The Quest for Peace: Chapter 12, Late Bloomers

They say the flower that blooms the latest is often the most beautiful of all. For Julius that term hits home, he was chosen by his father to become the fourth generation heir to his Quest for Peace. Some doubt his ability to perform as heir, some whisper about his oldest brother being the better choice for such a mission, while others have faith in his ability to carry on such as the support from his fiancee Marsha.

Marsha: Are you okay?

Julius: Well, not really. I'm kinda bummed about something.

Marsha: Not about marrying me I hope?

Julius: No, gods no. Just about other things.

Marsha: Like what?

Julius: Do you really think I can be a good heir? I mean dad's mission is totally high rolling, we have a huge task to perform.

Marsha: I think you'll be great, after all you have me here to help you.

Julius: Thanks babe.

Marsha: Come on, let's enjoy our wedding.

There was a lot of clapping from the guests and some looks of disapproval from the shyer ones of the group. (Dion, Tavi) But over all it was a good time for everyone.

Julius: Here babe, just for you.

Marsha: Aww, thanks for not being a cake shover.

Marsha: So how do you like it so far Solan?

Solan: It's nice, green and pinks all around.

Marsha: How do you see feelings as colours? I've always wondered about that.

Solan: I'm empathic, I learned how to do it at an early age.

Marsha: I still find that amazing.

Solan: It can be, most of the time.

Tavi: So big bro, how does it feel to be married?

Julius: Righteous, baby bro. So when do you get to do this?

Tavi: Soon enough, you're heir so you always go first.

Solan: Hey, umm what you're doing down there okay?

Liam: Ignore the dog, he's harmless. But don't turn your back on it.

Solan: Thanks...

Solan: Great, now he called a friend.

Liam: You seem to have a thing for attracting dogs.

Solan: Yeah...maybe it's good I don't call on my familiar here. Too many dogs around.

Soon the party began to wind down and the members of the Reed household found some time to enjoy the cake.

Dion: I'm happy you're home son.

Julius: Thanks, I just hope I don't disappoint you.

Dion: Why would you?

Marsha gave her new husband a comforting look.

Julius: Nevermind.

Maddie: You know you can tell us anything right son?

Julius: Mom, I'm totally cool it's good.

Random Gate Crashing Townie: You'll do fine kid.

Julius: No offense dude, but who the hell are you?

Random Gate Crashing Townie: You had free cake, I was hungry.

Dion: You can leave anytime.

Eventually he did leave, and Julius was eager to share a traditional after wedding part with Marsha.

Julius: Mhmm, you thinking what I'm thinking babe?

Marsha: Way ahead of you.

Marsha: You look nervous.

Julius: I know, I'm sorry I don't mean to.

Marsha: You know, you aren't alone in this Julius. I'm here for you too.

Julius: Let's get started on generation five.

Marsha: I'm up for that.


While shopping for a wedding dress, Amy ran into someone she hadn't expected to see.

Amy: Artemis, I know you.

Artemis: I would hope so mortal.

Amy: You broke Liam's heart.

Artemis: Excuse me?

Amy: Liam, my friend. He loves you you know and you are ignoring him.

Artemis: Oh right, that mortal. I told him not to call me and yet he still tries.

Amy: How could you?

Artemis: I'm sorry, I missed the part where I have to explain myself to you mortal. My business is my own.

Amy: Don't expect any offerings from me or my fiance, not after what you did.

Anna: How can you say that?

Amy: And who are you?

Artemis: My daughter, Anna.

Anna: Mother needs the support of you and your fellow mortals.

Amy: What are you? A god too?

Anna: Half god.

Amy: Well whatever you are, your mom broke my friend's heart and for that she doesn't get any support from me.

Anna: That's ridiculous!! If you only knew what it's like up there...

Artemis: Anna, enough. It's obvious that this mortal is only looking for a fight, and I don't want to give her one.

Anna: But mother...

Artemis: Come, we're leaving.

After the encounter in the clothing store, Amy came home and tried not to think about it anymore. After all she was getting married now, and Marc Antony deserves her attentions.

Amy: You're still gorgeous Agent Jones.

Marc Antony: So are you honey, and I still love that name.

Tavi clapped eagerly as his oldest brother finally tied the knot with Amy. His wedding was coming up soon afterwards and he was looking forward to it. For Dion, this meant he would have one less thing to worry about for his sons. He knew all about the power love had in warding off the effects of Dalen's influence over the mortals, at least this way he would know his sons would be safe from it.

Amy got into the groove with some dancing under the altar with her new husband, Agent Marc Antony Jones.

Marc Antony: Oi, watch the jewels honey, I still need them.

Amy: I'm sorry.

Marc Antony: Caek shover!!

Amy: Ooph, *cough* You beat me to it!!

Leave it to Maddie to start a Smustle craze at her oldest son's wedding.

Julius: Awesome party man.

Amy: Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reias: So how are you doing Julius?

Julius: I'm fine Godly Protector dude. Totally schway.

Marc Antony: Schway?

Tavi: It's Julius, we learn to adapt to his made up words.

Solan: Something wrong Marsha?

Marsha: No, not really.

Solan raised an eyebrow; "You can't lie to an empath Marsha. What is it?"

Marsha: No I suppose I can't. I think Julius is having second thoughts about being heir. He just seems so aloof and carefree about it, I mean more than usual. I think he's bothered by the responsibility of being heir.

Solan: Why do you think that is?

Marsha: Well his father told him about what happened to his great aunt and uncle, how they were tormented by the Furies. And I'm sure he thinks that something like that will happen again with our kids.

Solan: My father won't allow that to happen to their family again. He swore on it, and neither will I. Julius is one my best friends and if I can protect him I will.

Marsha: What about Ginny? You have your own family to watch out for too.

Solan: I can do both, don't worry about it. Is there something else too?

Marsha poked at her cake, if anyone knew it would be Solan.

"I'm pregnant."

Marsha wasn't the only one who would be bringing in part of generation five, after the wedding Amy and Marc Antony wasted no time getting a go at it too. Needless to say, they were just as successful.

Another member of generation five was on the way.

Meadow: Like, it's finally our turn baby. Can you believe it?

Tavi: Yes, finally. Curse of being the baby of the family I suppose. But hey, everyone's here right?

Meadow: Totally.

Meadow: Like didn't I say I wanted pink butterflies on this cake?

Tavi: And I told you, the bakery doesn't make cakes like that.

Meadow: Well it's my wedding, I should have gotten pink butterflies if I wanted them.

Tavi: I think the roses are nice, don't you?

Meadow: Not as nice as butterflies...

Meadow: To take a page from Marc Antony's book; Caek shover!!

Tavi: *cough*

Tavi: Meadow, honey do you have to clean up the plates now?

Meadow: Yeah, totally.

Reias: So I heard the news Marsha, congradulations.

Marsha: News travels fast around here doesn't it?

Maddie: What news would that be?

Marsha: Umm, I'll tell you later at home okay?

Tavi: Meadow, come sit down with us.

Meadow: Almost done honey.

Meadow: Now you can have me all to yourself.

Tavi: I look forward to it. Wanna go test the new bed springs?

Meadow: Totally.

Meadow: Your sparkilies are like, so pretty honey.

Tavi: I get that a lot. Shall we?

Meadow: Umm, can I like help you?

Aphrodite: Oh don't mind me, I simply love weddings.

Meadow: The wedding's over.

Aphrodite: Oh. Well, congradulations anyway.

Meadow: Way creepy...


Back at the Temple of Ares, another pair of celebrations was taking place. Hope and Jason were about to enter their childhood phase, in this phase of life their powers begin to manifest and for Dalen he wants to make sure Hope is coming along just the way he wanted her to.

Batalia: Do you really think that this plan of yours will work?

Dalen: Of course it will.

Batalia: And what of Jason here? How does he fit into those plans of yours?

Dalen: I don't know yet..why are you asking so much?

Batalia: Because you aren't sharing with me what you want to do, we're supposed to be partners here in this.

Dalen: We are sister, we are. I'll tell you when the time's right, when the battle really begins.

After a change of clothes and hair the newly minted child gods went off to do their own things. Jason headed for the guitar while Hope just really wanted to play with someone. And she knew Drinn was always up for that.

Hope: Don't drop me Drinn!!!

Drinn: I would never drop you Hope.

Hope: Are you sure? I'm scared.

Drinn: Trust me okay? I won't let anything happen to you.

Hope: Okay, faster then!!

Hope: WHEE!!!

Drinn smiled, she was happy and having fun even if it meant his Master would probably turn him back into an axe for this, he was glad to have made her birthday a little happier. Her first day of school was tomorrow, maybe she would get to meet Aiden...

Though it turned out that it was Jason who met his older brother first. He came home with him on his first day.

Jason: It's so cool to have another boy around to play with. Hope doesn't do this with me.

Aiden: I still can't believe your my baby brother, I never saw you after Daddy took you away from Mommy the day your were born.

Jason: What are you talking about? My mommy lives with us at daddy's temple.

Jason: She's wicked awesome and powerful with her lightning throwing and electricity!!

Aiden: That's not our mommy, our mommy lives here with grandpa. Her name is Mokosh.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Aiden: Look here she comes now.

Jason: aren't mommy...are you?

Mokosh: You must be Jason, I've missed you so much.

Jason: can't be her...

Mokosh: Oh Jason what has he done to you over there? I am your mother, the woman you think is me is Batalia, your aunt.

Jason: But...

He stared at her more intensely, she did look familiar.

He stared at her and suddenly a memory from his very early childhood popped into his head, he remembered someone with dark hair and blue eyes holding him; she was smiling and had glistening tears in her eyes, she looked so happy to see him.

Mokosh: Oh, well aren't you a surprise. My sweet little Jason, mommy wasn't expecting a boy.

Jason: Wait, you were the one who held me the day I was born. I remember you now!!! You ARE my mommy!!

Mokosh smiled and the same glistening tears came back to her eyes. Dalen hadn't completely ruined her child after all. He was still good, still able to be saved from him.

Mokosh: Oh my sweet little boy, come here!! You don't know how much I missed you!!

Jason: MOMMY!!

He threw his arms around her, today was a good day after all.


End of Entry Nineteen.

This chapter was difficult to write, there's so much that has to be done before the big battle between Dalen and the gods of Olympus. I have spares to look in on as well, it's a crazy time for legacy writing. I've decided to give Jason the power of Post Cognition, which means he can see the past as clear as the present. His ability is something that I've been working on for a while now it will help later on with the story line and to help explain some things...

And if you're at all interested here are the stats for Jason, Aiden, and Hope:


(damn first born effect)


Jason is the meanest one of the three, which should make things interesting.