The Quest for Peace: Chapter Eight, Part Two

Dion's family continues to thrive despite Dalen and Batalia's efforts to eliminate them, under Reias's protection. The birth of Dion's second child, Julius, proved that he will continue to thrive.

Dion: Are you okay honey?

Maddie: I'm fine....oohhh this is nothing....

Dion: You don't look fine...

Maddie: I SAID I'm fine!!!

Dion: ......

Like his older brother, Julius had the same emerald green eyes but he had his father's red hair. Dion thought about his mother Hestia, she was his grandpa's first born, as was he her first born and he found himself asking the same question as he looked into the face of his younger son, does he go with the tradition started by his grandfather and choose Marc Antony as his heir? Or should he wait to see if he has anymore children before deciding? It was times like this that he really missed having his parents to talk to, Eddie doesn't even know he is his father and Dion can't tell him either. That had to be one of the most painful parts of it all and his mother...what happened to her?

Dion put aside the thoughts, after Julius was settled in his crib it was time to cheer for Marc Antony as he entered the joyful toddler years. He looked forward to teaching his son all his skills and watching him learn and explore his world. He blew into the party horn and cheered him on.

Marc Antony grew into a beautiful little boy, though in need of a haircut. Dion looked forward to teaching him to talk and walk, Maddie wanted to potty train him and teach him a nursery rhyme.

Maddie: I think someone's a little tired from all the excitement.

Dion: No, I'm fine.

Maddie: Not you,  Marc Antony. And I'm a little tired too.

Dion: Oh, well off to bed with you two then.

He grinned, Maddie smiled too.

The next morning, Dion was up early in time to get Marc Antony up for his morning bath and feeding. The thoughts were still on his mind, whether or not he should make Marc Antony heir. Julius was still a baby and his birthday was coming up soon as well it made him realize how fast time really did go around here. Marc Antony playfully splashed in the warm water and let out a fit of giggles, he had no idea about what his father was thinking about, just that the water was splashy. Dion thought about this all night, he was the oldest of four kids and he remembered a little about growing up with his cousins Liam and Lila, but not much. He was always surrounded with family and kids his own age and he never realized how much he took that for granted, until he lost it. Reias promised him he would explain what happened to his parents, siblings and cousins but he never did. He decided he would call him today to find out once and for all.

Marc Antony: Splashy daddy!!

Dion: I see son, fun isn't it?

Marc Antony: *splash*

Dion couldn't help but smile, it was cute enough to make him push aside his thoughts. If only for a moment...

For Roxie and Reias, their new found love was beginning to bloom even more as time went on. He had finally started coming over again mostly to see Roxie and to check on Liam.

Reias: I missed you.

Roxie: I know, me too. But unfortunately I have to work soon so I wanted to see if you would come back tonight?

Reias: Yeah, I can do that.

Roxie: I'll look forward to it, the day is going to seem so long at the hospital.

After work, Roxie put on her best dress and called him over, tonight was going to be something special.

Reias: Wow, you look amazing honey.

Roxie: How would you know, you've got your face buried in my arm.

Reias: I know. I always know.

Roxie: Is that a god thing?

Reias: Yeah, but also a lover thing.

Roxie: I see.

Reias: Though I bet it would look better on the floor of your room....

Roxie: You don't waste any time do you?

Reias: Nope.

He teleported them right to her room in a blink.

Roxie: That always feels weird when you teleport us.

Reias: Well, it does have a tendency to make mortals sick to their stomachs.

Roxie: Oh so that's what it is, I thought I was just nervous.

Reias: Nervous about what? We've done this before.

Roxie: Liam....I mean he's only a boy but he might feel like I'm cheating on his father.

Reias: He never met his father though, how would he know?

Roxie: I don't know how he would either, but he's a very perceptive little boy.

Reias: When he's older he will understand, trust me.


Back at Dion's, the second born of generation four was about to join his brother in toddlerdom, They were pretty close in age to begin with and now that Dion had finally become the World Famous dancer he wanted to be, it seemed like time was flying by for him. After a long talk with Maddie about his concerns for his sons they had decided to try for one more child it would be a good thing for the boys to have one more sibling to look after.

Dion: Ready son? Time to grow up.

Julius: *gurgle*

Dion: I assume that's a yes.

Maddie: It's so nice to see another one of my boys growing up well.

Dion: Though they seem to like the same hair style as my uncle Adonis did, well time to visit the mirror for you Julius.

Maddie: Where does the time go? I can't believe our boys are growing up so fast.

Dion: I know, I just hope they don't resent the fact that we didn't take that many pictures of them.

Maddie: I hope not...

Eddie: Tickle Monster!! ARRGH!!

Liam: AHH!! Stop it Uncle Eddie!! I give up.

Eddie: Oh okay, I'll get you later then.

Liam: Uncle Eddie, why don't I have any brothers and sisters to play with?

Eddie was taken aback by his abrupt question. "Why do you ask?"

Liam: A boy in my class at school, Gallager Newson has five siblings and I don't, why is that?

Eddie: Well your mommy didn't have anymore.

Liam: Why?

Eddie: She was in college when she was pregnant with you so she couldn't stay there. And your daddy died before you were born.

Liam: Is my daddy the red haired man I've been seeing in my dreams?

Eddie suddenly went cold, how would he know what Jonah looked like? He couldn't one knew what really killed him and he never let his tombstone out of his inventory.

Liam: Uncle Eddie, did I have a sister too?

Eddie: What?

Liam continued, unaware of his uncle's confused look. "She has red hair like our daddy, and we're in this strange house. There's two old grandparent people there cheering us on but I don't have any grandparents. It feels happy there, like we've always been living there...I hear kids voices in the background but I don't see them."

"Then my dream changes, we're in a new house somewhere else, my sister is there. Her name is Lila and we're wearing private school uniforms. I hear mommy but not the other kids' voices anymore. I don't understand why I don't have my sister now Uncle Eddie, I'm worried, is she lost somewhere and she can't get home? Maybe that's why my daddy is yelling at mommy....."

"He looks angry, and he's pointing out something to mommy about children I think. I can't really hear it all. What does it mean Uncle Eddie? Where is my sister?"

"That day we were supposed to have our birthday, we were going to be teenagers. But I'm all alone at the table, the other cake's candles aren't lit and Lila's gone. What does that mean Uncle Eddie?"

Liam: Uncle Eddie?

Eddie was stunned; he had no idea what to say. Roxie never had another child with Jonah, he had killed him before that could happen, but Liam is remembering having a sister. And he's remembering Jonah too, he never met him and they don't have any pictures of him in the house either so how would he know what he looked like?


Eddie: Huh? Oh it was just a dream Liam, that's all. You never had a sister I would know if you did.

Liam: seemed so come?

Eddie; Just forget about it. Soon Dion's sons will be old enough to go to school with you so you can play with them. And it's time for you to go to bed.

Liam: Oh, alright.

Eddie tucked him in, the dream he had was still bothering him. How would he be seeing things that never happened? And why would he be seeing them?

Eddie was right about Dion's boys being close to growing up, two days later it was Marc Antony's childhood birthday.

Dion: You couldn't wait for your mother to get home to grow up?

Marc Antony: I'm sorry daddy, I was just too excited to be a big kid, I couldn't wait!!

Dion took a bite of his salmon, maybe there was something behind why it seemed time was going by so fast lately. He had heard that there are special children in Hidden City who grow faster than normal, but as far as he knew that only applied to half god children. He certainly wasn't a god, neither was Maddie maybe it had to do with his mission here, to restore the God of Peace. Could his blood possibly contain that of a god's? There's so much of his family history that was missing, his grandfather arrived in Hidden City with no memory at all of his life before here. And the only one who could tell him anything about it, was unwilling to share, Reias knew more than he was telling him and soon he would have to make him tell him everything...

Though Reias's thoughts were otherwise preoccupied. The night he spent with Roxie had a surprising side effect, she had gotten pregnant that night. Roxie was thrilled to have another baby, she had been missing the sounds of one in the house for a while now; but for Reias this brought back painful memories. His second lover was about to have his second child....and he half expected both her and his child to be ripped from his life again by his former best friend Dalen.

Eddie: Wow, I had no idea you and Reias were that close.

Roxie: Where have you been little brother?

Eddie: I know, I know. I'm sorry about not being here I was working a lot.

Roxie: Don't stress over it; Liam will love having a sibling.

Eddie's mood faltered; Roxie didn't know that Liam had already been thinking about having a sibling. He didn't know how to tell Roxie about his conversation with Liam about the dream. He looked at his newest nephew, he could see Reias's golden green eyes and his hair in the baby, it made him wonder just what else he might have gotten from his godly parent....

Eddie: Hey did you hear that big sis? He spoke.

Roxie: You're hilarious bro, he's only a few minutes old.

Reias immediately teleported over as soon as Roxie told him he had a son. In her room he reached through the crib bars and stroked his baby boy. This felt familiar, slightly painful too for him. He spent so little time with Callie and Daphne when she was a baby, he was too focused on other things. If Reias had known then that his time with his daughter and Daphne was so short he would have never left their side.

"You'll never have to grow up without me by your side my son. I won't make that mistake again."

Solan smiled at his father, an accomplishment in itself since newborns can't smile. But Solan was not an ordinary newborn, he was a half god.

Reias stayed all night with him, always holding him and cuddling his son. He didn't want to let him out of his sight for a single moment, call it paranoia or what not but he was still scared of losing his son.

"You have no idea how important you are to me son, and I will never let you feel alone. I will take you and your mommy to live with me in Tartarus this time around. I won't let you stay on the surface any longer than you have to. I just have to tell your mommy that first..."

Reias stayed that night for Liam's teenage birthday. He was going to be old enough now to understand why he was always here.

Liam stared into the flickering flame of the candles of his cake, even though his uncle had told him to forget about his dream, he didn't. Because it would come every night no matter what he did. Liam decided not to tell his uncle that he was still having the dream because he saw how it made him react the first time he told him about it.

He put on a cheerful face and made it look like nothing was wrong. His mom and Reias were cheering for him to grow up it felt good to finally be able to have some more freedom as a teenager and he could finally take care of his baby brother now too.

Roxie: Come on baby!!

Reias: Go Liam!!!

Liam smiled, this was it...

He chose to follow the path of Family so he could find the sister he kept seeing in his dreams, though he began to get slightly annoyed that Reias was hanging around too much, what would his father say about him being here so much?

Reias: So Liam, Family huh? Great choice, family's very important in times like this.

Liam: Yeah, I know. Why else would I choose it?

Reias shifted uncomfortably. "I wanted to talk to you about why I've been around so much..."

Liam interrupted him: " I know Solan's your son, and I'll try not to think about you with my's icky. But when I find my dad things will get better for us here."

Reias: Liam, your father's dead. He's not missing.

Liam: So says you. I know he's around somewhere I'm gonna find him.

Reias: I do say, I am the Prince of the Underworld so I know about everyone who has died.

Liam: Uh huh, whatever you say.

Reias felt that familiar twinge of panic climb back up his spine. How could Liam possibly know that Jonah's soul is not in the Underworld anywhere? That soul eluded him when it came time to collect it, and he had told no one about it, not even Hades. He was looking for Jonah's soul ever since it went missing from Academie Le Tour, it was one of the reasons why he hadn't been around a lot when Liam was younger. The other was because he was preparing a counter attack with his Adriels if Dalen chose to strike against Dion's family.

Liam: Excuse me I'm going to go change.

Liam went upstairs and changed into clothing that his uncle had bought for him. Then he went into his mom's room, Solan turned to him when he lowered the crib bars, the baby boy smiled as his older brother picked him up, maybe it was feeding time....

Liam: Look munchkin, I know you can't help who your parents are but don't think that I'll let your father take my mom from me just because of you either. Once I find my father things will be back to normal again and I can finally get my sister back. We'll be a family again, you'll see until then, let's play nice and let our mom think we're getting along okay?

Solan may just be a baby, but even he could tell when something didn't sound right, and what Liam said felt like that; he began to cry. Liam put him back in the crib and gave him his binkie, last thing he needed was his mom or Reias hearing what he said.

End of Entry Eleven.


Well I hope that was worth the long five day wait, I thought it would be a nice addition to explain the seemingly rushed growing up of the kids. And to cover for my lack of toddler/child pictures of Liam, Marc Antony and even Julius.... *shifty* Of course I have way too many of Solan and Reias, those two are just too damn adorable not to pic spam. Liam's dreams are the first signs of what is to come, it's not the Furies this time though. If you've read my comments in the BoolProp thread then you'll know who's giving him those dreams, if not well let's just say it's the work of the gods....

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