The Quest for Peace: Sub-Interlude Chapter

A long overdue explanation of the things that Reias has been hiding from Dion, this is more of a recap chapter than anything else. But there is a small amount of new stuff too like aging and birthdays. And it's also a little going away present from me to you guys too. *note minor POV change this is from Dion's persepective much like it was for Oliver in the earlier chapters*

Life, it has a funny way of throwing you curve balls when you least suspect it. One example is this, the day of my elder birthday and my youngest becoming a teen. Marc Antony and Liam even came from college to be here for this.  I have lived a good life, despite what happened before, but there's still so much I don't know about my own history it feels like there's this huge hole in my life that can't ever be filled. My parents, grandparents they're gone and the only one who can tell me is still not sharing. I would think that he would at least let me have this one thing before I die all I want is my past that really so much to ask?

My youngest son, his eyes filled with the hope and happiness of his coming life phase while mine is nearly over. Oh, I'm not saying I've got like a month left to live, no. I'm saying that this is the last quarter of my life so to speak I hope to make it long enough to see my great grandchildren...because Oliver will never have that chance with my boys. I invited everyone to our birthday party, maybe this time I can convince Reias to tell me everything. He's moving on his with his immortal life, he recently told us that he's engaged to Roxie and they're planning a wedding in Tartarus...boy that sounds weird.

Well, here goes nothing....

My son, he beat me and blew his candles out first. I don't mind of course. After all this is his day too, he can play with his big brother now and I don't have to worry so much that he'll overpower him or hurt him as much anymore.

Tavi proudly told us that he wants to follow the Knowledge life path like me and his mother. He wants to become Chief of Staff at Hidden City General, I think it's great that he wants to do that. Dalen's wars and fights have hurt so many and the paper is constantly proclaiming that there is a doctor shortage in the city.

Reias: So, how are you doing old friend?

 "As well as can be expected, considering."

Reias: Considering what?

"Oh come on, do you really have that bad of a memory? You promised me you would tell me about my past and you still haven't said anything."

Reias: I didn't forget, in fact I was going to tell you after you had had a chance to enjoy yours and your son's birthdays. I know that Maddie's is tomorrow and I would like to have both of you visit me at home.

 "As long as you mean that this time....."

" ......I'll let it go."

Reias: I do buddy, I promise. I'll teleport you two over tomorrow but for right now, enjoy your birthday.

I watched as my boys took over the bubble blower, their new favourite thing. Liam and Marc Antony were saying something about how it reminds them of college,  I hope he means the memory of the fun they have with it and not the dizzying euphoria that comes with the bubbles...

I still love that woman even after so many years together. I hope that never changes. She stuck with me all these years, gave me three sons, and put up with the threat of divine attack at any moment. My one wish for my boys, is that they all find someone who they can be as happy with as I am with Maddie.

Happy Birthday my love.

Maddie: Well well, it seems Fortuna has smiled upon me. I can live with this.

Julius: Nice hair mom.

Marc Antony: Love the blond bun.

Maddie: Oh, well that's easily fixed.

Maddie: So now that we're both old...what now?

"We wait until the boys leave the nest and enjoy our peace until Julius comes back."

Maddie: Sounds great.

The next morning I went out to inspect the new chapel that would house all the heirs of my family after me. It looked really nice, just like I had ordered it. Reias sent me some pictures of my grandparents and my parents for the chapel, I thought it was the nicest thing he had ever done for me. He told me that he would be bringing us over this afternoon.

Maddie: Honey? Are you alright?

"It's nice don't you think? Reias sent me these. They're my grandparents Oliver and Alana."

Maddie: Who is the baby she's holding?

"That's my mother, Hestia this was taken on her toddler birthday."

Maddie: I see.

Maddie: Err, sorry about the pottery. I didn't know it would be green.

"It's alright. I like it. These can serve in place of their urns..."

Maddie: Are you okay with this really?

"It's not like there's anything I can do, I don't have their actual remains since they were still alive before..."

I couldn't say it aloud: before Dalen destroyed my life. Maddie already looked uncomfortable enough as is.

These pictures of my parents nearly broke my heart, Eddie would never be able to see this and neither would my mother. They really loved each other and their love is something I wanted to find for myself, and I got lucky with Maddie. I placed bonsai trees below their portraits because to me they are still alive, I can at least have my father around still, even if he doesn't know it.

Then there's our portraits, monuments to our contribution to the legacy.  When Julius returns with his chosen spouse I will gladly add theirs the chapel.

Reias: Now that you're both here we can begin. Are you ready for this it's a long story.

"I don't care as long as I find out."

Reias: Okay so you know your grandfather came here not knowing who he was or where he was originally from right? And that he only knew his name because it was on his mail box.

"Yes, that was what my mother told me."

Reias: Right, so what you don't know is that your grandfather was actually one of six children.


Reias: I'll need to go back father than that so it will make sense.

Reias: Oliver's mother was named Rhea. She was the third generation heir....

"What do you mean third generation? How many were there before me?"

Reias: Okay, well we can go that way I suppose. In actuality, you are the seventh generation heir of a long line. A bloodline that goes back to even before I was born.

"I don't understand."

Reias: Your grandfather's mother Rhea told him that he had a mission to fulfill. He had to restore the God of Peace to the world and to do that he would be sent back here to begin. You see, your family is the only one capable of doing it since you are descended from the God of Peace himself. He was a very good friend of mine, his name was Diamos.

"Hang on, are you saying I have the blood of god in me?"

Reias: Yes, you do. Only it was diluted severely by the six generations of mortal blood.

"So the seemingly fast aging my sons and I had were because we have godly blood? So why am I old if we have that inside?"

Reias: I told you, the godly blood is diluted, so the effects of age will still show. At least until you get closer to reaching the end of your quest.

"This is a lot to take in."

Reias: I know, so now you see why I've been putting off telling you everything.

"You said Oliver was one of six children...are they...I mean are they still alive?"

Reias: Yes, most of his family still lives in Desiderata Valley.

"How is that possible?"

Reias: I really don't know but this doesn't make your mission any less important your final heir will still have to restore the God of Peace.

"Can I see them? The rest of my family in Desiderata Valley?"

Reias: I don't think that would be wise. If Dalen were ever to find out that there were more of Diamos's family still around he might do something far worse than what he is doing now.

"Why does he care so much about destroying us?"

Reias had hoped he wouldn't ask that question. "Do you really want to know?"

"Do you even have to ask such a stupid question?"

Reias: Dalen and Diamos were twins. When Dalen was named Ares' heir he became the new God of War and to maintain balance, Diamos was made into the God of Peace. The two of them worked well together and this city enjoyed peaceful times, the times were so good that Dalen and Diamos felt that they could leave the city and settle somewhere else. That was Desiderata Valley, they could stay there and things here would continue to be  the same...for a time anyway.

"I take it this is where things go wrong."

Reias: was only the beginning.

Reias: Dalen and Diamos decided to go to college and while Dalen chose to remain a god, Diamos wanted a life and a family. And to have that he had to give up the one thing that was most important, he had to give up his immortality and godhood.

"Why was that so important?"

Reias: Because his godhood and title as God of Peace was the only thing that was keeping Dalen balanced. Once he gave it up, that balance began to shift.

"How so?"

Reias: Without a God of Peace the God of War begins to slip, everything that's evil and horrible about war has no restraint anymore. It begins to seep out into everyone and every thing and there it begins to fester, like an infection. The influence of the Peace God acted as the antibodies that fought the infection.

"And my final heir will be the cure that saves every thing from this?"

Reias: Yes, the more of your line that are born in this city, the stronger the power of the Peace God becomes.

"How can I be sure that this will work? Doesn't Dalen know the same things you know?"

Reias: I'm sure he does, but in his current state of mind he doesn't think anyone else knows.

"I see. So do I tell this to Julius?"

Reias: And everyone of the heirs after him. This is the foundation of your Quest for Peace.


End of Entry Fourteen.

I know this is only a short little chapter, but this is all I want to reveal right now. When I come back I'll have Chapter Ten ready to go for you guys.