quickly so it would leave little trace. Eddie knew better than to expect the Hidden City police to do a through investigation, knowing Jonah's rep around town. He had too many enemies and those who hated him, the suspect list would be a mile long. Eddie had saved his sister from him, something she failed to do herself. Sure, she loved him but that didn't make him good for her and you do what you can to protect family.

But it seems no good deed goes unpunished; their last night had left Roxie with something, a surprise. She was pregnant.

Roxie: I still can't believe that Jonah would eat that rancid food, he was so stupid...but at least I have this little piece of him to remind me.

Eddie: It's all well and good that you're pregnant Rox, I know how much you wanted to be a mother. But now? And from him? What about college? You've still got a year left, I've got two more, what will you do?

Roxie: I'll have to drop out, I can't raise a baby in this place there's too much danger here for a little baby.

Eddie: But it was Jonah's, after what he did to you, to me?

Roxie: This baby will never have to know who their father was, just that he died. And as much as he was a scumbag, I loved him Eddie.

Eddie: I'll never know, I've never been in love and somehow I don't think I'll ever be.

Roxie: Oh come on little brother, she's got to be out there somewhere. Don't stop looking before you even start.


End of Entry Nine.

Just thought I'd add this last pic to show you how close I tried to make Dion to Eddie. And Face One is as close as I could get to him.  I do hope this chapter works for the story line since I've lost all traces of Diamos's purple eyes and skin from Dion's DNA code I was so hoping that it would reappear in later generations. I will probably have to make a custom townie or something with Dee's genes if I want them back. Anyway I hope you like my re-attempt to save this legacy.