The Quest for Peace: Chapter Eleven, Part Three Tempus Infiniti

Time moves on into Infinity, while some regard it as a companion on a long journey others see it as an enemy to be conquered. Though in truth it is just what keeps everything from happening all at once.

Dalen: Are you ready Talia? This is next step in my plan so make sure you treat it with care.

Batalia: I'm not going to drop my nephew if that's what you're on about.

Dalen: Right, just do it right.

In the Temple of Ares, time is about to move on for the children of Mokosh and Dalen. Daughter Hope, the child who has the power to steal the godhoods of the Olympians with a single touch and Son Jason, the one who was not meant to be according to the Fates. His powers are unknown, dangerous and that is partially what Zeus and the other Olympians fear the most. To have such a wild card in the hands of the God of War cannot be allowed...

Hope was the only one Dalen cared about, she had a power he needed to ensure his victory once the war begins on Olympus. Her neglectful toddlerhood and childhood will be key to her turning out the way she's supposed to when the time comes. However the main part requires Aiden's ability to work and he was still in the care of his mother.

Jason grew up much the same way as his twin did, neglected and lonely. The only time he actually got to talk to his father was when Dalen tossed him a bottle, other than that Jason had little contact with him. He did like his aunt though, she actually paid attention to him. But he knew her as his mother, she was the only woman around when he was a baby so he assumed she was his mother. Dalen took them away from Mokosh as soon as they were born, all he had was a dim memory of a dark haired blue eyed woman holding him. Talia had the same features.


Poseidon: Who asked you here?

Zeus: Now is neither the time nor the place for this brother. We have a problem and your grandson is right in the middle of it all.

Poseidon: Aiden has nothing to do with Dalen. Leave him out of this!!

Zeus: I can't, he's the lynch pin in Dalen's entire plan to kill us all. He must be neutralized...

Poseidon: Neutralized? He's not some contagion that needs to be eliminated, he's my grandson!!

Zeus: With the powers of mind manipulation and the boy is unnaturally lucky, it's a bad combination. I must not let him use those powers against us.

Poseidon: Old age has made you paranoid and delusional. Mokosh will not let him become a tool for Dalen's rampage. My daughter loves her son too much.

Poseidon: So I suggest you leave before I get mad, you don't want me to shake the very foundations of Olympus do you? You know I can.

Zeus: You can, but you won't. Even you aren't that stupid.

Poseidon: Leave, before Aiden gets home from school. I don't want you upsetting him.

Zeus: I'd much rather meet the boy who's gonna kill us all. You can get rid of the King of the Gods so easily.

Poseidon: Fine, but I'm not leaving you two alone for a second.

Zeus: Do as you please brother.

Poseidon clenched his fists, as much as he wanted to kill him he couldn't. Not in times of war like this, the loss would be too great.

Poseidon: I won't forget this brother, you know that.

Zeus: I wouldn't think you would.

Aiden: Just like this grandpa?

Poseidon: Yes Aiden, just like that. Cast your line into the water and wait.

Zeus: Good cast boy.

Aiden: Thanks Great Uncle Zeus, this is my first time.

Poseidon: Don't talk to him.

Aiden: Cool!! I got a big one!! He's so wiggly!!

Poseidon: Atta boy Aiden!!

Zeus: See? Unnaturally lucky...

Poseidon: Shut up. I mean it.


Much as time moved on for the children of Dalen, the ones he's seeking to destroy had moved into their final year of college. The chosen heir Julius had settled down and found himself a wife to be, the oldest brother Marc Antony, and even the youngest brother Tavi had all found their chosen spouses.

Julius: Like I totally don't get this game, it's boring.

Amy: Well you could always quit and let me win.

Julius: You'd dig that wouldn't you Future Sister Amy? Well I'll beat you for sure.

Amy: OI!! Naked cheerleader!!

Julius: Seriously? She said she'd never do that!!

Amy: Sucker...

Julius: That's just a--HEY!!

Amy: What? Not my fault you have ADD.

Julius: Uncool dudette, totally uncool.

Amy: You fell for it.

Julius: That's like totally beside the point!! You cheat!! How do I know you won't do the same in other areas?

Amy: You callin' me a two timer?

Julius: I totally did not, you said it not me.

Amy: Oh it's game on now Surfer Bum!!

For Liam, his time had seemed to stop. Ever since the day Artemis fell from the well, he had been missing her. She told him not to call her but he wanted to so bad. Eventually, like after two and half years of trying to move past her, he gave up on seeing her again. This time he hoped the well would give him someone else he could love just as much.

The well gave him Lily Do, a Townie that he was immediately enraptured with. She was funny, smart, beautiful and she was here for him.

Lily: Oh no!! Liam!! Not again!!

Liam: You can't stop the Tickle Attack!!

Lily: Liam!! I'm ticklish!!

Liam: Alright, how about this instead?

Lily: This is good, I like this.

Liam: I really am a good dancer Lily.

Lily: Well that's good, at least one of us is.

Liam: I love you Lily.

Lily: I love you too Liam.

Liam: When I graduate I want to be with you, always.

Lily: Me too.

Graduation was coming for Liam, but no college is complete without a cheerleader/cow smackdown.

Or even a cheerleader/llama smackdown. So much for team loyalty...

Solan and Tavi had different plans. As soon as Solan became a White Warlock Tavi had been begging him to turn him into one as well. And Solan was eager to comply, having his best friend along with him on the Path of Light was exactly what he wanted. Also it would help if someone in the main family line had some sort of power to protect themselves with.

Tavi: This is so cool!!

Solan: You can't do that elsewhere? I need the computer.

Tavi: Just a sec, almost done.

Tavi: Awesome!!

Solan: I'd say something cheesy like Welcome to the Light or whatever, but I just want you to move your ass so I can get to the computer.

Tavi: Yeah, okay. Ruin my moment why don't you?

Solan: Liam!! Liam!! Wait!!

Liam: Forget it, I'm leaving this place. I need a change of clothes fast.

Solan: But...

Liam: No, I'm out of here. Now that my dad is back I still need to go get mom from Reias.

Solan: Liam...I'm trying to tell you...

Solan flinched as his big brother slammed the cab door in his face, his own emotions of fear and panic were drowning out the anger of Liam.

"Jonah isn't going to help you...he's going to betray you."

Liam didn't even look back as he drove off back to Hidden City. Solan wanted desperately to save him from being betrayed, but he couldn't even get Liam to stand still long enough to talk to him. Liam's leaving left a hole in his heart, why wouldn't he give him a chance to help him?


It was finally time for the graduation of the heir for Generation Four. The boys were only about about one semester apart from each other so the next few weeks were all about parties and milestones. Solan had been trying to put on a good front for his best friends benefits but on the inside he was desperately trying to figure out how to get Liam to see the truth about Jonah. This party was for Julius today, Marc Antony's was following soon after.

It didn't take long for a group Smustle to break out, Solan found time for some father/son bonding with Reias.

Though the pull of the Hula was too hard to resist...

Even if some got a little lost doing it...

Pellas: This ritualistic dance is confusing...why are they doing that?

Reias: Just follow the lead Pellas, you'll get it.

Pellas: I don't know if I'll ever understand this human dance.

The graduation party was huge success, Julius graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA and a glitched up outfit to boot.

Marsha: Nice suit honey, I never want to see it again.

Julius: Totally babe, this is so anti-cool it hurts.

Tavi: See you at the wedding big bro!!!

Julius: I expect you to be there baby bro, with a new surfboard for me too.

Tavi: Yeah, I know. Blue with orange flames right?

Julius: Yeah.

Marc Antony: So are you looking forward to life with me?

Amy: Of course you big goof. Mr. Jones.

Marc Antony: I prefer Agent Jones, I have a position lined up at the SCIA when I graduate.

Amy: Oh I like that, it sounds so hot. Agent Jones.

He too graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA and Summa Cum Laude. Amy and the girls still had another year to go before they graduated, while he waited for Amy he would get started on his quest to find the lost history of Hidden City.

Tavi: Yeah hello? One cab for Hidden City please.

Marsha: Aren't you having a party like your brothers?

Tavi: No, I just want to get started on my adult life.

Marsha: Your parents won't like that.

Tavi: Probably not, but it's my choice. I'll see you soon sis at your wedding. And tell Meadow to stay away from Leto, I might have to turn him into a toad if he tries hit on her.

Marsha: Yep, will do brother. Be good.

Meadow: Like hey Leto, is that Naked Streaker Dude again?

Leto: Yuh, dude has no life.

Meadow: We forgot to lock the door again didn't we?

Leto: Yuh.

Meadow: I should be like disturbed or shocked or whatever but I'm like meh.

Leto: Yuh.

Meadow: Huh, anyway what page are you on?

Leto: 59.

Meadow: Okay. I'm still on 30.

While Meadow and Marsha were at class, Solan returned from his final exam. He headed right for the phone to call a cab back home. Liam didn't know what was coming and he had to be there to save him.

Solan: Yeah, one cab back to Hidden City. Academie Le Tour yes.

Solan felt the sparklies crawl up his legs as he began his adulthood journey. He had thought of an idea to help Liam see the truth about Jonah, in his studying he had come across a long faded recipe for a Truth Serum that would show Liam the truth about Jonah but it took time to prepare, a lot of time.

As soon as he got back to Tartarus he would begin on it.

Solan: This had better work....

And the rest of this as you know turned out very differently than he had planned.


Meanwhile back at the Temple of Ares....

Drinn: Master I don't like this, letting that mortal in here is a bad idea.

Dalen: Well you see I don't ask for you opinion, I give it to you. If this mortal has something of value to me then I'll see it through.

Drinn: I don't like this...

Dalen: All you have to do is be ready when I want to use you, you don't get to think, or like anything got it?

Drinn: Yes, Master. He's in the kitchen waiting for you.

Dalen: You had better have a good reason for coming here mortal. I'm a very busy god.

"I swear I do, I wouldn't waste your valuable time Great God of War."

Dalen: You said you had an offer for me. What is it?

"I have a way to get in to destroy Reias for you."

Dalen; Do I look like a fool to you? Reias is a damn god!!

"Yes, but he has a fatal weakness, his woman."

Dalen: She's a goddess too, therefore untouchable.

"But she's still a woman, and I still hold something over her. Our son."

Dalen: Go on...

Jonah: The stupid kid hero worships me, he'll do whatever I say.

Dalen: And?

Jonah: And I can use him to take Roxie away from Reias, and I do believe you know how attached he gets to his women.

Dalen: Yes, but what's in it for you? What do you want in return for this "generous offer" of yours?

Jonah: I want to be immortal, a god. I want to make Roxie suffer through Liam, and as a god I can do that.

Dalen: Right, you're not worthy of such an honour. Talia dear show this mortal what it means to disrespect us.

Batalia: With pleasure brother. We can destroy Reias just fine without you...but you amuse me. You have balls coming to us and asking for immortality. I shall keep you around as my plaything mortal.

Jonah: ARRGHHH!!


End of Entry Eighteen.

And we're back, this wraps up Generation Four's college years and sets the stage for Chapter 12. I wanted to finish this before I officially began Generation Five.
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