The Quest for Peace: Chapter 11, Part 2 Tempus Interminus

For the gods time has no meaning, they don't have to worry about getting old or dying they just continue to live on and on while the rest of the world ages around them. And for Reias that meant having to watch the ones he loved grow old and die, something he wasn't prepared to do. So in the few days before his only son left for college he was making sure that he would never have to be alone...

His wedding to Roxie was going to be one that he would make sure about lasting forever, when everyone was seated he turned back to his beautiful bride.

Reias: You ready?

Roxie: Of course honey, I've been ready for a while now.

Reias: I just wish Liam would have come...

Roxie: I know but...he's...

Reias turned to her; "Don't cry honey, this is supposed to be a happy day for us."

Roxie nodded, and wiped away the tear to avoid smudging her make up, he was right about this being a happy day for them.

This was the best chance to give Roxie what he'd been wanting to for a while now, as the son of the God of the Dead and Goddess of Spring it was in his power to take life with a single touch, or give it. And this time he chose to bestow upon her eternal life, he made her a goddess. It would protect her from anything Dalen tried to use to kill her with, even the Adriels. This Kiss of Eternal Life was a rare gift that he had been told to never use, his parents knew he had this ability but the other gods didn't not even Zeus knew he could do this. Hades feared that if his brother knew his child possessed such a powerful gift that he would use it against him, Zeus tricked him once into ending up in the Underworld. After so many thousands of years he still hated Zeus for that dirty trick, the position of King of the Gods was meant to belong to Hades. So when Dalen and Batalia began plotting against the gods with Dalen's Adriel he sat back and laughed. Zeus had called him repeatedly to Olympus when the threat first came to light but he ignored every one of his requests.

Reias: You look so beautiful baby.

Roxie: Reias, thank you. So do you.

Solan rolled his eyes, his parents were embarrassing sometimes. He smiled and went off to talk to the other guests.

Reias: Shall we dance?

Roxie: You need to ask?

Reias: I suppose not.

<3  ^.^

Reias: So tell me, do you feel any different?

Roxie: What do you mean different?

Reias: I don't know just different.

Roxie: I don't understand...

She felt something, it was a weird feeling. She had dismissed it as nervous joy but now that she thought about it some more it wasn't that.

Her glow confirmed it, he had done something to her.

Roxie: What did you do?

Reias: I gave you a tremendous gift my love, the best one I could ever give next to Solan...

Roxie: What?

Reias: I made you a goddess. One of my gifts is to bestow life, whether it be temporary or permanent.

Roxie: When? Oh...that kiss. I--I don't know what to say...

Reias: You don't have to say anything, I had planned to do that for a long time now I just needed the right moment.

He dipped her back again, he knew she wouldn't be too upset. Also this would ensure her protection from Dalen if she wasn't mortal anymore he couldn't kill her or make her vanish like Daphne, this was the ultimate form of protection he could give her. Maybe to some that would have been selfish if he only protected her because he was afraid of losing her again, but those some didn't know what he had been through. Protecting her from time erasure also protected Solan because if they were both still around he couldn't vanish from existence like Callie had, so it worked for both of them, including Liam. If Liam had come Reias would have told him all of this, he would hope that Liam would see that he does really care about him and that he doesn't have to be so angry at him anymore.

But for right now, that was the farthest thing from his mind. This was his wedding after all and there was cake to be had.

At the after party, or what some would call a reception Roxie told Eddie what Reias had done for her.

Roxie: So I was surprised at first but then I thought about it and this could be a good thing.

Eddie: Yeah but what are you going to be the goddess of? Punk Rockers?

Roxie: Funny.

Eddie: Seriously though, this can be a good thing big sis. Means I can ask for favours more and get free stuff.

Roxie: Oh yeah like what?

Eddie: I don't know, I'll think of something. But your a goddess now, you have powers and that is amazing.

Roxie: You aren't upset? I mean this means I won't die and well, you will.

Eddie smiled: "Wasn't it you who told Reias that day, our lives as mortals may be short but that doesn't mean we waste them. My life has not been a waste so far, it had its rough spots and tough times where I thought the whole of Olympus was out to get me but I don't feel that way anymore."

Roxie: That's true, I mean look at you now. Married and you have a young family I seem to recall you saying that you'd never find anyone.

Eddie: Yes, I was young and stupid then. But with Cleo and my girls now I can't imagine what the young me would have said about it.

Roxie: Oh, I'm sorry Eddie!! I wanted to be there for their births!!

Eddie:  It's okay, I took pictures. See?

He dug them out of his envelope.

Eddie: Imagine my surprise when I came home to find Cleo in the bathroom screaming, I ran in to check on her and saw her in the midst of birth. She handed me our first daughter.

"Then she doubled over again, and delivered our second daughter. I was thrilled to have twins..."

"Only she wasn't done yet...I couldn't believe it when she finally finished and we had four beautiful daughters."

Roxie: You had Quads? Oh wow Eddie, good thing you make all that money.

Eddie: Yes well, Cleo did say she wanted six so getting four in one shot was helpful. At least they would all be close in age.

Roxie: So she wants more?

Eddie: Two more, we're hoping for twins the next time around.

Roxie: So tell me what are the names of my beautiful nieces?

"Well our oldest of the quads we called Adele and Aliyah, they look so much like their mother."

"Our younger pair we called Amanda and Aurora. I think I'm holding Amanda in this picture, it's so hard to tell all the girls are pretty much identical."

Roxie: Identical Quads, I feel sorry for you trying to figure out who's who.

Eddie: Oh I'll know who's who, don't worry about that. I don't think you will though.

He grinned.

They sat down when Reias brought in the cake. Eddie passed around his pictures to everyone at the table.

Reias: I love your pictures Eddie, you have such beautiful daughters.

Eddie: Thanks, I suppose I call you brother now right?

Reias: If you want, you don't have to though.

Solan: I'm just happy to have cousins. Tavi told me about the ones he would never get to see.

Reias tried to let that go, it still reminded him that he wasn't the only one who lost everything when Dalen messed with the time line. He still  felt slightly guilty about not being able to save Dion's siblings.

However Solan didn't miss the feeling of guilt from his father.

"I'm sorry dad, I made you feel blue. I forgot..."

Reias: No, it's alright son. What's passed is past.


Back at college, Liam's search for his one true love ha left him out of luck. His last resort for finding someone lay with the well that had brought his uncle his aunt Cleo and they seemed happy enough together from it. The well was something he had always wanted to try even as a kid so he figured now was as good a time as any to try his luck..and it turned out to be quite lucky.

Artemis: I really hate this thing, it sucks you up and drops you gods know where.

Liam: Wow...I mean I knew that thing had power but to do

Artemis: Are you going to answer me mortal? Where am I?

Liam: Oh, I'm sorry where is my head? This is Academie Le Tour and I wished for you.

Artemis: For me? As in by name?

Liam: Well no, it was general wish for romance and the well apparently thinks we would be perfect together.

Artemis: Do you know who I am mortal? I have a lot of work to do back on Olympus so if you'll excuse me.

She prepared to vanish.

Liam: NO!! Artemis!! I mean Goddess of the Hunt, please don't poof least not yet. Can you at least give me a chance?

Artemis: What for?

Liam: Well, you see I'm a Family type and I've had some bad luck trying to find a girl to spend my life with and this was my last shot .

Artemis: Didn't you think to try praying to Aphrodite or Cupid for good luck in love? It's not my department.

Liam: Yes, I tried and it didn't work like I said this was my last shot.

Artemis: Well...I suppose I can give you one chance. Just remember though I'm not the marrying kind and I won't sit around and pump out babies for you either.

Liam: At least you're giving me a chance, I thank you for that.

Artemis: Okay I'll give you props for this, you can dance pretty well for a mortal. You're not grabby or gropey...

Liam: Thank you. I think.

Artemis: But don't expect me to come whenever you call either, I've got stuff  to do.

Liam: I'm not going to, I'm just happy you gave me a chance.

Artemis: Oh...well..this is unexpected.

Liam: I hope this is alright, I practiced this for hours.

Artemis: Okay, but...oh.

Liam: Are you happy?

Artemis: Excuse me?

Liam: Are you happy? Up there on Olympus.

Artemis: I don't know, what kind of question is that?

Liam: I don't mean to offend, you just seem sad is all.

Artemis: Of course I am, I'm a goddess. I'm powerful...

Liam: Power's not everything, do you have anyone you can honestly say you love?

Artemis: Why are you asking such strange things?

Liam: Down here we have to be careful of everything we do and say. Dalen's influence means that even the smallest thing can blow up into something huge a lot of people have died over something as stupid as accidently bumping into someone on the streets. I find at least that if we have someone we love, we're less likely to go out and kill something if we get pissed off.

Artemis: You mean that Love can still fight off the influence of War?

Liam: Yes, exactly. So the reason I asked if you have someone you love up there is because I feel that if you gods did, then you wouldn't be at each other's throats as much and us poor mortals down here could catch a break.

Artemis was astounded that a mere mortal could come up with such a simple, yet effective counter measure to the fighting. Ever since Athena went missing it was her who was picking up some of the slack. She wasn't as smart as Athena though or nearly as experienced in war countermeasures but she was doing the best she could.

"I have to go."

She broke away from Liam and vanished back to Olympus.

Liam: Bye...Goddess.

He decided to head back inside, this was an eventful night.

Liam wasn't the only one having a hard time in love, Julius continued his serial dating all through his freshman and sophomore years and so far none of them struck him as the one. He was the heir and the responsibility of continuing the mission rested on his shoulders, he hadn't told his brothers but he was beginning to feel like he'd never find her.

The music helped to ease his mind about it but it could only last so long before he thought about it again. King's Music Hall usually attracted a lot of students looking to get away from classes or their own personal dramas, it was a respite for them. He strummed along to the song he chose as he thought about it.

"So how come you three are so good at these? Most who try to play sound like nails on a chalkboard."

Julius: Creativity Scholarship, SS dudette. We all got it before we came.

He looked up at the pretty blond, she was cute.

Julius: So, how about we talk some more about it dudette?

"You're adorable, but I do have to get back. Maybe later."

"Forget her, I'll take you up on that offer cutie."

Julius: You totally rock chicky. How bout I teach you this awesome little tune I know?

Julius: It goes like this, "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me..."

When she started to pick up on it his sombre mood began to lift, I mean who doesn't love a rousing folk song or two to pull you out of a funk?

He just reached the end when he caught sight of flash of black followed by a green haze. It seemed that their song was over.

Julius: Dudette, black cat. They're like totally unlucky man.

"Oh that? Well we get the Dark High Witches here all the time, that's just Midnight he's harmless really."

Julius: Sweet man, so whatcha say? How about you and I have a first date?

"Totally uncool. I just sang with you because I couldn't help myself."

Julius: Harsh...

Back at their house Julius tried his old friend the Gypsy again.

Julius: You totally gotta help me Gypsy Dudette, I'm wiping out with the chickitas here and I need to find one.

Gypsy: Of course, of course young man. We only provide he highest quality service here. This one is a real winner, you'll like her.

Gypsy: She's perfect for you.

Julius tried the song again with Marsha and she seemed to be liking it, he felt more confident this time. And what's more is that he had three bolts for her, he felt like he had found the one he was looking for all along.

Marsha: That was nice Julius. Thanks.

Julius: You mean that? You totally dug the Song?

Marsha: Yes you goofball. Most people think that because I was more than slightly annoying as a child calling them all the time, that I was crazy or something. But the truth is, Townie Ville is just lonely and for someone like me who's shy that's a terrible thing.

Julius: Get out? No way!! You're shy? So am I!! Awesomeness.

Marsha blushed, she had heard about a family who wasn't afraid to tell everyone that they were a legacy. She had been watching for news about them for a while, and now she actually got to meet someone from the family.

"I heard yours was a legacy family, is that true?"

Julius: Totally, I'm like the heir. Fourth generation.

Marsha: No way!! You're heir?

Julius: Yeah, wicked isn't it?

Julius had only recently found a potential spouse in Marsha but Marc Antony had found his betrothed in Amy Jones, the former paper girl. She had a fire that he adored, her spunky and fiesty attitude complemented his laid back and serious nature and he loved that. She did have a mean streak that he had learned to avoid though, but other than that she was perfect for him.

Amy: So Julius likes Marsha huh? We should go on a double date with them.

Marc Antony: I hope he can make it work with her, he's the heir after all.

Amy: Yeah. And I think my connections at the Daily Scroll might help you in your mission to find out about the history of Hidden City. The archives were preserved well and survived the earthquake 25 years ago.

Marc Antony: And here I was trying to find it all online. Don't I feel dumb now.

Amy: You should Blondie. Why didn't you think to try the paper for info?

Marc Antony: I don't know.

Marsha: So why did we let your brother and Amy drag us here?

Julius: He's doing the older brother thing, he thinks I need the help. Which I so totally don't.

Marsha: Must be nice to have siblings.

Julius: Yeah, Marc's an okay dude, uptight though, Tavi's just kid brother adorable, he's cool though.

Marc Antony: I heard that.

Marsha: Does Tavi have someone he likes?

Julius: Unfortunately.

Marsha: Why unfortunately?

Julius: He likes Meadow. The blond wahine that I dated in high school. She was a total space case then.

Marsha: Aww come on, Meadow's not that bad. She's like me, misunderstood. She still lives in my dorm and I think she's actually pretty smart.

Julius: If you say so chickita.

Marsha: I do say so.

Marsha: Why don't we head outside, it's hot in here. I know this great little place.

Julius: You don't like dancing?

Marsha: No, I just want to go outside that's all.

Julius: Okay, hey bro we're leaving you coming?

The Lost in Love Hedge Maze was a park that was often overlooked by most people. It's not on the beaten path and fairly isolated compared to the bigger parks of Central North and Central South. Even the boys didn't know it existed so when Marsha took them there it was a pleasant surprise.

Julius: This place isn't half bad, how come we never knew about it?

Marsha: It's a small place and not on the regular tourist maps, it's sort of a Townie secret.

Julius: It totally rocks chickita, it makes what I want to do even better.

Marsha: What's that?

Julius: This. I totally understand that we only just met not too long ago but you've got what I've been looking for. The totally rockin' buzz of chemistry. Will you take this and help me carry on my family's mission Marsha Bruenig?

Marsha: Oh...of course Julius!! I will!!

Marc Antony had planned to do this for Amy too, he wanted to make sure she knew that he wanted her for the rest of his life. Her connections were important to the mission he was given by Dion, but that wasn't the only reason he wanted her. He really loved her. She of, course accepted after asking him what took so long.

Two down. One to go.


Meanwhile, for Solan his excursions downtown led him down a very different path. His encounter with the Dark High Witch had made him consider joining them, as a half god he was powerful enough but those powers were mainly defensive ones. He wanted to tap into more of his heritage and learn some offensive powers as well. The Dark High Witch couldn't turn down the chance to change a powerful half god to the Path of Darkness.

Dark High Witch: I give you the gift of magic, use it to further your studies in the ways of Darkness.

Solan: I will.

Solan: This is gonna rock...

He began the spell.

Perhaps it was too much of a spell, the lightning shower he produced struck the house next door to them and raced along the street in front of his house, a show that could rival one of Zeus's bad days for sure. His half god heritage made his magic ten times stronger than if he was only a mortal. The Dark High Witch had to take off to avoid being electrocuted by the newly created warlock's powerful spell.

Solan: Welll maybe that was a little tooo much excitement. I hope there was no one in that house...


Poseidon laughed as his grandson picked up on the game of Peek-A-Boo he was teaching him. The weeks since Dalen's declaration that he was taking Aiden when he became a teen still weighed heavily on his mind. He figured if he could get enough of a foot hold in Aiden's memory now as a toddler, that when that time came he would reconsider leaving them and going with Dalen. The thoughts about what Dalen would teach him to do kept him up at night, all of them that came to mind were never good.

The poor child would be constantly fighting his War God blood within him and couple that with the same powers as his mother's earthquaking ability and water control, the two forces are likely to be catastrophic. If something really set Aiden off he could create an earthquake of 10.5 or more, and as far as the mortals knew...there was nothing stronger than a 10.5 earthquake, it would be inconceivable for something to be stronger than that. The planet would not survive. Mokosh's influence on him would be just enough to keep him from using his powers to the fullest extent, but if she were taken from his life at such a volatile period in his development as teenhood, there would be nothing to stop him.

And Poseidon figured that was exactly what Dalen wanted.

Mokosh: Don't you worry Aiden, Mommy will make sure that you don't turn out like your father...

She drew the little boy closer, he was too sleepy to really understand what she was saying and maybe that was for the best right now.


Dalen: Drinn...why are you handling my daughter?

Drinn: She was fussing so I came to see her Master.

Dalen: Babies fuss, that's what they do. Put her back.

Drinn: She'll disturb her brother if I do.

Dalen: Drinn....

Drinn: I'll be careful with her.

Dalen: Hope is my best kept secret from the other gods Drinn, I need her to remain as hostile as possible if she's going to be of any use to me when she's older, molly-coddling her now is antagonistic to my long term plans. PUT HER BACK!!

Drinn: But Master...

Dalen: Last time I'm telling you put her back now and let her cry. Don't make me return you to a weapon, I know how much you hate that.

Drinn: Yes Master.

He put her back in the hard crib. As much as he wanted to obey his Master's command this seemed almost cruel to do to a baby. Even he knew that and he was a weapon who wasn't supposed to care about anything but what he was designed for. Hope was a beautiful baby girl, her lovely eyes shone with new wonder and excitement. All she was going to face was despair and darkness and it made Drinn feel bad for her.


Far from the temples of the Gods, where most mortals chose to live a newly arrived visitor to Hidden City had just rented an apartment in town. He found a great place near the clubs and sights of downtown and was eager to get settled in.

Land Lady: So here you are the standard lease forms, a copy of the building's rules and upcoming events as well as my card with my cell number on it if you need anything. Now Mr. Bunn is there anything else you need before I begin my rounds?

Euan: No, thanks this is good. Just the keys to the apartment. My stuff should be already up in the hall ready for unpacking.

Land Lady: Well then, welcome to Hidden City Mr. Bunn, may Fortuna smile upon all your endevours.

Euan unpacked some of things and headed up to roof where some of the other tenants were hanging out. Some of what their land lady told him didn't make much sense to him and maybe the others could help him out.

Euan: So Clarence, what did Elise mean when she said may Fortuna smile upon me, I don't understand is that some sort of local thing?

Clarence: Man, where are you from? Fortuna is the Goddess of Luck and Chance around here, saying that is like wishing you good luck.

Euan: I'm sorry, goddess?

Clarence: This is Hidden City Bunn, get used to hearing that. The Greek Olympians rule here and we all still worship them, make sure you watch who you say that weird outsider stuff to, it might end badly for you if you do.

Euan: But I thought that was only myth?

Clarence: I'll say it again, this is Hidden City. There's a reason why it's hidden.


End of Entry Seventeen.

As per my usual ninja quick updates this is part two of Chapter Eleven. Euan Bunn is courtesy of Shadey's WYDC (Who's Your Daddy Challenge) and the first of my imported legacy/challenge sims to Hidden City. Euan was Baby E and his daddy is the Witch Doctor of Twikki Island in case you've never read her challenge.