The Quest for Peace: Chapter 9, Periless Descent

For those with big dreams and high expectations, the fall from such a height can be devastating. In such a case as Liam's, defying the gods and going against Fate can result in dire consequences. Resurrecting his dead father is a direct defiance of what the Fates had decreed be done, Jonah's life thread was severed the day Eddie poisoned him. On the other hand for a god whose plans of world domination are constantly hampered by interferences from others, this could be just what he was hoping for, the gods greatest gift to humanity was that of Free Will...

Solan's gift of Empathy was not the only one he received from his father, he had the unusual ability to change his hair colour and style at will. The power only recently manifested itself in Solan, and it was normally tied to his emotional state or the state of his family around him. The dark clouds he sensed in his brother had intensified lately, little Solan still had no idea what was wrong with Liam.  He could also feel the anxiety coming from his father and the joy and happiness coming from Roxie, they were new to him. He didn't like the feel of anxiety, he usually associated the emotion with a colour to try to help ease the sensation of it and anxiety was an intense electric yellow colour to him. Joy was pink, Happiness was orange and the feeling he got from Liam, felt black.

Soon enough though, the feelings of his family were dispelled by his own feeling of excitement at growing up, Excitement was electric green to Solan and he liked green as a colour.

Solan: Daddy!! I can reach you now!!

Reias: I see that, son. How does it feel to be a big kid now?

Solan thought on it for a moment: "It feels green daddy, green is a happy colour."

Reias: Feels green?

Solan: Yeah, green.

Reias: Son, feelings aren't colours. I don't understand why you would think they were.

Solan: Feelings are colours to me daddy. Mommy feels pink

Reias had no idea what he meant by that, it didn't make sense to him.

As soon as Solan went up to bed, he slowly started to realize just what Roxie feeling red meant...passion.

The next day was a weekend so Roxie invited everyone over to meet the newly childized Solan, and that meant that Cleo was going to be there too as well as Dion.

Cleo had been avoiding this meeting, she really didn't want to have to kill Dion it would destroy Eddie if she did...when she actually met him face to face she knew she couldn't do it. There was something about Dion, a feeling mostly. It was almost tranquil in a way, she felt her nervousness disappear when she was near him like a cool, cleansing wave washing over her. It was confusing.

Cleo:'re Dion huh? Eddie's told me so much about you.

Dion: I see, and I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. He never talked about you with me.

Cleo: Oh. Well I'm Cleo, his girlfriend.

Cleo: Though I don't get why he never told you about me, I mean I thought you two shared everything. Unless there's this wall in between you there?

Dion: No, there's no wall. We're like brothers.

She was wonder Eddie never mentioned her. He didn't like the feeling he got from her, it was like she was hiding something. Or maybe it was because he felt like Eddie was betraying the memory of his mother with Cleo even if he didn't know that he was, since he doesn't remember being Dion's father.

Dion didn't like her; something felt wrong with her. And the way she gestures when she talks, hand talkers irked him. And it was clear on her face that she didn't care much for him either. Perhaps there was something else too, how could he get such a strong sense of secrecy from her? He never had any sort of ability as far as he knew, his mother never showed anything remotely super human from what he could remember of her. What if she was connected to Dalen somehow? What if she's here to try to kill him or his family? It seems like something that Dalen would stoop to to get what he wants...or perhaps he's just being paranoid, it was hard to tell.

Reias: So you're Cleo? I've heard about you from Eddie. I'm Reias, Solan's father.

Cleo: I know, Eddie keeps me informed about everything.

Cleo had heard of him before but she had never actually met him, so this was the one that kept getting in the way of Dalen's plans?

Reias: I heard you've really cleaned up the military here, that's an amazing accomplishment.

Cleo: Well someone had to and I was just the one to do it. The military is my responsibility and as such I have to enforce the rules of conduct with it. There are going to be no more raids on other cities and towns as long as I wear the stars.

Reias: That's great to hear. It's nice to know that there are some mortals who will stand up to Dalen still left in this city.

Cleo smiled, but inside she was sitting on pins and needles. If he ever found out what Dalen was really up to...
Solan stopped mid motion, that strong feeling of panic hit him like a tidal wave. This was different than anxiety, this was like ten times worse, the harsh, burning yellow colour hurt his head. He nearly passed out from the pain of the emotion coming from Cleo.

Roxie: This was a good day I think, having everyone here really means a lot to Solan.

Reias: Mmm, I know. And I was going to ask you about him.

Roxie: What for?

Reias: Well I was thinking now that he's older that maybe you three would like to come with me to Tartarus so Solan can meet his grandparents and great aunt.

Roxie: What a great idea, you're as smart as you are handsome.

Dion: Oh gods, PDA!! Get a room you two!!

Maddie: Aww honey, don't be like that. I think it's adorable.

Dion: Yeah but you're not as shy as I am dear, remember?

Roxie: I know Solan will love it, so will Eddie. But I don't know about Liam though, he--well I can tell he doesn't like seeing us together.

Reias: I know, I wasn't going to ask him. I mean he's my family too in a way but I just really wanted it to be only us.

Roxie: It sounds lovely.


The trip there was instantaneous for them, when Solan arrived at the gates of Hades' palace he was surprised at how uncolourful it was. He was approached by a tall man in black and a lady in blue, the emotions he got from the tall man were mixed, some was nervousness, another part was mild annoyance but he wasn't sure where that annoyance was directed, was it him?

Solan: Who are you?

Hades: Your grandfather apparently. It was so nice of my son to tell me I had a grandson.

Celesta: Hades, be nice. This is a first for him too.

Solan: You're giving off yellows and violets.

Hades: Excuse me?

Solan: Your feelings, they're colours to me.

Hades: Okay...

Solan walked away, his grandfather made him feel sadness. Hades walked over to Roxie, the mortal who bore his grandson. It seems that Reias never gave up his weakness for mortals even after what happened the first time.

Hades: And you are?

Roxie swallowed: "Umm, I'm Roxie. You must be Hades."

Hades: I see.

Reias: Father, please don't be like this. I wanted you and mother to meet Roxie and my son. I don't want this to become an interrogation.

Hades: Well, she's pretty enough. Just like your last crush I suppose.

Roxie: What? What is he talking about?

Reias: Father!!! Please!!

There was that feeling of annoyance again, Solan knew right away he disliked this feeling as much as panic.

Reias took Solan inside to find Persephone. Which left Roxie and Eddie in the presence of Celesta and Hades alone.

Hades: I really must talk to Charon about letting the living this far into my realm.

Eddie: I'm sorry? Did we happen to offend you somehow?

Roxie: Eddie....don't.

Celesta: Please, forgive my brother Roxie. He's just in shock about meeting you and finding out he has a grandson.

Reias: I'm so sorry about this Rox, my father is being impossible.

Roxie: Impossible? That's an understatement. He hates me honey, I can tell. What did I do to offend the God of the Dead so badly?

Reias: He doesn't hate you, he's just---difficult to get along with at first. Once he gets to know you better, he'll love you I know he will.

Roxie: Your defense of your father is admirable and I understand how you could overlook the obvious. He hates me, and you mother didn't look so thrilled either. Is it because I'm only a mere mortal and not a goddess?

Her words stung him deeply; she still feels inferior to him and not worthy of his love...just like Daphne did.

Roxie: Well? That's it isn't it? Your parents don't think I'm worthy of you.

Reias: NO!! It's not like that..they just...need time.

Roxie sighed; if he wanted to remain oblivious to the glaringly obvious then what could she say? Her own parents hated every one of her boyfriends that she brought home to meet them in high school, not because they felt that they weren't good enough for her, but that they just wanted to make her feel stupid and worthless and incapable of making her own choices. It was part of the reason she took Eddie away when he was just a kid and ran away, their parents never came looking for them; though they made it look like they cared by filing a missing persons report but they never had any intention of finding them again. When they died it actually hurt her and it devastated Eddie but the pain didn't last long they were terrible parents anyway. Now she could see the same sort of thing with Reias, his parents were gods, immortals. And their only child was dating a mortal he even had a child with her. To them it felt like an insult to their honour as gods, at least that's how Roxie saw it. She figured they had expected Reias to find a nice goddess and settle down with her instead, someone who would give them full god grandchildren and most likely protection from Dalen and Batalia...or maybe she was way off base. What did she really know about how a family of gods worked?

Reias: There's also another reason why I brought you guys here.

Roxie: Such as?

Reias: I want you to live here with me, stay down here in Tartarus where I can protect you. I don't want you, Eddie or Solan on the surface where Dalen can strike at you any time he wants. He will strike, I can bet on it; he wants to destroy me any way he can so that I won't get in his way.

Roxie: I can't do that. I can't stay down here and I won't abandon Liam either. Your parents hate me and living with them would be like hell for us.

Reias: I'm serious Roxie; I want you with me at all times. As for Liam...I know you don't want to abandon him but I seriously doubt he would want to be here with us. He's also going to college soon so he'll be able to take care of himself.

Roxie: No, I told you. Liam is not there yet, he's only 17!! That's hardly old enough to look after himself!!

Reias: Roxie, please. Stay with me here. I'm begging you to.

He reached for her cheek, Roxie didn't want to relent and give in. How could she in good conscience make this huge decision herself without even talking to Eddie and Liam about it? And what about Solan's schooling? How would he get an education here? She doubted that a school bus would come all the way down here for him.

Roxie: Baby, I can't. Solan's only seven and there's no possible way he would get a proper education down here. And I will not abandon Liam nor will I speak for Eddie. He has a life up on the surface too and it's not fair or right to make a choice like this for him. I need to talk to them about this first.

Reias: Alright, do what you have to. But don't take too long I have no idea when Dalen will strike.

Roxie: Thank you baby.

Reias: You're welcome.

Meanwhile inside the palace, Eddie and Celesta were getting along quite well. Eddie found her facinating, enthralling, she had so much to talk about, and as a Knowledge sim, how could he resist the chance to converse with someone mortals like him only saw when they were dying. She had seen history in the making, actually lived it most of the history of Hidden City, was hidden so to speak. Finding out anything before Dalen took over as God of War was impossible, all of it was destroyed in the massive earthquake and eruption of Mt. Etna 25 years ago.

Eddie: That is amazing, I had no idea you had been there for some of history's most famous people.

Celesta: A benefit, or curse of being immortal. You see a lot in the many lifetimes you live.

Eddie: To think, you knew King Midas and saw Julius Caesar in the flesh and at the peak of his power, that must have been amazing.

Celesta: Well, Caesar was as ruthless and cunning as history said he was, more so when he encountered Xena and Hercules. He had a thing for Xena, a big thing.

Eddie: I'm sorry, whom did you say? Who's Xena?

Celesta: Xena, the Warrior Princess of legend. She's also Batalia's mother.

Eddie: She still lives? How is that possible?

Celesta: Ares, he made her immortal when he found her again on her second lifetime here in Hidden City. I thought everyone knew that.

Eddie: No...all historical records pertaining to life before Dalen were destroyed in the massive earthquake and eruption 25 years ago.

Celesta: You really don't know do you? I'd love to tell you know now that I think about it you are very attractive Eddie. I can see the appeal Reias has for you mortals.

Eddie blushed furiously; being hit on by a goddess was something he never expected...ever.

Eddie: I--I--I'm engaged.

It came out as mere squeak but the ring on his finger seemed to speak louder than he could.

Celesta: Oh. Well I certainly don't want to break up something like that.


Back at Legacy Main, aka Phoenix. Julius, wondering where his brother was, found him in their parents room paralyzed from working out too much on the treadmill. Marc Antony had been skilling constantly in order to have enough money to improve the college homestead that his father had stayed in, plus he was Fortune so they naturally want all the money they could get.

Julius: Marc? Are you alive? We don't know who's heir yet so you can't be dead.

He poked him and got a weak groan in reply.



Marc Antony: Huh? Where am I? Julius, why am I wet?

Julius: Oh no reason, I just brought back from the dead is all. Try to work out when it's not summer out k?

Marc Antony: Huh?

Julius: I wouldn't want you to die on my birthday big bro, that would suck totally.

Marc Antony: It's your birthday?

Julius: Where have you been? Of course it is. It's tonight after school so be there and alive for it oky?

As soon as six pm came round, it was finally time for Julius to ascend into teenhood, Tavi's birthday was tomorrow night and Dion had told them that once Tavi was old enough they were going to have a family meeting in the kitchen about the legacy and the heirship. Julius looked forward to becoming a teen and he already knew what he wanted to choose for a life path too.

Julius waited as the sparklies crawled up his legs, just like they had for Marc Antony, this was a strange sensation now that he was old enough to remember it.

Julius: Cool. I'll be in the closet if anyone needs me.

Dion: No, wait son tell us what you chose first.

Julius grinned: "Pleasure. And I want 50 First Dates to boot."

Dion smiled; deja vu all over again. That was the same choice he first made and the same LTW as well. Hopefully for his son, history won't repeat itself this time around. He knew his history was coming to an end soon, his adult history anyway. His golden years were creeping up on him daily and by the time Tavi is ready for high school, he'll be ready for his elder years. He didn't worry too much about being caught short in the years though, he achieved his LTW within three days of Marc Antony's birth so he was well set. Maddie was not far behind him either, she achieved hers not too long after him.

The next afternoon it was time for Tavi to join them in the next stage of life. Marc Antony wanted to toss his littlest brother this time, they were very close siblings. This pleased Dion greatly, he loved his siblings a lot when he was their age it's just that his boys would never get to meet them or any cousins they might have had.

Marc Antony: Ready Tavi?

Tavi: Brother!! Grow me big?

Marc Antony: That's what I said kid.

Tavi: Wiggly!!

Marc Antony: That's so cute!! Wish I'd thought of that at his age.

Tavi: Cool.

Marc Antony: I agree, way cool baby bro. Now go get changed, dad wants to see us in the kitchen.

Dion looked at each of his family in turn, how was he going to begin? There was so much to go over, and Reias still hadn't told him what he wanted to know which made this harder than it had to be. He wanted to beat Reias over the head and get him to talk but seeing as he was a god with the power of Death in a single touch, that probably wasn't a good idea. He decided to start with what he knew about his grandfather and how he came to be in this city.

Dion: Well, now that you boys are all old enough I think it's time to tell you about our family's history and its mission as I know it.

Tavi: OOh, story time!! I love stories!!

Marc Antony: You aren't gonna tell us we're mutants or something are you dad?

Julius: Yeah, that would totally be uncool dad.

Dion: No, we're nothing like that boys, I assure you.

Tavi: Where's mommy? Shouldn't she be here too?

Dion: Your mother is coming, she just got home from work so we'll give her a few minutes.

Maddie: Okay, I'm here. Let's get started.

Dion: Well your mother knows some of what this family's mission is about but there's more to it than that.

Marc Antony: There always is.

Julius: Totally.

Dion: Yes, well. For the benefit of the boys I'll start with the beginning.

He told them about Oliver and how he came to Hidden City with no memory of who he was or where he had come from before, he met his grandmother while she was tending the bar at the Bowling Alley downtown. Together they had three kids, Hestia his mother who was named after the Goddess of the Hearth and Home and the twins Adonis and Daphne named after famous people in Ancient Greek history. Dion explained how Dalen and Batalia used the Furies to try to drive his aunt and uncle insane, they failed because Reias had told the Furies the truth about why they were being punished. His grandfather kept a written record of his life in Hidden City in hopes that it would preserve the pasts of his children so that they would never have to be missing that part of their lives, however before Adonis and Daphne could tell him what they found out about their family's history, something happened.

Marc Antony: So let me get this right, Eddie your best friend, the one we've grown up knowing our whole lives is actually our grandfather, only he doesn't remember you being his son?

Julius: No way...then like Liam is our second cousin or head hurts...

Dion: When Dalen changed history, he wiped out my entire past, my parents, my siblings and cousins. I loved my siblings and cousins dearly which is why I wanted you three boys to grow up close.

Julius: So if the God of War changed history, how come you remember it the way it was before?

Dion: Reias, he saved me from the time change; he put me in this white room with no windows or doors. He called it limbo and since I was technically outside the normal frame of time, I retained the memories of my past while everyone else I knew forgot it.

Marc Antony: And we're supposed to restore the God of Peace to this world by the tenth generation of our family?

Julius: And one of us has to help do that by being heir?

Dion: Yes, that's the idea. I choose one of you to carry on and you choose one of your kids, and so on and so on until the tenth generation is reached.

Julius: Which one of us is the heir then?

Dion: Well tradition would state that I name Marc Antony heir since he's the first born but I've decided to break tradition this time. But don't think it's because I don't think you're capable of being my heir Marc, it's not like that. Each one of you has potential to be an heir but I've decided that you, Julius, should be my heir.

Julius: Why?

Dion: Because when I was your age I chose the exact same life path and goal as you did, only I never got to explore it before things went to Tartarus in a hand basket. I had two first dates, that was it.

Julius: Harsh man...that totally bites.

Marc Antony: So what happens to Tavi and I then? What do we get to do?

Dion: I was hoping you two would want to try to piece together the lost history of this city before Dalen took over, it's just as important as restoring the God of Peace to the world, because you know now how important our pasts are; they shape our present and help outline our future.


After the meeting, the newly crowned heir decided to indulge some of his wants that had been floating around in his head, a nice long couch jumping session...and the old addage

Like father..... son.



Next door, inside a temple enshrouded with a dense fog a rather intense confrontation between two gods was going on.....

Morpheus: I don't need your advice, and I don't care what you think about it either!!

Thanatos: I'm just saying brother that this is not like you. You would never let some young punk push you around, you'd kick his ass into the next millienium for even daring to try.

Morpheus: You don't get it do you? You have no idea what we face here.

Thanatos: I do, I know very well.

Morpheus: If even Zeus is afraid to cross Dalen then why the hell would I want to be on his bad side?

Thanatos: Zeus is a coward; he runs at the first sign of conflict. He needs to wake up and remember that he's the KING OF THE GODS and take Dalen out while he's still cooling his heels.

Morpheus: Yeah, that'll happen. I only agreed to show that mortal Liam his past life so he would be more willing to convert to Dalen's side in the future. All the stupid kid needs is a flimsy promise that Dalen will give him back his dead daddy and he'll do anything Dalen tells him to. And also Dalen threatened to turn Drinn loose on me if I refused to do what he asked.

Thanatos sighed, as he was the personification of Death he was immune to Dalen's Adriel, because death is a permanent part of all life and it cannot be stopped. As far as he knew, he was the only god who was immune to the Adriel's powers and that suited him just fine even if it meant his brother Morpheus wasn't safe.

Morpheus: But what would you know about any of that? You're the only one Dalen can't kill. You don't have to watch your back everywhere you go do you?

Thanatos: That doesn't mean I want my brother to die or become the pawn of some young punk god on a power trip. He's about 5500 years too young to handle us properly.

Morpheus: HE KILLED ARES!! I'd say he's pretty damn capable of taking us all out.

Morpheus: So you can take your so called brotherly advice and stick it up your ass, I ain't buying. If Dalen tells me to jump, I say how high? And once I find a way to get that Adriel away from him, I'll kill him myself for thinking he could just use and abuse me.

Thanatos: Then the best of luck to you brother, I'll see ya.

He vanished, leaving Morpheus angry enough to punish some puny mortals with some rather nasty nightmares for a few weeks...minimum.

End of Entry Thirteen.

Well, once again it's after midnight and I have been writing this chapter since 7 pm today...yes they really do take me six hours to write sometimes. I come up with every piece of dialogue, every picture is chosen to flow with the dialogue on the spot so it takes me a long time to do. It works for me while for some of you that kind of on the fly writing would be too much trouble, there's always the fear that the browser will eat everything I've written and I'll lose it but it makes for some interesting challenges.

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