The Quest for Peace: Chapter 8, Part 1

Chapter Eight, this will be split into three parts since there's a lot to cover in this generation's arc before we get to the next one. Last time we saw Dalen plotting a new plan to get rid of his twin's family line by sending a mortal named Cleo Pressley after Dion. First things first though, we still need to check up on the boys in their final year of college...

Dion: So umm da--I mean dude how are you doing?

Eddie: What do you mean?

Dion: I mean we all heard you in the bathroom back at Three Lakes, you were having an entire conversation alone in there.

Eddie: I wasn't alone, I was talking to Professor Von Ball, we're buds.

Dion: He's not a person, he's a volley were verging on insanity.

Eddie: I was not, are you gonna move or what?

Eddie: Nevermind, I'll go.

Dion wanted to say something else, like you're my dad, and it hurts to see you going crazy!! But he had to hold his tongue, the last thing Eddie needed was something else to push him over the edge again. Dion was on the verge of exploding himself, he had no one to talk to about how it made him feel to see his father losing his mind right in front of him. Reias keeps telling him he has to keep quiet about the truth but it was getting harder and harder to stick to that. Graduation was only a few hours away now, what will happen to Eddie once he leaves here?

Dion went to his final exam and returned with a perfect 4.0 GPA and title of Summa Cum Laude in Literature. He could now get a head start on his LTW of becoming a World Famous Ballet Dancer. Eddie was only a few hours behind him and Reias a few more after that, he had a new life to begin with Maddie back in Hidden City to bring in generation four. Despite that he still worried about Eddie's sanity, he hoped that living with his aunt and cousin would help bring him back to the way he was before the vacation.

After Dion had left campus to begin his new life, Eddie's exam finished around 11 the next morning. He decided to grow up with little fanfare and with some questionable clothing choices. But the graduation with honours helped to bring him back from the red long enough to grow up well. He had a college degree and a head start on his LTW to become Prestidigitator, also to help Roxie out with the bills and mortgage too.

Roxie: Okay sweetling, it's finally time for you to become a big boy.

Liam: Pwetty flame...

Roxie: No, mommy will blow them out don't touch the flames baby.

Liam: Where unca Eddie mama?

Roxie: He's going to be home soon, and he's bringing some presents for you too.

Liam: Pwesents!! YAY!!

Roxie could remember when he was just a baby, he was so small and cute. Now that he was about to enter his childhood years, she suddenly felt the years gaining on her. She had chosen to remain single out of respect for Jonah, despite how he treated her and Eddie when they were in college she still loved him. Seeing him in Liam everyday was a constant reminder of that while she would never admit it to Eddie, she actually missed him not being around for Liam's life. Eddie was wonderful, he was everything she needed for Liam and so was Reias. The day he came over to their house with Dion she had felt something different about Reias, like he was different from her somehow. It was only later on that she found out why that was, he was a god a real god, Roxie would have never guessed that if he hadn't told her he was. Roxie had noticed he way he looked after Eddie, like a big brother Reias and Dion were Eddie's best friends and that made her happy.

She set Liam down as he began to grow, she smiled as her son took his first step into childhood. He was a handsome boy and he looked a lot more like Jonah now. Roxie cut his cake and handed him a piece, she was going to take him out today to tour the temples.

Liam: Wow, mama!! Things look so much bigger from up here!!

Roxie: They sure do baby, have some cake and get dressed. We have fun day planned.

Roxie: This is it baby, the temple of Athena.

Liam: Wow, it's so huge!! Hey my voice echoes in here!!

Roxie: I hear that baby, now come here I'm going to tell you about Athena.

Roxie: Athena is the Goddess of Knowledge and Disciplined War, she was born from Zeus's head fully grown. Her calm and collected attitude helped to balance out the savage, untamed ways of Ares.

Liam: Who's Ares?

Roxie: The former God of War, he was replaced by his son Dalen about ten years before you were born...

Liam: Who's Dalen?

Roxie: I told you, the new God of War. He's ruthless, cunning and very evil...but we're not here to talk about him.

Liam: I don't get it mommy, why was Ares replaced?

Roxie:'s a long story and we don't really know much about or why it happened. Anyone who knows what really happened isn't around anymore to tell the rest of us.

Liam: Why?

Roxie: I don't son...

Liam: Where else are we going?

Roxie felt relieved that he wasn't going to push anymore about Ares, she still believed that Dalen had ears everywhere to listen to anyone who might be talking about him or his past.

Liam headed back out to the car to wait for her, Roxie hung back for a second.

Roxie: Oh great Goddess Athena, please give my son the gift of your wisdom. He's young and naive about our history and I don't want him to end up in trouble because he asked the wrong person the wrong thing. Don't let him make that mistake, please...

She knew of course the chances of Athena hearing her were slim to none, but she still prayed anyway. It was comforting to her to voice her concerns to someone other than Eddie about Liam.

Liam: Where are we now mommy?

Roxie: Ah, this is very special place baby. This is the temple to Zeus, the King of the Gods. He is the father of all the other gods and goddesses on Olympus, his wife is Hera, the Goddess of Marriage.

Liam: Can he hear us? Zeus I mean, when we pray?

Roxie: Well, we like to think he does but there's really no way to really know for sure.

Liam: I heard he throws lightning bolts when he's that true?

His little face became fearful and nervous, Roxie smiled gently.

Roxie: Yes, but only at bad people, not little boys like you baby.

Liam's face began to relax, that seemed to satisfy his fears.

Roxie: Well, it's getting dark. Why don't we head over to the recreation center before we head home for dinner.

Liam: YAY!! That sounds fun mommy!!

Roxie: I thought it might. Let's go.

She changed into her court uniform once they had arrived at the recreation center and headed out to the basketball court for a game of H-O-R-S-E before heading home. It was a two player game but the local townie decided to try to get in to play with them.

Roxie: I bet I can sink this first!!

Liam: You're on mommy!!

Roxie: She shoots...she SCORES!!

Liam: Aww no fair!! I'm too little to throw it that high!!

Roxie: Mommy wins, you can do dishes tonight.

Liam: I have to? It's my birthday!!

Roxie; I know, but you still lost.

Liam pouted and headed inside. Roxie laughed and followed him.

Liam: Hey, I remember you!!

Reias: You do? Well I'm surprised you were just a little toddler last time I saw you.

Liam: I remember you.

Reias: Well, I'm glad. Say is your mommy around?

Liam: Yeah, she's coming in right now.

Reias looked over at her, she blushed slightly when she saw who was playing with her son and he didn't miss it.

Reias: Hi Roxie...long time no see.

Roxie: Yeah...long time.

Reias: I was just playing with Liam here, he's gotten so big.

Roxie: I know, where does the time go huh?

She blushed deeper, Liam looked from his mom to Reias. Why was mommy so red? He shrugged and skipped off to explore some more.

Reias: I would have come by sooner...but I was busy.

Roxie: No, I understand. You're a god, you've got things to do, places to go.

Reias: Yeah, but I don't want you to think I was ignoring you or Liam Roxie.

Roxie: Oh, I know you weren't. You had to keep an eye on Dion and Eddie at college. I get it.

Reias: That's still no excuse. I will be by more often, to check on you two and Eddie.

Roxie: Oh, no really you don't have to do that. We'll be fine.

Reias: I want to though Rox...

Roxie blushed more, and she felt the heat on her cheeks. She coughed and said she had to get going and start dinner. Reias hadn't failed to notice her reactions to him, he knew that look too well...Daphne had it too. But was he really ready to go down that road again? Could he really let himself fall for another mortal woman again? The feelings he had for her, they weren't just of protectiveness and concern, they were deeper than that. It scared him a bit to realize that, to him Daphne had just disappeared and it seemed like he was betraying her memory and Callie's...

Meanwhile, Dion had just found an opening in the Dance career. He called Maddie over that night to celebrate and to make her officially part of his mission.

Dion: I'm so glad you're here baby. I missed you.

Maddie: It's only been a few days hon.

Dion: I know but still.

Maddie: I missed you too.

Dion: I would have loved to make this a big lavish event, but I just got started in my career and I don't have much money to spare...

Maddie cut him off: "It's alright honey, as long as I'm with you I don't care."

Dion: Well in that case, do you Madelaine Mace take me, Dionysus Reed to be your lawfully wedded husband? In richness and poorness, health and old age? Till Thanatos sees fit to separate us?

Maddie: I do. And do you Dionysus Reed take me, Madelaine Mace to be your lawfully wedded wife? In richness and poorness despite the one dollar I brought with me, in health and Perma-Platness? Till Thanatos sees fit to separate us?

Dion: I do.

He smiled, this was better than having a full out party any day.


<3  ^.^!!!

The next morning they wasted no time in getting started on generation four. It was something they both wanted since they tied the knot in the kitchen the night before.

Dion: Ready Mrs. Reed?

Maddie: Of course Mr. Reed, what kind of question is that?

Dion: Not a very good one, I take it. Let's go!!

Maddie: Wow, he works fast. That tickles. Heehee.

Madelaine Reed nee Mace; Knowledge, LTW Be Head of SCIA. ^.^

Maddie: OOHH!!! DION!!! HELP!!

Dion: I'm right here honey, just relax. I've seen this before.

Maddie: *whine*

Dion felt a smile creep across his lips as his wife held their newborn son Marc Antony in her arms. He had his mother's blond hair and his eyes, he was a beautiful baby.

Dion: Oh, Maddie. He's gorgeous.

Maddie: I know, he's perfect honey.

After Maddie went to lie down, Dion took his son and fed him his first bottle. He watched his son as he drank up, his little eyes drooping slightly as he fed.

Dion: Well my son, you're the first one of generation four to be born. If I choose to follow the family tradition you'll be my heir and you'll have to carry on my mission. But you're too young to know what I'm saying anyway, when you're older I'll tell you everything. I promise.

Marc Antony closed his eyes and relaxed, he just enjoyed the idea of being fed and held.


Back at Roxie's house, Eddie had decided it was finally time to try out the Wishing Well. He had read it could give you one of three things, though the only one he was interested in was romance. Dion was married and he had a newborn son, Roxie was drifting around the house in a daze, he figured that she must have someone she liked to. And Reias hadn't been coming by that much anymore for some reason. Whenever he suggested he come over he would come up with some excuse not to. That left him without someone he could talk to, he dropped in the coin and watched the blue lights come from the well. His nephew Liam came out to see him.

Liam: What's that Uncle Eddie?

Eddie: An old magical object Liam, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Liam: Can I try?

Eddie: When you're older.

Liam: Oh. It's always when I'm fair.

Well it seemed the stories were true, they do give you your heart's desire. Cleo was everything he wanted.

Eddie: Wow...the stories were true.

Cleo: Umm, what stories?

Eddie: I'm Edwin Sharpe but everyone calls me Eddie.

Cleo: Cleo Pressley, everyone calls me Cleo.

She smiled, Eddie did too.

Eddie: So tell me about yourself Cleo, what do you do?

Cleo: Right now I'm an Astronaut but I'm getting closer everyday to becoming General. How about you?

Eddie: I'm a Master of Ceremonies, I'm on my way to becoming a world renowned Prestidigitator.

"Wow, he's cute and rich...but he's not Dionysus Reed." Cleo thought to herself. What would Dalen and Batalia do to her if they found out she wasn't accomplishing her mission? What if they already knew?

This wasn't good, if they already knew she wasn't doing what they sent her to do they really would kill her this time...and what would they do to Eddie? She was a Family girl and all she wanted was to find someone like Eddie to settle down with and have six kids. She wanted them to all get married and find the same happiness she did...but if Dalen and Batalia had their way, they would kill him to punish her for her failures....what could she do? If only...if only she hadn't made that deal with them...

Cleo: I hate to kiss and run Eddie, but I do have to go get ready for work. Could you call me a cab?

Eddie: Oh, sure. Will you call me later?

Cleo: Of course.

"If there is a later." she added silently.


Like Cleo, Reias was also having a crisis of love. He couldn't stop thinking about Roxie, the feelings confused him so he went to talk to the only one he knew would understand, his aunt Celesta.

Celesta: Oh dear nephew, is it true? Have you found someone else?

Reias: I don't know, that's the problem. I care a lot about Roxie, I mean a lot but it also feels like I'm betraying the memory of Daphne and Callie by feeling like this for her. I don't know what to do.

Celesta regarded her nephew with the same comforting eyes she gave him when he told her about Daphne for the first time.

Celesta: The real question you should be asking is How would Daphne want you to feel? Would she want you to spend the rest of your eternal life pining for her, or would she want you to be happy?

Reias: I don't...I'm not sure...I mean she wouldn't want me to be unhappy, but I am.

Celesta: Is it because you truly fear that Roxie will be taken from you as she was? I can assure you that Zeus will not allow Dalen to repeat what he did the first time.

Reias: Yeah only because he knows I'll stand up to Dalen for him, Uncle Zeus is really just afraid of Dalen.

Celesta: All I can tell you dear nephew, is follow your heart. Look inside for the answer and it will come to you.

Reias: Thank you Aunt Celesta, that really helps.

Roxie: I'm so glad you called Reias, I was going crazy there.

Reias: Really? So was I. Funny isn't it?

Roxie: I'll bet. *wham*

Reias: Oh you're so gonna pay for that!! *whack*

Roxie: You're going easy on me aren't you? Come on God Boy!! You can hit better than that!!

Reias: Any harder and I'll send you flying across the city Roxie.

Roxie grinned; this was just what she needed.

Reias smiled, "I did miss you Roxie."

Roxie: I can see that.

She began to blush again. He gently reached for her cheek.

Reias: I just want you to know, I've had a rough time with this...

Roxie: What?

Reias: How I feel, and how I know you feel too. It's hard for me to get close to anyone, it usually ends badly for me.

Roxie: You're preaching to the choir here Reias, my past experiences with love weren't so great either. I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there too.

Reias: I suppose you have, but I'm a god...I won't will. You understand why this is hard for me.

Roxie: Why do you make it sound like being mortal is such a bad thing? Our lives may be short but that doesn't mean we waste it.

Reias: I don't mean to, honest.

Roxie touched his wrist, she wanted this so badly but she was still reluctant to allow herself to feel for him...hearing him speak the same way about himself made it easier to lower her barrier and allow it in, she didn't realize it but she had fallen in love with him. It seemed so shocking and it happened so fast...why is she resisting?

He pulled her close, the touch of his lips on hers was incredible. It felt like she was falling, falling into him and she didn't care. This was right, it felt was everything she needed...

Reias felt it too, the rush of emotions, the release of the built up energy. His aunt was right all he had to do was listen to his heart. And it was telling him that he could love again, that it wasn't wrong or a betrayal of his love for Daphne. He would always have a place for her in his heart this is what she would have wanted him to do...move on with his life.

When he began to glow, it confirmed everything. He was truly happy again. Reias pulled Roxie closer and held her.

Reias: I love you.

Roxie: I love you too.

He held on to her and teleported them inside, there was something else he had been wanting to do for a long time....

Inside his room he laid her down on the bed, with the flood gates wide open now he no longer held back. His lust took over and he made sure she knew of the risks before going on.

Roxie: I'm not afraid, I'll take the chance.

Reias: I hoped you would say that.

Roxie: Come here you.

Reias smiled and did as she asked.

He cuddled up to her, she was already asleep. One thing about mortals that he'd learned....they tire easily.

Meanwhile Eddie was beginning to feel more confident with Cleo. He asked her out on an official date at the One Twenty-Five Cafe.

Cleo: Oh this is one of my favourite places Eddie, how did you know?

Eddie: A wild guess. So how about it? Are you hungry?

Cleo: Starved.

Cleo: This is nice Eddie.

Eddie: Yeah, maybe next time you can pick the place. I don't spend much time downtown anymore, work takes a lot of my time.

Cleo: Oh I know, tell me about it. I just became a General and already I feel overwhelmed. You know how hard it is to run an army that's as messed up as ours? All they want to do is fight, I've had to avert several raids on Veronaville and Pleasantview already this week and it's just my first one.

Eddie: I had no idea....I mean I've heard things but never actually believed them.

Cleo: I'm sorry, I'm ruining the mood aren't I? All this talk about work and's not appropriate dinner conversation is it?

Eddie: No, it's okay. I mean it just makes Dion's mission all that much more important.

Cleo paid close attention to that; did he mean the same Dion that she thought he did?

Cleo: Dion?

 She voiced it carefully, as to not arose suspicions.

Eddie: Oh, right. Dionysus Reed, he's my best friend. We met in college, he's an awesome guy.

Cleo: I see. So what's he like?

Eddie brightened up at the mention of Dion. "He's on a mission you see, he is going to restore the God of Peace to this world and stop Dalen and Batalia from destroying it."

Cleo: Oh my that sounds dangerous. How will he do that?

Cleo tried to hold back the panic in her throat that threatened to cut off her air, how can this be happening?

Eddie: His final heir will become the new God of Peace. I have a feeling that his kids are going to be great at carrying on the mission.

Cleo: He had children already?

Eddie: Right now he has a son but I heard Maddie's pregnant again.

Cleo got up, she needed air. "Do you want to dance?" she asked him.

Eddie: Sure, I guess. Are you okay, you look a little pale.

Cleo: Oh no, I'm fine it's just the lighting in here.

She took the lead, hoping Eddie wouldn't notice her sweaty palms. This was going south quickly but she had to hang on a little while longer, if only Eddie didn't know Dion, this would be so much easier, if only he wasn't involved in this...if only there was some way she could protect him....


Up on Olympus Dalen and Batalia made a daring move in confronting Zeus.

Zeus: I will not allow this to go any farther!! You will stop this!!

Batalia: Oh please, how do you intend to do that?

Zeus: Do not underestimate me grandchild!! I am the King of the Gods!!!!!

Batalia laughed; her cold merciless laugh echoed throughout the entire courtyard.

Batalia: Do not think for one second that you scare me Gramps!! We have so much more power at our disposal than you can even imagine!!

Dalen: Talia, dear. Don't spoil the surprise. We just thought we'd stop by with a message:

"Enjoy your title while you can, because your days are numbered."

Back down in Hidden City, Cleo's date with Eddie had ended and she was just about to head off to bed when her phone rang.

Cleo: Hello?

"Your time is up; Kill Dionysus Reed now."

Cleo: Who is this?

"You know who I am mortal, I just thought this would be more ominous this way."

Cleo: Goddess?

"Good girl. You can remember simple things like my voice. You've had more than enough time to find him and it's time to finish the job."

Cleo sighed; the thought of hurting Eddie by going after his best friend killed her inside. But she had to obey the goddess's will.

"Yes, Goddess. It will be done."


To be Continued...

End of Entry Ten.

This is part one, there will be more to come as Cleo prepares to carry out the mission she was given. Also the rest of generation four will be born and the relationship between Reias and Roxie gets deeper and more intense...

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