The Quest for Peace: Chapter 10, The Tides of Fate

The Tides of Fate are meant to flow one way, forwards. However in this time of strife and discord there are things that slip by and go against that flow. Resurrection of the dead is usually strictly monitored by Hades, and is never overlooked or compromised. Only this time the God of the Dead is distracted by something else...his son.

Roxie: This was a great idea. A vacation with everyone will give us a chance to discuss what you asked me earlier.

Reias: I hope so, I know Liam doesn't like this.

Roxie: I know, I just wish he could be happy for me. I have never been happier, only when I'm with you.

Reias: So how do you like Mykanos so far? The Greek government takes a lot of pride in this ideal vacation spot.

Roxie: Huh, I heard they were going to sell it to Italy.

Reias: Yeah, that'll happen.

Roxie: It is very beautiful here.

Reias: I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend time with than you, here in this tropical paradise.

Roxie: Makes me wonder what you've planned for our honeymoon.

Reias grinned; "Now we wouldn't want to spoil that now would we?"

Roxie: Mmhmm.

Reias: And this is also good for the boys too, a bonding experience.

Roxie: You know, we could go do some bonding of our own...

Reias grinned wider. "I agree."

However, they didn't get very far. Solan bounded into their room saying that Liam was trying to throw a crab at him.

Roxie: wanna deal with that? Or should I?

Reias: I will, eventually. Oh well, so much for our bonding.

Roxie: huh?

Liam: This is awesome mom. I feel like a real Greek sailor.

Roxie: I'm glad you're happy baby. You've been so distant lately I was worried about you.

Liam: I don't mean to be, it's just school is tough right now. It's finals next week and I've been studying non-stop.

Roxie: I'm glad you're doing so well in school honey. Reias and I would love to visit your campus.

Liam stopped smiling, she had to ruin the moment by mentioning him didn't she?

Liam: Yeah...I don't think so. I mean I don't want my friends to think I'm a freak when he pops in out of nowhere...

Roxie: I can ask him not to if that wold make you feel better.

Liam: Don't bother.

Roxie: Liam...why do you hate him so much? You used to love being with him when you were a kid.

Liam: Things change, I changed.

Eddie who had been watching from the crow's nest above, had heard some of what they were saying. He was worried about Liam too, the boy seemed so distant and closed off now. He was never like this before, Liam could always talk to Roxie and him. But lately he had been ignoring both of them, it was worrysome. Maybe it was time to have a man to man with his nephew, something had to be wrong if he was acting like this and Eddie wanted to find out what it was.

He climbed down and went to talk to him, only it seemed Liam had found something much more interesting...perhaps it could wait a little longer.

Liam: That should make him happy.

Eddie: By the gods, it's really you, the ghost of Captain Dregg...I've heard stories.

Captain Dregg: Aye, ye heard right land lubber. What is it you be wantin' on me ship?

Eddie: Oh we were just looking around...but now that you mention it....

Liam walked off, that should keep his uncle occupied. He knew that if Roxie was having a hard time trying to talk to him, then Eddie would naturally step in and try to get him to talk. That was not what he wanted, his plan to resurrect Jonah had to be kept secret.

Reias: Hey Liam, come try this out!!

Liam clenched his jaw; "I'd rather walk the plank."

Reias: Are you sure? It's fun.


Reias was going to say something else but he decided against it. What was wrong with Liam?

After night fell they went back to their hotel. Solan had asked Liam to play with him on the beach.

Solan: Come on big bro!! Hit me!!

Liam: You asked for it squirt!!

He tossed the green water balloon right at him.

Solan: Haha!! You missed!! I'm too fast for you!!

Liam: Brat, how'd you do that?

Solan: I'm super fast!!

Liam launched another one, dead on. Solan saw it coming and dodged it, the balloon was moving so slowly it was too easy to avoid.

Liam blinked, did Solan just shimmer? How did move so fast? He lost track of him for a moment, like he wasn't even there. Solan was laughing and squealing as if nothing had happened, either he didn't know what he just did, or it's another one of his half god powers. Super human speed, just what Liam needed his half brother was some sort of freak. He had had enough.

Liam: Listen, I'm done for the night. I'm tired.

Solan: Aww, but it hasn't even been an hour yet. Please?

Liam: No.

Solan stopped smiling, there was that black feeling again. He felt it radiate off his big brother like an inferno. He didn't understand, a moment ago he was happy, a shiny yellow colour, but now it's gone black again. Solan felt his lip quiver, what did he do wrong?

Eddie was just about to come talk to Liam when he saw him storm past, obviously something had happened down on the beach with Solan. He went to check on Solan first.

Eddie: Hey champ, how's it going?

Solan: Liam's black again Uncle Eddie. And I don't know why.

Eddie nodded, he had begun to understand that Solan talked in colours when he was referring to the feelings of others. He had come to realize that it was one of his half god powers that he had inherited from Reias.

Eddie: I don' t think it's your fault Solan. Liam's just stressed from college that's all.

Solan: But he was yellow before we were having a water balloon fight and he was yellow, then he turned black again.

Eddie: Don't worry about it, say that's a nice looking sandcastle. Mind if your old uncle helps?

Solan smiled, "You're not old Uncle Eddie, you're still good."

Eddie: Thanks kiddo. I appreciate that.

At least Eddie managed to make his nephew smile again, that was an accomplishment.

In front of their hotel, Reias had managed to get Liam to stop walking long enough to talk to him.

Reias: Liam, we should talk. Something's bothering you and I want to help.

Liam: Look, Reias I don't need your half assed attempt at being fatherly. I'm going to get my real father back and then this will be nothing more than a bad dream.

Reias: I told you, Jonah is not coming back. He's dead, you need to accept that.

Liam: The hell I do.

Roxie stopped at the mention of Jonah, was that what Liam was so upset over?

Roxie: By the gods Liam...why? Reias is right about your father he's dead.

Liam: I know where he is, and I'm going to get him back.

Roxie: That's enough Liam!! Jonah is gone!! How dare you mention him around me!!! Don't you care about how I feel about this?!!!?

Liam: Mom, all I want is our family together again.

Roxie: WE ARE a family!! You, me, Eddie, Solan and Reias. Why can't you accept that?

Liam: Reias will NEVER be my father. Never...

Needless to say, the rest of their vacation was miserable. Roxie was crying most of the time and refused to leave her room and Liam had taken off somewhere. Solan, Eddie and Reias tried everything to restore the peace between Roxie and Liam but their efforts were in vain.

They ended their vacation earlier than usual. Two weeks later, after everyone had some time to cool off, it was time for Eddie and Cleo's wedding. Liam did come for that at least but he still refused to talk to Roxie or Reias he was even avoiding Solan. Today was also Solan's teen birthday and soon he would be joining Liam and Marc Antony at college. If Solan had one wish, it was that he could get along with Liam again like he used to.

Cleo was nervous, her stomach was in knots. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but she found it hard to focus. Her mission to assassinate Dion and eliminate his line had failed miserably and she was waiting for Dalen or Batalia to strike her dead for her failure at any moment. That coupled with the tension between Liam and his mother didn't make it any easier.

Eddie: Are you ready darling?

Cleo: Huh? Oh yes of course.

Eddie: Are you okay? You seem distracted...

Cleo thought up something quickly; "Oh it's nothing really, I'm just worried about Liam and Roxie."

Eddie nodded, Cleo felt slightly better. At least he bought it, her ability to come up with things on the spot was what helped her become General in the first place.

They said their vows, exchanged rings, and sealed their union with a kiss. Solan was happy, he could feel the pink coming from everyone around him, even from Liam. His black cloud was dispelled slightly at least.

Solan: Is everyone watching? I'm gonna grow up now!!

Reias: Yes son, we're all watching. Go ahead.

Solan: Daddy!! You're not looking!!

Reias: Yes I am son, I swear.

Solan: Okay...if you say so.

He turned back to his cake, this was going to be fun.

Maybe this would help him figure out why Liam was always feeling black. If he was closer to his age then maybe he could understand him better. That was his wish, to be able to reconnect with his brother again.

Solan blew out his candles, everyone was cheering and clapping for him. He was so happy that everyone could be here for his birthday. He couldn't wait to go back to being in the same class as Julius and Tavi again, he missed them. Solan decided that he would follow the Knowledge life path like his father, uncle and big brother. And he thought it would be cool to become a Space Pirate one day, and to do that he would need more friends. So once he blew out his candles he wanted to head downtown for some new clothes.

Downtown he did meet some people, though he hadn't expected to run into a god.

Hephaestus: So you're Reias's boy huh?

Solan: Uh huh, and you're Hephaestus right?

Hephaestus: Yeah, you know me?

Solan: Yeah sure, dad talks about the other gods all the time.

Hephaestus: Good things I hope.

Solan: Well yeah. Say, what are you doing wandering around down here anyway?

Hephaestus: I like to mingle with the mortals every now and then, they don't know who I am but it helps to get a insider's perspective on how the mortals perceive us.

Solan: I see.

Solan found the kareoke machine to be fun, he sang several songs from the play list and even attracted and audience. If he was playing for tips he would have made a fortune.

He must have been up there for a few hours, he hadn't realized that it was dark already. He finished up the last song and headed out, applause following him out the door. He caught the tail end of a few comments from the bar's patrons.

"That boy is amazing, who is he?"

"'I've never heard such beautiful singing..."

"The muses must be blessing that boy."

Meanwhile over at Phoenix....

Julius was wasting no time getting started on his life's dream of having 50 first dates. The old well proved to be invaluable for that, it would give you someone who instantly falls in love with you and will accept anything you throw at them, flirts, kisses, even butt grabs. It was a Pleasure seeker's dream come true...

And they were always up for a rousing folk song or two...

It made the dates go swimmingly well...then there was also the Matchmaker...

For a small fee she would drop you the girl of you dreams.

Even if they were a little loony...or spacey. Julius loved the idea of getting several dates in before school.

Julius: Make her totally hot.

Matchmaker: I say you Pleasure seekers help keep me in business.

Julius: Sure thing Gypsy dudette, I want a triple bolter if you got her.

Tosha: So what's with the get up?

Julius: You don't like it?

Tosha: Uhh...

Julius: Oh come on dudette, chicks totally dig the uniform.

Tosha: Uhh, whatever. So not cool rubbing your riches in my face.

Julius: Umm, what?

Tosha: This date bites, I'm outta here.

Demitrius: It seems the young miss is not impressed Young Sir.

Julius: Harsh man, I said triple bolter and she's like not..

Demitrius: Do not fret Young Sir, I am most certain there are plenty of young, elegible ladies in college.

Julius: Yeah totally Penguin Dude, I'm digging the college scene.

So after getting five first dates under his belt Julius decided it was time to head to college to join Marc Antony and Liam. There had to be plenty of new hot chicks there for him to get the other forty-five dates with.

Tavi: I'll miss you big bro.

Dion: You boys behave at college and don't give Hudson a hard time. He's my best friend and he's also been politely place holding my house for you boys.

Julius: I know dad dude, I'll behave.

Tavi: I'll join you later once I collect my scholarships. Solan and I will be going together.

For Marc Antony, he spent most of his time accumulating a 4.0 GPA to get the maximum amount of grant money from the college at the end of the semester.  He, Liam and Hudson had made the old homestead into a much bigger house over the last two years. There was plenty of room for everyone now. In his spare time Marc Antony had been searching for anything that might link the way to the lost history of the city, so far he had come to many dead ends. Whoever wanted this hidden was doing a great job about it, it was difficult to get anywhere.

Marc Antony: Who ever has locked this away sure didn't want anyone to get a hold of it...hmm.

He thought about where to try next when he heard a car outside.

Julius: Yo big bro!! What up?

Marc Antony: You're here? Now? I thought you wanted to get some dates in first.

Julius: I did, I got five chickitas. I figured there'd be more here at college so I'd come try it out.

Marc Antony: I see, but don't forget you have to find a wife too. You're the heir after all.

Julius: Dude, I know. I want to play the field for a bit first, you know enjoy the college freedom.

Marc Antony: And why are you wearing the same outfit as me?

Julius grinned: "It doesn't clash with my hair and totally rockin' headband."

Marc Antony raised an eyebrow, somewhere in his brother's surfer addled brain that made sense. But to him, he didn't get it.


Solan had some other plans before college, or at least his father had plans for him. Reias had summoned them back to Tartarus, Solan dreaded going there, his grandfather was never very kind to him or his mother. Roxie had said they were going to go through a big change soon and that meant it was time now.

Roxie: I talked it over with Eddie, he wants to stay on the surface with Cleo. I heard she's expecting soon. And Liam...well he wasn't happy about this and I tried to get him to understand but...

Reias: So does that mean you've agreed to stay here with me?

Roxie smiled; "Yes, honey. We have. I figured I would give Liam some time to adjust to this he does have a temper sometimes.

Roxie: I think it'll be great for us. Solan can see you all the time now.

Reias: I'm glad, now hopefully my parents will be accepting of this. I've planned a great wedding for us.

"I called that first!!"

"You did not!!"

Roxie looked at Reias; "What was that?"

Reias: Oh, I've been meaning to introduce you.

Roxie turned to where he was pointing, she saw two very strange looking people beside her. They were dressed strangely.

Reias: Roxie, I want you to meet Pellas and Botan. They're my Adriels.

Roxie: Your what?

Reias: Adriels, living weapons. They are part of my defense strategy against Dalen.

Roxie just stared at them, they were living weapons? But they looked...well somewhat normal. The sudden realization of what she could face with Reias hit her hard; what if Dalen could still strike here? Looking at Pellas and Botan playing as if it was the most normal thing in the world to them was just too weird for her.

Roxie: So...that's what an Adriel looks like?

Reias: Yes, they are physical manifestations of the weapons themselves. And also they're very powerful.

Roxie: I see....

She turned back to him.

Roxie: Are they...dangerous?

Reias laughed; "No honey, they're not dangerous. Only to the ones who want to harm us are they dangerous. I have full control over them, so you don't have to worry about it.

Roxie: How come I've never heard of an Adriel before?

Reias: They are not from this planet. Adriels are alien weapons from a planet called Elvendia.

Roxie: Alien weapons?

Reias: Honey, don't worry about it. We have a wedding to get to.

Roxie: Alright, if you say they're not dangerous to me or Solan I'll believe you. I love you.

Reias: I love you too honey. Don't worry about them anymore okay?

Roxie held onto him, she did trust him but there was still that nagging doubt in her mind.


The pieces were in place, Liam had gotten what he wanted...

He was part of their group now, the plan was well on track....

Inside the dank, musty old building his treasure all he had to do was pick up the ice cold receiver and make the call....

"You rang?"

Liam: Yes, you have someone that belongs to me, I want him back.


Liam: Give me back my father.

"You got the dinars to back up that demand mortal?"

Liam: Whatever you need, just give him back to me.

" The price is10 000 dinars for a full resurrection, you have that much?"

Liam agreed to the terms, as soon as it was completed he heard a chilling laugh and the air suddenly got very cold. His vision was blurred by the green smoke that erupted from the floor in front of him.

As the smoked cleared a figure materialized from the smoke. He checked himself over to make sure all his parts were still attached.

Liam: Dad?

Jonah: YES!! I'M BACK!!! Now where's that son of bitch Eddie? I've got something to give him.


The Tides of Fate are interrupted, changing the flow of natural order, not only by the acts of a mortal but also by the selfish indulgence of the one who had originally interrupted the flow.

A child who was not meant to be of three children whose powers will do far more damage than a single reclaimed soul...the first born son of a god and a half god...

Mokosh: Oh my dear, sweet, innocent Aiden. I hope that the past doesn't come back to haunt you this time...

End of Entry Fifteen.

The plan is in motion, the order interrupted. How will this affect the mission at hand? Only time will tell....