The Quest for Peace: Chapter 13, Gateway to a New Generation

Generation V or 5 marks the halfway point of a regular legacy, however in Hidden City that means only that Dalen has failed to exterminate the biggest threat to his reign as God of War, his twin's bloodline. To do so he plans to use a weapon of great power, an alien weapon he picked up during his time on Elvendia. Elvendia is a planet connected to Earth by two secret gateways that only Dalen and a few of the others know about. One is located on the mysterious island of Atlantis which was believed to have been sunk long ago back in the time of the Ancient Greeks by a jealous Poseidon who feared their technological advancements. And the second one is on another mysterious island nation called Pacifica. Pacifica escaped the wrath of Ancient Poseidon because back then they didn't know there was such a thing as the Pacific Ocean. So for the last 6000 years, Pacifica has remained undiscovered and hidden from both mortals and gods alike and their technology is way beyond human understanding.

"I know why you have come, Alien God. You have sensed the malicious intent of the God of War to use the Axe Adriel have you not?"

"There' s no fooling you is there Oracle?"

Oracle of Delphi: You do know that he plans to make a move soon?

"We have to take responsibility for his actions, we gave him the power of the Axe Adriel."

Oracle of Delphi: Can you really stop him?

"We have to. That's all there is to it."

Oracle of Delphi: I know that your arrival has been forseen for many decades. It has kept me up at night ever since I first saw it.

"Though I must say, I never expected Dalen to try to kill his own brother over this, or that Batalia would help him do it. What happened to them?"

Oracle: I know not. All I see is the future, I do not see the past. I do hope you succeed, because even your future is obscured to me by the veils of time. Good luck Peredwyn.

Peredwyn: Thank you, by the way do you happen to know where a young half god by the name of Ashika is? I know she's often called the Oracle of the Past.

Oracle: She is the daughter of Athena, so your search would best begin at the Temple of Athena.

Arwyn: Oh no, you're still doing that brother?

Peredwyn: ARGGHHH!!

Arwyn: This will complicate things a bit.

Arwyn came with her brother from Elvendia through the Pacifican Gateway once they sensed the intent of Dalen to use the Axe Adriel against the Olympians. Their mother, Maritol sent them here with the message: "Stop Dalen at all costs, he must never use the power of an Adriel against a god of Earth." Maritol had expressed concern about Peredwyn's condition to her before they left, she wasn't sure how the atmosphere of Earth would affect him. He along with her younger brother Keitaro were both bitten by a Shadow Wolf while they were in Elvendia's dangerous Southern Lands. The result was a creation of two extremely powerful werewolf gods, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Arwyn tried to concentrate as her brother's pained howls rang out. The Verity Stone their father gave him helped Peredwyn remain in control of himself while under the werewolf's curse, but the effects of it in an Earth atmosphere had never been tested before. Despite that major concern, Peredwyn insisted on going to Earth to stop Dalen's rampage with the Adriel he said his life was a small price to pay against the salvation of billions of innocent lives on Earth if it came down to the Verity Stone losing power here. Peredwyn had faith that his condition would not be so out of control as they thought, after all he along with his four other siblings were all born on Earth...

It began before they even knew about Dalen or the others, their grandparents Allistan and Karite were the Mother and Father gods who ruled Elvendia below Lady Starr and Adahy. Their grandparents were like commanders who were sent to live amongst the mortals as their representatives. When their mother Maritol was a teenager a great evil was seen approaching the planet, a primal and instinctual thing known as Chaos. The only defense the people had was to find the One, a mortal who had the power to defeat the creature Chaos and save the planet. Their research had told them that the One was not among the people of Elvendia but was sent to live on a newly discovered planet called Earth.

Allistan told Maritol of the suspected whereabouts of the One and that she was to be sent to Earth immediately via the Gateway. The Gateway was located in Allocarre, the home of the main gods, on the Elvendian moon. The Gateway would take her to Earth where she would find the One, she was told to blend in with the Earthlings and to do so she was to keep her eyes covered at all times. The eyes of the Elvendian gods were always one base colour with another overlaid on top giving them an appearance of coloured flecks.

The One turned out to be this girl, a red haired American girl who had no idea of how important she was. Her name was Kestra Cheristan and she was just going about her daily life as any normal teenaged girl would. The Gateway did not take Maritol to Atlantis like it was supposed to, something happened in transit and she ended up falling from the sky above Tokyo, Japan and landing in the streets. Kestra was participating in an International Student Exchange program there along with another human. This other one had found Maritol in the streets and pulled her to safety.

His name was Luke Morrow, and he would eventually become Arwyn and Peredwyn's father. Maritol ended up falling in love with Luke and he helped her find the One to save Elvendia, as luck would have it they all were attending the same high school in Tokyo.

Luke grew up and decided to stay in Tokyo and give his children a good Japanese education. Arwyn and her siblings were all born there in Japan but remained in control of their godly powers. Their oldest sister Arrilla wanted to go back to Elvendia so as soon as she was old enough she went back while the others remained on Earth. Peredwyn was born second, then her, then the twins Aimi and Keitaro. They enjoyed a peaceful life, growing up and surviving high school, getting good grades for a chance a great university once they graduated, however their peace didn't last long before another threat emerged, one long thought forgotten.

The re-emergence of an evil primordial god from Earth whose power lain with five Elemental Swords; each one tied to an elemental power, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Metal. These swords carried a terrible curse, it cause each of the wielders to transform into beings composed of nothing but the element of the sword. Peredwyn had the Fire Blade, Arwyn had the Wind Blade, the Water Blade chose their father Luke, the Earth Blade belonged to Keitaro and the Metal Blade ended up in the hands of their mortal friend Makoto. The curse only took effect if the Elemental swords were used against a god of Earth, while four of them fought a god of Earth, it was Makoto who refused to raise a hand against them. Without the fifth Elemental the power of the evil god, who they came to know as Dahak, wouldn't have enough power to take over the world.

The swords, like the Adriels had their own guardians the ones from which the power of the swords draws from. Valeria was Arwyn's Guardian and mistress of the winds. Pyron was Peredwyn's Guardian and master of fire.

Makoto's Guardian was Platius, the master of metals, his relationship with his mortal wielder was a turbulent one. She was not a god and therefore she got tired a lot quicker.  He developed a personal interest in her safety whenever she had to use the Metal Blade in combat, Platius did most of the work for her.

Aquiel was the Guardian of the Water Blade and mistress of water. She and their father were a very strong team when they fought together against a common enemy.

Anteus was the Guardian of the Earth Blade. He chose his name based on the myth of Anteus the giant whose power came from Mother Earth. His wielder was Keitaro and along with the power that being a werewolf gave his wielder the two of them were often very powerful in battle.

That left their youngest sister Aimi with no one turn to, until she met Diamos The Earth God of Peace. Since it was her family that was in danger from something from Earth's past she formed an alliance with Diamos, his twin Dalen, Reias and Mokosh to find a way to stop Dahak from destroying the planets of Earth and Elvendia. Their journey led them around Elvendia seeking the only weapons capable of stopping them the Adriels.

The journey led them to the four corners of Elvendia in search of the Adriels. One was in the dangerous Southern Lands, another was in the relatively unexplored region of Elvendia's Eastern Lands, one was in Northern Lands in the ruins of castle that once belonged to one of Elvendia's most evil and dangerous witches named Mystaria and the last one was in Western Lands guarded by the area's faerie population.

But for the Elementals to be of any use to Dahak the sword had to be used against a god of Earth. Makoto refused to do so, she knew that Dahak would have no power if she didn't fight a god of Earth. And her brave refusal fight left her at the mercy of the minions of Ares, Discord and Deimos. She had refused to fight Ares and he sent Discord and Deimos after her to force her hand.

Two gods against one defenseless mortal would rarely end well for the mortal. After Discord had hit her with the energy ball, Deimos appeared behind her.

The two gods showed her no mercy. The impact of her head smacking into the floor shattered her windpipe.

Her desperate gasps for air forced bone shards into her lungs, shredding them from the inside.

She lost the fight for life and as she died right before the eyes of her Guardian Platius, something snapped inside of him.

Platius called out the Metal Blade and took on Ares in a blind rage of grief and anger over the death of his Mistress. He became the Fifth Destroyer of Dahak and the final Elemental needed for his full power to take effect. The resulting battle became known as The Battle of Amber Dawn. It was the last day Earth saw the sun rise because it never rose again as the entire planet was cast into permanent darkness after Dahak gained the power of the Elementals. It was not the end for the planet, there were still some who were fighting it, Diamos and his friends had gone to Elvendia to find the Adriels to stop Dahak.


Aimi and Reias traveled to the Western Lands in search of the Starflower Adriel and during that journey the two of them ended up falling love. For Reias this was his first relationship with anyone other than his family and set the path for his future. The Starflower Adriel's guardian chose Aimi as his wielder at first.

They were very much in love with each other.

Botan was very happy with his Mistress Aimi, it was an honour for him to serve a special goddess like her in battle and he made sure she knew that every chance he could get. It was his duty to protect Elvendia from the threat Dahak posed to the planet. Diamos and their friend Aeridane, the Elvendian God of the Sun headed to the Eastern Lands where Diamos found Pellas the Crystalline Adriel. That left Dalen to search the Northern Lands for the Axe Adriel with a guide named Aerin the leader of a nomadic tribe of elves who lived in the Northern Lands.

Once they had found the Adriels, they headed back to Earth and fought a long battle with Dahak and his Elementals. However, during the course of the Battle of Amber Dawn Aimi was killed. It was the final blow to the heroes from Dahak as he lost his power, Diamos took it hard because she had come to him for help in the fight and she was killed for it. But Reias by far was the worst off, Aimi died in his arms and with her last breath she bequeathed Botan and the power of the Starflower Adriel to him. It would be many years before Reias could get over Aimi's death and move on...


Arwyn: So that's the story, Reias has filled me in on everything that's happened to Hidden City since we last saw it brother.

Peredwyn: After all that I can't believe that Dalen would go so wrong.

Arwyn: He went to see Lady Starr to reclaim Pellas for this battle and she told us to come here to help him out.

Peredwyn: I remember that time when I was possessed by the power of the Fire Blade, the damage I helped do to this planet. At  least they've recovered now.

Arwyn: I know, I had a part in that too. And if we let Dalen use the power of his Adriel for this insane quest of his everything that we did back then will come rushing back with a vengeance.

Peredwyn got up and headed outside, on the front porch of their house he stared out at the people who walked by the place.

Arwyn: We won't let history repeat itself Perry, don't worry about it.

Peredwyn: I know, but I come out here and it all looks so peaceful. You would never know what's really happening if you just came here right now.

Arwyn: I think it's time to look up some old friends don't you?

Peredwyn: Yes, we should pay a visit to Dalen and Batalia's temple.


End of Entry Twenty.

This chapter contains none of generation five whatsoever, but it does explain the story behind Reias's visit to Elvendia in I think chapter three or something? I can't remember offhand. Writing this chapter had to be the hardest one yet, trying to simmfy my Amber Dawn story into one chapter without showing most of the battles and characters outside the range of the legacy and confusing you all. I do hope it had the required impact, I remember when I wrote Makoto and Aimi's deaths into the story that I had to stop and cry for a few minutes after wards. It was  really hard to do that to characters I had created lives for much like when you get attached to a sim you've watched since birth.