The Quest for Peace: Chapter 7, The Gathering Storm

I thought I would try to make a title page for the chapters from now on, though my skills are limited to what the photo editor here in Photobucket can do but I'll try to make some nice ones. Anyway this is the beginning of a battle for the Quest between good and evil with a single mortal standing between total destruction and complete salvation...

Last time, we ended with Eddie seeing the results of Jonah's last night alive with Roxie...

Eddie: What will you do now Rox?

Roxie: I'll have to drop out, there's nothing else I can do.

Eddie: You'll call me when the baby's born right?

Roxie: Do you even have to ask that?

Eddie: No, I suppose not.

Roxie: Oohhh!!! Too soon!! Too SOON!! OWWIEE!!! HELP ME SOMEONE!!

Roxie: YOU!! Walk-by!! Call 911!!

Shelby: What's 911? Oh, umm...just breathe...hee hee hoo...


Shelby: I'm a townie, we don't deal with this...


Shelby: Good gods, I'm actually glad I'm not a playable. That looks way too painful...


Despite Shelby's uselessness, the end result was well worth the pain. As Roxie gazed adoringly into her baby boy's pretty blue eyes, she realized that he was worth the effort, and the pain. He had her blond hair and Jonah's eyes but as much as it was good, it was also a painful reminder of  her boyfriend. She had called Eddie and Dion but they were away on vacation for their Senior year, she didn't mind a nice quiet birthday with her son though, it was nice. She could forget about the bills hanging over her head and the sparseness of her home's furnishings for a little while. Her college departure fund barely left her enough to buy him a crib she had to resort to taking out a $4000 Kaching loan until she could afford to hire a butler to watch him while she worked. Not having a college degree had severely limited her job opportunities out in the real world, Eddie promised to move in with her when he graduated to help her with the bills and to watch little Liam when the butler left for the day, but that was still a ways away right now

Liam: Mama sad?

Roxie smiled weakly as the errant tear ran down her cheek, "No mama's not sad she's very happy."

Liam: Why you cry mama?

Roxie: Never you mind sweetling; it's your birthday today it's time to be happy.

Liam thought about that for a moment, then he gave her a beaming smile. "Otay, Li-Li be happy too."

Roxie fought the urge to break down in front of him, he was so sweet, so easy going it was the happiest day of her life.

While Roxie celebrated Liam's birthday at home in Hidden City, Eddie, Dion and Reias were away on vacation in the Alps. A small resort town called Three Lakes, the clear cold mountain air was very different than that warm, tropical climate of Hidden City. The boys were not used to it. Though it made little difference to Reias, he never got cold or frostbitten; just one of the benefits of being a god.

Reias: Eddie, why wouldn't you change? Aren't you freezing?

Eddie: I dunno, maybe I'm so cold I've become numb to the chill. I don't feel a thing.

Reias: You don't have to stay out here you know, if you're cold go back inside.

Eddie: I'm fine, I wanna find that map all the tourists are yapping about.

Reias: Why's it so important that I have to dig as well? Can't i just conjure you up one and save all the trouble?

Eddie: And where's the thrill in that? You gods, honestly you pass up the thrill of discovery for the ease of convenience.

Reias: Mm, maybe we do miss out on the little things.

After digging several holes in the lodge's grounds, they came up with nothing. So they headed down to the lumber mills for some log rolling.

Eddie: Why me? Where's Dion?

Reias: Afraid I'll win?

Eddie: Is that a trick question?

Reias: Well, if you're too scared...

Eddie: I'm so gonna enjoy knocking you on your godly ass.

Reias: Try it mortal, I dare you.

Eddie: Aww Shi---

Reias: You were saying?

Eddie: If this affects my chances at having offspring one day I'm gonna make sure I take it out on your temples.

Reias: Sore loser. Come on get back up here.

Reias: Well they say fifth times the charm right?

Eddie: Okay, rub it in why don't you? You're a damn god, how am I supposed to beat you?

Reias: Ask Fortuna for some luck, or you know, get off the log.

He smirked; Eddie smirked back.

Eddie: I'll get you at least once....

He didn't Eddie lost again, but he had had enough now it was getting dark out and it would only get colder after dark. The boys changed back into their clothes and headed back to the lodge for some hot chocolate and bed.

The next day they went to learn the local massage and maybe get in some fishing; it went well for Dion and Reias, but for poor Eddie, he had been suffering low aspirations for the last two days and when Unsavoury Charletan decided to "inform" him of the local lore he ended up losing half his spending money to the slick weasel.

He ended up having long conversations with Professor von Ball in the bathroom for the next day and half.

Eddie: Why yes, I do have some concerns about the prices of eggs in Ethiopia Professor, how'd you know?

Von Ball: .......

Eddie: That is so true...why I can remember a time when....

Dion tried to ignore his father's ramblings to the volley ball; it was hard enough not being able to tell him the truth about how they know each other, but to see him like this? It was wearing thin on his patience; he chewed his pancakes harder to avoid saying something he would most likely regret later on.

"Oh, dad. I can't stand seeing you like this.." Dion thought to himself. He decided it was time to give him something he could really use, earlier this morning he found that map Eddie was looking for and once he finished breakfast and Eddie regained some of his sanity, he would go there.

Eddie: This is so cool....a real bigfoot...

Dion: We thought you'd like it, since you've been a little down lately buddy.

Reias: This isn't so bad actually, I kinda like this slap dancing thing.

Michael Big Foot: It's nice to have people visit my hut, it's lonely up here all alone.

Reias: Like this?

Michael: Yes, just like that God Reias.

Reias: Just Reias, if you don't mind. I hate being called that so formally.

Michael: Of course G--I mean Reias.

Dion convinced Eddie to come with him to do some fishing, it would help make him feel better. Reias took a moment to talk to Michael alone.

Reias: So, I assume you know what's going down south right?

Michael: Yes, the forest has been whispering to me about it. Is it really that bad?

Reias nodded: "Yeah, unfortunately. I can't say how long Dalen and Batalia will stay contained in Hidden City but I wanted to let you know so you can spread the word.

Michael: Will you be returning with Botan?

Reias: Not yet, I still need to make some preparations. More so for Dion and Eddie's sakes, it's pretty likely that Dalen will do anything to stop me, even target the ones I care about to hurt me.

Michael; So the red headed mortal carries the blood of the Peace God? How unusual, he doesn't look like much.

Reias: You wouldn't think so at first glance, but Diamos's power is still alive in that boy, it's weak and still needs time to recollect itself but I have faith he'll make it through this.

Michael: How much more time?

Reias: About another six generations, mortal time. Which to us is a blink of an eye, I'll be there for the whole thing. They'll need a god whose capable of taking on Dalen and Talia fighting for them.

Michael: Michael Big Foot will remain here until he is called, all Big Foots will be. Just call us, we will come.

Reias nodded, this was step one in his plan to protect Dion's descendants from Dalen all he needed were two more....

It was time to head back to Hidden City and finish up their Senior year, Reias had accomplished what he came here to do. Back at the college he was able to make sure he got into the same semesters as Dion and Eddie, not that he really needed to go to college again, but after what happened to Adonis and Daphne while they were there....he wasn't taking any chances with Dion. He hadn't noticed the first time what was happening to them while he was there; and that would be something he was going to have to live with for the rest of his immortal life. Dalen got to them while they were vulnerable and if he knew Dalen, he would have tried something with Dion if he wasn't here protecting him.

On the flight home Dion had been doing some serious thinking, he was one semester away from graduation and he still hadn't found anyone else other than Madeline. They didn't have the Power of Three like his parents did, but she was the only one he had really been seeing. He made his choice, he was going to take her as his bride.

Maddie: You've got that look again Dion, that far away look. What's wrong?

Dion: I'm sorry honey, I've just had a rough year. I promise I won't ruin our date anymore.

Maddie: My offer still stands, I'm here to listen to you baby.

Dion: I know, by the gods I know. I am going to tell you.

She smiled; her green eyes glittered in the soft light of the room, she looked amazingly beautiful. Dion knew he had made the right choice in choosing her to be with.

He waited until she finished eating before taking the plunge into what he brought her here for.

Dion: Maddie, I know I can be a jerk sometimes, trailing off in my own head when I'm supposed to be focused on you, I'm sure you've had your doubts about whether or not I'm in it for real but let me assure you, I am.

Maddie: Yeah, that's true. I thought you were losing interest in me. I'm not the Diva, I'm not rich, I only like to pretend I am. Most of the time it's fine as long as the Diva isn't anywhere near me, or Mr. Big...

Dion: Is that what you thought of me? That I was only looking for money? I may be a legacy founder but I'm no gold digger...I--there's a lot I still have to tell you about me, my family and my mission.

Maddie: I knew that, somehow. I never thought you were a gold digger Dion. I knew you were different than the other legacy founder that come and go over the years.

Dion took a breath; "You don't know how right you are honey."

Dion continued: "And I hope that this will convince you that I am serious when I say there's a lot you don't know about me. Will you, Madelaine Mace do me the honour of sticking around long enough to find out?"

Maddie: Oh..Dion....

Dion smiled nervously; that sounded a lot better on the plane....

Maddie: Of course I will!! Yes!!

Dion: Oh thank Hera; I was worried for a minute.

Maddie: You're absolutely right about me wanting to know more about your past. I look forward to learning for the rest of our lives.

He pulled her up from the seat and celebrated their new engagement with a beautifully performed Kiss Dance. Dion knew she would say yes, how could he have ever doubted her?


Meanwhile, up on Olympus the other gods were in an uproar over Dalen and Talia's actions. Zeus hated confrontations and if Hera hadn't forced him to sit here he would have taken off somewhere long before now.

Hera: If you kids could just calm down for a second, we could discuss this.

Zeus: Hera, why do I have to be here? I hate these family pow-wows.

Hera didn't reply; she just continued to wait for silence.

Hermes: I was just saying before Cupid interrupted me, that we have to do something about this. Dalen and Batalia can't be allowed to continue with their evil plan.

Cupid: And I was saying, that you're insane if you think we're gonna risk our asses against that Adriel of his. You may have a death wish Fly Boy but I sure as Hades don't.

Artemis: Father you know Cupid's right; what chance do we have against him and Talia?

Zeus: Why are you asking me? Ask Hera, she wanted this meeting.

Hermes: Dad, please you're the freaking King of the Gods, you should be doing something about Ares' rogue kids.

Hephaestus: Right because that worked so well before. Where was Zeus when my dear Aleidra was murdered huh?

Poseidon: You know that wasn't the same thing...that was different.

Artemis: Diamos...he...well you know. He cleansed all us when he was born as the God of Peace.

Hephaestus: Says you, you still have your child. I know Diamos cleansed us but it doesn't excuse his twin going all Commando on Olympus because he's not here anymore. Someone has to stop them, Dalen and Batalia are lethal together.

Aphrodite: Are you sure there's no one who will stand up against them? I don't see Hades, or Persephone here...

Cupid: Mom, please. Hades couldn't give two shits about what's going on up here, he gets all the souls he wants from the wars and fighting Dalen's causing.

Hermes: Fairy Boy's right; what does he care?

Cupid: Shut up!!

Hera: I have to agree. Hades doesn't care what happens as long as he gets souls, but I know there's at least one of us who will stand against Dalen and Batalia...

Zeus: Who's suicidal enough to do that?

Hera: One who knows the pain of loss, of suffering, of death....

Hephaestus: One who knows my pain all too well...

Hera: Reias, Prince of the Underworld.


Dalen: You know why you're here right mortal?

"Umm, not sure exactly oh overlord."

Dalen: Mmm, War God will do.

"Why am I here great War God?"

Dalen: I have a job for you, an important one. I need someone taken care of.

Cleo Pressley nervously scratched at her arm, being summoned by the God of War was rarely a good thing for anyone, let alone a single female mortal like her. Dalen scared her, chilled her to the bone. His lust for war, death and power was ten times worse than the stories she grew up on about Ares. Dalen was way more ruthless than Ares ever was, and with Batalia, the Goddess of Chaos backing him there was no hope.

Cleo: Who do you n--need taken care of?

Dalen: Oh just someone who's been a thorn in my side ever since he came screaming out of his mother.

Cleo: I don't know who you mean....

Dalen: Dionysus Reed of course, stupid mortal. I believe you've met him....

Cleo thought back, she did recall someone that she heard Madeline call Dion which is short for Dionysus; she was walking out of Londoste when she saw the newly engaged couple outside giggling about something she couldn't hear. He was gorgeous, according to her. If Madeline hadn't swooped in on him first, she surely would have dyed her raven locks blond if she thought it would get his attentions...

Dalen: Well?

Cleo turned her attention back to him. "Why him?"

Dalen smirked; he knew this look all too well. After all both Aleidra and Mokosh had it for him the moment they laid eyes on him.

"Don't tell me you actually like that guy? Oh how priceless..."

Cleo: I just don't understand....why you don't take care of him yourself. You're a god.

A loud pop came from behind her, Cleo turned and came face to face with a very angry Batalia.


Cleo squeaked; Talia scared her even more than Dalen.

Batalia: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tear your insolent tongue out right now and show it to you?

Cleo: I--I--I

Cleo tried to put on a brave face in front of her, but she knew Talia could see right through her flimsy mask. Instead she remained silent.

Batalia: Good girl; you actually want to live another day.

Dalen: Talia, I have this covered.

Dalen: You'll have to forgive my dear sister, she's only looking out for me. But I really do need this done. If you value your pitiful life and actually want to make it to the top of the Military career then I suggest you do what I ask. After all, General Pressley sounds much more formidable when you can say that you have the support of the God of War behind you and your army. Not to forget you would actually become the first female general in all of Greece because of it.

Cleo: How would you like me to do this?

Dalen: You'll think of something, you mortals are resilient about that sort of thing.

Cleo: Very well, I will do as you ask.

Dalen: There's a smart girl.

Cleo turned back to Talia, she looked less ready to kill her now.

Batalia: You do have some brains in that empty head of yours after all. Now take off mortal.

Cleo: Yes, goddess.

Cleo walked calmly out the temple door, as soon as she was clear she bolted as fast as her heels would take her.

Dalen: Damnit Talia!! Who said I needed your two cents? I can handle one insolent mortal on my own!!

Talia: Come now dear brother, like you said, your big sister is only looking after you.



Dalen: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Batalia: You have a sickening weakness for dark haired chicks who can stand up to you, you think with your lower half more than your head.

Dalen; You're delusional. I do no drool over some mortal.

Batalia: Oh please, you're a man, you only ever think with your other head. That's why you need me here, to keep you in the right mind. We've got a war to wage here and all of Olympus looming over our heads. If you ever want to rule, you gotta stay focused.

Dalen raised an eyebrow, "Come now sister, are you really saying that you're doing all this out of the goodness of your heart? What's the real reason?"

Batalia chose her words carefully; "I want to be Queen of the Gods. Supreme ruler of all."

Dalen: A lofty goal, but Talia, I had no idea you felt like that for me.

Batalia: You wish, you never left Mokosh long enough. And besides, Diamos was better....

Dalen: I did not need to hear that.


End of Entry Nine

Yes, another after midnight story session. And a very long one at that, you see I've been up since 530 this morning after only getting four hours of sleep because this chapter wouldn't let me go. So here it is, and yes I can imagine that some of you are like "Ewww!!" on that last part but incest was a big part of Greek mythology. Though Talia did fall in love with Peaceful Diamos rather than Dalen because he was with Mo but here there is no Peaceful Diamos, just wickedly evil, amazingly gorgeous evil Dalen....okay I'm done now.