The Quest for Peace: Chapter 11, Part One Tempus Interruptus

Cause and Effect, Death and Taxes these things are unavoidable and for those who break the highest laws set down by Zeus, there are always consequences....

Lachesis regarded Zeus with a strong look of authority, Dalen had broken laws of Olympus and so far he had not received punishment for it, the return of Jonah Powers and the birth of his three children including a son that should have never been. His crimes were unforgivable and Zeus was still not doing a thing about it.

Lachesis: Zeus, oh Great Godly King, I should not have to remind you of the consequences of such transgressions. You know our laws and it is up to you enforce them.

Zeus: By the gods woman, not you too!!

Lachesis: You must strike against Dalen, the rogue God of War immediately...or do I need to remind you that my sister Atropos has been rather antsy about severing certain solid gold Life Threads...

Zeus: You wouldn't...

Lachesis: If we must...

Zeus: ALRIGHT!!  Fine I'll do something, just give me some time to work it out.

Lachesis: You know as well as I that this cannot be forgiven. Why are you so hesitant?

Zeus: I already said I'd do something, and that's all you need to know. Now leave me be.

Zeus stalked off to brood, while Aphrodite took the chance to talk to her some more.

Aphrodite: Listen, you weren't serious about severing our Life Threads were you? That's way harsh, I can't imagine a world with out Love in's too horrible.

Lachesis: If it bothers you so Goddess of Love, make sure Zeus holds to his promise.

Aphrodite's shining blue eyes went wide, for centuries she had believed that she and the other gods of Olympus were immortal, but she forgot that the Fates control even their immortal lives, all it takes is one snip and they die as easily as a mere mortal does. She had been spared death once by Xena and at that time she vowed to never waster her precious life again...but the thousands of years since she was spared caused her to forget that very important vow.

She had seen the look in Atropos's eyes as the idea of possibly killing off the Olympians came up, it was cold and dark. Her unblinking stone grey eyes didn't even flicker despite the looks from Demeter and herself.

Atropos: I would say that it is in all of you best interests to make sure that Zeus does not fail to carry out his promise to my sister.

Demeter: Oh don't worry, I'll make sure my brother doesn't screw this up. I've worked too long and too hard fighting the global warming the mortals have insisted on creating with their poisons and lethal gases, to stop now.

Aphrodite: In all fairness Auntie, the mortals have begun to help clean up too. They created the hover cars didn't they? Those things confuse me, too much techno stuff, but Hephy loves it. I can't stand to listen to his droning on and on about the things.

Demeter: There's still the classicalists, who love the poison gas spewing dinosaur fueled vehicles in Mexico particularly. My work is never done.

Atropos: Then it seems you have a vested interest in continuing to exist Goddess of the Harvest, I suggest you put it to use.

Demeter: Don't you worry you old crone, I will make sure of it. After all I have no choice but to stake my immortal life on it.

Aphrodite: Me too.

Atropos: At least some of you have not dulled with agelessness.

Aphrodite: Huh?

Demeter cornered Zeus and made her stand clear.

Demeter: Don't you DARE screw this up brother...I don't want to die!!

Zeus: I KNOW!! GODS BE DAMNED!!! I KNOW!! I don't need to hear this again and again!!

Demeter: I won't shut up about it until it's done, so don't expect a moment's peace until then.

Zeus: Yeah, yeah. I'm out of here. Don't follow me.

Zeus vanished.

Demeter: * he had better stick to his word*


Dalen: So my son, are you ready to begin? Daddy has lots of plans for his little man.

Aiden smiled: "Daddy funny!!"

Dalen: I know, I know. But let's make sure mommy knows who's taking charge around here.

Dalen stared down at his first born, so far so good. He had one of three back and it didn't take long for the second to arrive. Mokosh didn't seem to want to do anything to stop him, she let him do whatever he wanted to her, maybe in her mind it was to protect Aiden from him but Dalen couldn't be bothered to care what she thought. His son was going to be at his side when he finally declared war on Olympus, they won't dare touch him.

Dalen: Yo, you. Tell Mo I'll be back for Aiden when he's a teenager after she gets home, also not to come find him if she knows what's good for her.

Poseidon: Do you honestly think, youngling that I the God of Sea is going to sit idly by while you corrupt my grandson?

Dalen smirked; " And just what can you do about it old man?"

Dalen: I can make sure you don't do anything, remember my Adriel has a ravenous appetite for gods who get in my way.

Poseidon: All you do is talk, I haven't seen anything that would indicate such a claim.

Dalen: You really want to test that claim? How do you know I haven't already done one or two of the gods in?

Poseidon: I would know. We would feel such a loss if one existed.

Dalen: Sure...if you say so. I doubt it highly. You haven't seen Apollo around have you? Or Athena? Where do you think they are? I know you can't sense them, I feel the same things as you do.

Poseidon swallowed, he had a point. No one had been able to sense Apollo or Athena for a long time, not since he changed time. But to give the young punk the satisfaction of seeing him sweat was not what he wanted. Dalen's grin grew wider, he had him by the tail so to speak, he knew they couldn't find them anywhere and that was his doing.

Meanwhile, back at the Voleuvant Society one more of Dalen's transgressions was just beginning to realize where he was.

Liam: Dad...I can't believe it's really you...I'm so happy.

Jonah: Whose son are you? I don't remember having any kids. Don't tell me you're from that chick in the bar that night...oh man...

Liam: What? No, I'm Roxie's son. Roxie Sharpe.

Jonah: Oh, her. do look her.

Liam: Now our family can be complete again!! I have to call mom and tell her the good news!!

Jonah: Hold up boy, we don't have to call her...I take it this still Academie Le Tour? Why don't you and I party it up a bit first? I didn't get to enjoy my Senior year before Eddie killed me.

Liam: Wow, really? You want to party with me?

Jonah: Sure kid, let's do some father/son bonding or whatever.

Liam: Awesome!! Just let me call the limo and I can show you my pad!! This is great!!

Jonah: You have a pad? You mean you don't live in my old house?

Liam: No, well I share a house with Julius, Marc, Tavi and my half brother Solan. Our placeholder Hudson used to be a llama mascot.

Jonah: You have a brother?

Liam: Half brother, emphasis on half. He's a half god and the son of Reias...I hate that guy.

Jonah: Who? Your half brother or this Reias dude?

Liam: Both. They stole mom from me and he took mom with him to the Underworld so I can't get her back. But since you were dead, maybe you can get her back from him.

Jonah thought about that, how dare Roxie go off an bang another guy let alone a damned god. She should be miserable and lonely, waiting for him to take her back.

For the time being though, he had to win this kid's trust.

Jonah: Sure I can son. Charon and I are buds he'll take me straight to Hades and I'll get Roxie back for us. We can be a real family again.

Liam: Thanks dad, I knew this would be a good idea!!

"Stupid kid, once I get a hold of Roxie, I'll kill her myself." Jonah thought.


Tavi looked around at his new house excitedly. He was finally here, the best place in the world for a Knowledge seeker like him. He could get a head start on his Medical degree and start to help Hidden City out. His brothers had done an awesome job of making this place great, they had THREE telescopes, big ones, the alien magnets. He looked forward to meeting them here, maybe they'd give him some of their intergalactic medical secrets to use.

"Hey Tavi!! Come here!!"

Tavi headed inside.

Solan: What they hell are you doing out there? The best stuff is in here.

Tavi: I was looking around, you know they've got THREE big telescopes here?

Solan: I know, awesome isn't it? My father had one in Tartarus but its view only went into the Elysian Fields I couldn't see the sky.

Tavi: Hey watch the half god strength there buddy, I'm only mortal after all.

Solan: I'm sorry, did I hurt you?

Tavi: Naw, dude just watch it okay?

Solan grinned, he had always been closest to Tavi of all his brothers. He liked him a lot. Tavi was his best friend and that pleased his father greatly. He told him about how bad it was when he was teen and how he wanted his teenhood to be a lot better than his was. Solan knew how close his father was to Dalen and Diamos before...before things went bad. The mission of Tavi's family was vitally important to future of the world and Solan wanted to help them any way he could. His empathy would be very useful in the future to them, he could sort out the liars and those with hidden agendas.

As soon as it was dark, Tavi headed upstairs and tried out the telescope and his newly acquired Summon Aliens abilities. He looked up at the starry sky with a big smile and hope in his green eyes, they had to see this. He glanced over at Solan and Liam on the other two, he didn't want the aliens to take them before him.

Tavi: I'm gonna meet them first guys, so you can pack it in.

Solan: Oh yeah? We'll see about that.

Liam: I just want the Logic point, I don't care if they come or not.

Tavi turned back to the lens, those aliens had to be blind if they can't see this.

And it looks like Tavi's luck paid off, they took him and he was gone all night.

Marc Antony: Awesome little bro!!

Solan: You gotta tell me all about it!!

Julius: Not cool man, what did those green dudes do you bro?

Jonah: I don't want to know.

Hudson: How was it Tavi? Tell us all about it!!

Liam: I don't wanna know either...

Paper Girl: You got probed!!! HAHAHA!!! Hilarious!!

Later that day, Solan asked Tavi if he wanted to head downtown with him for a bit. They didn't have a poker table at home but the Lucky Shack Cards and Bar had some good ones.

Tavi: I didn't know gods played poker.

Cupid: Of course mortal, we like to have fun too you know.

Solan: Don't cheat Cupid, I'll know.

Cupid: Yeah...let's not use the creepy mind probe thing on me k?

Solan: Just saying. So what's the stakes?

Cupid: Aces high, deuces wild and no holds barred. I hope you've got plenty of dinars kids cuz I'm gonna clean you out.

Tavi: Right, what do you need money for anyway?

Cupid: Pantene, those mortals sure come up with some amazing hair care products. Way better than the no bathing days of my youth, that was a dark time kids, a dark, dark time.

Solan: Sure...just deal.

Tavi: Pantene, that's funny. I didn't know you guys knew about that stuff way up there.

Cupid: You don't know much about us do you mortal? We see all remember? Including TV and magazine ads.

Tavi: Oh. Well give me two. You learn something new everyday.

Solan: So tell us, what is going on up on Olympus? The lightning shows have been pretty frequent lately.

Cupid tossed Tavi two cards; "Oh Zeus is on about some plan or whatnot involving Dalen. I wasn't listening. He's all pissed off because Hera and Demeter are pestering him constantly about it."

Tavi: What about Dalen?

Cupid: You deaf mortal? I said I wasn't listening. I was too busy watching America's Next Top Model.

Solan made sure to remember that, if Zeus was finally acting against Dalen then he would need to tell his father right away. If he was then they should be ready for any fall out that might come from it.

Solan asked no more about Zeus, he returned his focus to the game. He had been winning most of the hands and soon enough Cupid was getting irritated.

Cupid: How do you do that?

Solan: Do what?

Cupid: Win so damn much? Are you using the creepy mind probe on us?

Solan: No, you just suck.

Cupid: Fine, keep it. I'm booking.

He stood up and took his winnings and vanished back to Olympus.

Tavi: Sore loser huh?

Solan: Yeah, hey look my favourite song!!

Tavi: You sing? Is there anything you can' t do demi-god boy?

Solan: I can't understand women, but hey, what man can?

Tavi grinned. "Too true buddy."

Cute. ^.^

Back at home, Liam had been using his Secret Society connections to hack his grades. He wasn't doing half as good as his damn little half brother and it was pissing him off. He was older, wiser and had to try harder and for Solan he got everything handed to him, it was easy for him.

Liam: This'll show him. Damn halfling...

His connections hid his IP address and directed the security alerts away from his computer...

And sent them directly to Solan's computer upstairs. So when the cops finally wised up they went for him instead.

Officer Dorian: You kids today, think everything is easy. You can't get away with cheating the system, we know. Whatever happened to the good old days of hard work and honest labour?

Solan: I--I have no idea what you're talking about!!

Officer Dorian: You know exactly what I'm talking about. We tracked the hacker's IP address right to this computer.

Solan clenched his fists, he sensed that someone was feeling extremely smug and arrogant about his plight, the vibrating maroon colour flared painfully in his head. Officer Dorian was droning on about responsibility and owning up to your mistakes but he heard none of it, all he felt was the pain of the emotion.

Officer Dorian: You listening to me boy?

Solan: Yes, sir. No sir I won't hack into the college database anymore, promise.

Officer Dorian: Good boy. I think you're a bright boy and you shouldn't have to resort to cheating to prove it. Your record is excellent Solan, I'd hate for it to be smeared by this incident. I won't take your computer this time, but don't let there be a next time.

Solan: Yes sir.

Officer Dorian nodded and headed out of his room, then Solan let go.

The undertones of blackness that he had attached to the emotions of his brother were all over this. He couldn't believe that his own brother would set him up like this, what had he ever done to earn Liam's constant ire?

"How could you do this to me brother? What did I ever do to you?"

It burned him up inside that he would do this to him, but despite that he still loved his big brother and he didn't want to hurt him. He would upset his mother too much if she found out the two of them were at each other's throats, he didn't want to hurt Roxie too. Solan needed to talk to his dad, he could make this alright again.

Solan: Father!!

Reias: Solan, what's wrong?

Solan: It's Liam...he got me in trouble today the cops came thinking I hacked into the school's grade system.

Reias: Why would he do that?

Solan: I don't know!! He won't tell me, I thought maybe you could talk to him about it.

Reias: Of course I'll try son, but your brother doesn't like to talk to me. Not since I married your mother.

Solan: Please?

Reias: Of course son. Where is he--

Something caught Reias's eye over his son's shoulder, something he thought he'd lost...

Reias: There you are, Jonah Powers.

Reias: How did you escape the Asphodel Caverns Powers? I've been looking for you for years.

Jonah: So you must the godly son of a bitch who's been banging Roxie, how nice.

Reias: Do NOT mention her around me mortal!! You'll regret it...

Jonah: Or what? You'll smite me? You couldn't keep me trapped in that damned hell hole before, what makes you think you can now?

Reias: Don't tempt me to try it...

Jonah: Oh please, like you scare me god freak.

Solan: Father? What's going on?

Reias: Don't worry about it son, go inside. I'll handle this.

Marc Antony: There's not gonna be a fire fight is there? Cuz I'd really not rather replace my house.

Julius: Totally Godly Protector Dude, that would bite big time.

Reias: Boys please inside.

The three of them hightailed it inside, but watched from the safety of the windows.

Liam: Who asked you here asshole? Fuck off.

Reias: Liam, you know this isn't right. Why are you doing this?

Liam: Like you don't know. You stole my mom, broke apart my family, and made sure that I can never see my mother ever again unless I die.

Reias: I didn't steal her, we love each other and you knew she was going to stay with me. It broke her heart that you didn't come for our wedding.

Liam: I didn't go because I can't stand you, I hate you. You did steal her from me I have no mother because of you, and once my father gets her back from you this will all be a long, horrible nightmare.

Reias: You don't mean that, we used to be good friends Liam.

Liam: Shut up!! I was faking it the whole time just because I didn't want to upset mom!!! You can leave now.

Reias knew he had better not push at the moment, Liam was upset and the last thing he wanted was to make things worse with him. Roxie had been depressed and sad ever since their wedding and it killed him to see her like that. He had hoped that if he and Liam could learn to get along that she would be better, but now he knew that was never going to happen. Liam was angry and very hurt, he felt abandoned by Roxie and would grasp at anything that could make him feel better. He seems determined that Jonah will solve everything for him, reunite him with his mother again. Reias knew Jonah had no intention of helping Liam out and the idea that he was headed for a huge fall and another betrayal by his other parent, hurt Reias deeply. He vanished, it was the best thing for Liam right now.

Jonah: I'm proud of you boy, you showed real backbone standing up to a god like that.

Liam: Yeah, well he had it coming. So are you really proud of me dad?

Jonah: Sure boy, I'm beaming.

Liam smiled, that was all he needed to hear. For Jonah however, this was all going according to plan the stupid naive kid was eating up all his bullshit happily. He was just too good at this...


Meanwhile back on Olympus...

Hera: Will you at least tell me your plan dear husband?

Zeus: Hera, baby why's it so important to know?

Hera: I want to know.

Zeus: It doesn't involve your protected mortal dear wife, don't fret over that.

Hera: Well that's some comfort at least, she has been through so much.

Zeus: She's totally in the clear. All I want is Dalen.

Hera: That poor mortal, I blessed her marriage to Eddie Sharpe and with that I gave her my protection. Cleo has been through so much with Dalen and his mechanations she deserved a break.

Zeus: I promise, Dalen will know my wrath.

"For a life unwillingly returned, another must be forcibly taken..."

"The son not meant to be, must be reclaimed in order for balance to be maintained..."

"The Daughter of Destruction...must be led down the right path..."

"A grieving mother, yearning for her lost child shall be reunited; for it is through her that the Daughter of Destruction shall be cleansed."

Hera: I understand.

Zeus: This is what Dalen can expect from me. It will be the last time he crosses the King of the Gods.


End of Entry Sixteen.

I just love the random things that come out when I think about them, don't you? This is only part one of Generation Four's college years and the plan of retaliation for Dalen's transgressions has been set in motion.