The Quest for Peace: Chapter 14, Serenity

This chapter doesn't really have much to do with serenity I just chose this picture because it's one of my favourites that I took in Japan, this is in a temple called Tenryu-ji in Kyoto.

Last time we saw weddings for the three boys of generation four and all of them ending with successful conceptions of generation five. We start off first with the heir of generation four, Julius. Julius, the fun loving surfer hippy had been questioning his ability to do a successful job at continuing on with his great grandfather's quest to restore the God of Peace to the world but his ever loving, supportive wife Marsha has enough faith in his ability to carry on for the both of them.

Julius: Wow, so this is really it huh? How are you little dude or dudette? I'm your daddy!!

Marsha: Yes, this is it Julius. The next generation.

Julius: I'm so stoked about being a daddy.

Marsha: I'll bet. Ohh, the baby just kicked...OWW, okay that hurts mommy...

Marsha: Julius!! Help!!

Julius: What? Oh gods...Marsha!! Hang on Scout dude, I'll be right back.

Scout: Arf?

Marsha: WHINE!!!

Dion: Ooh, grandbabies!!

Maddie: Grandbabies!!

Marsha: Halp???

Julius: Awesome, a mini me.

Marsha: Umm, honey it's a girl.

Julius: Okay mini girl me.

Maddie: A granddaughter, thank the gods.

Julius: Mom? What's that supposed to mean?

Maddie: Nothing baby boy...nothing at all.

(Yes, a baby girl. Brown hair, green eyes..damn you Chippy for sticking me with green eyes for five freaking generations... :P)

Anywho, meet the first born of Generation Five, Pandora Reed. I don't know about you but that just sounds like an awesome name to me. I can have so much fun with Pandora. Pandora was the first woman created by Zeus from clay, it was a task originally assigned to Prometheus but because he hated the gods, he stole fire from the gods instead. So Zeus made her out of clay and endowed her with cunningness and beauty then he sent her to Prometheus's  younger brother Epimetheus as a wedding present. When Pandora reached his house she opened the box and released all the evil spirits inside it into the world, save for hope. And these evil spirits would forever plague man kind there after.

Julius picked up his new baby girl and looked at her, her big green eyes were filled with the light of curiosity and youthful exuberance. She smiled down at him and he felt a new wave of joy come over him, she was his baby, his little girl.

Julius: So mini dudette, you're mine huh? Welcome to the world and please don't puke on me, that would be totally uncool.

Pandora giggled, as if she understood him...

Julius: Hmm, curious...did you understand mini dudette?

Julius: Ahh, doesn't matter. We can talk when you're older. I'll teach you all about how to be an awesome surfer hippy like me.

(I love Julius.. ^_^)

A small little yawn told him that she was tired so he patted her tiny back once more and laid her back in the crib.


In his haste to leave college, Tavi got all the way back home only to realize that he forgot the most important things there, his cauldron and spell book. If they fell into the wrong hands...

Tavi: Listen Allison...I hate to bring this up but I kinda sorta, accidently left my spell book and cauldron back at college so I was wondering if I could them?

Allison: You're lucky I was here Octavius Thayer, if it was the Head Witch here she'd strip you of your powers for forgetting something so dangerous at college. I'll let it go this time but don't do it again.

Tavi flinched at the use of his full name, whenever someone did he knew he was usually in real trouble. But  Allison was good about it, she didn't say anything more about it after she gave him the cerulean and gold wrapped gift.

Tavi: Thanks so much Allison. I owe you big time for this.

Allison: And one day I intend to collect on that favour so be ready Tavi.

He flew back home and immediately set up in the spare room, he was finishing up some regents when he heard a yelp from behind him. Apparently Meadow's curiosity got the better of her.

Meadow: Like OWW!! Your book bit me!!

Tavi: Honey, you know better than to touch that. That book rejects anyone but me touching it.

Meadow: Like I hope I don't get book rabies or that possible?

Tavi: Umm, no honey it's not...books can't have rabies.

Meadow: I thought we were going to use this room for a nursery?

Tavi: Well, yes eventually but our baby isn't due for a while yet. When its here I'll move them into our room okay?

Tavi: This is nice, I love this time of year don't you?

Meadow: Yeah, but my butt's getting wet.

Tavi: Uhh, I don't think it's from the grass, it's dry.

Meadow: Oh, then it's the other thing...

Tavi: What other thing? OH!! That other thing!!

Meadow: OHH...!!!

 Tavi: Hang on!! Hold it in until I get up!


Meadow: WHINE!!!

And I have no pictures of the babies, yes BABIES plural. Meadow went and had twin girls. I called them Pyrrah and Penelope. Pyrrah is named for the daughter of Pandora with Epimetheus, she was the first mortal born child whose name means fire. Story goes that when she threw a rock over her shoulder it became a woman and when Pyrrah's husband Deukalion threw a rock over his shoulder it became a man. It's like the Greek version of Adam and Eve.  There were two Penelopes in Greek mythology, one was a Dryad Nymph who gave birth to the satyr God of Hunters, Pan by Hermes and the other is the wife of Odysseus. I don't know which one I want to use right now, so I'll put both out there.

Meadow and Tavi also adopted two cats, this is Alegra a Siamese cat who I think is pretty looking.

And the black kitten Bonkers, who I called Bono because it sounds nicer. I want baby kittehs so there we go. ^_^

This is Tavi's familiar, Neko Mimi. I loves her, despite the fact all familiars look like this for good witches. She's pretty with her blue glowy-ness. I think I have some ideas for her, though I'm not sure about it fitting into the legacy theme I want to test out making a familiar with personality like Jason's in Steph's legacy. I forget his familiar's name though.


Marc Antony's SCIA hacking privaleges gave him access to the newspaper archives of Amy's old job, the codes were surprisingly hard to break, it was a lot of effort but he did make it in. Soon after the eruption of Mt Etna, there was a big black out on the media no explanation was given officially but his hacking gave him a lead on what happened right afterwards. There was a massive solar eclipse and what the source called the Plague. Every living thing was killed off by the forces of nature, nothing grew and there were massive floods and earthquakes. There were some blurry pictures and vague eyewitness accounts of figures which looked like they were made of stuff like fire, water, wind and earth.

Marc Antony: What the hell happened 30 years ago?

He tapped his chin thoughtfully, something big happened not too long after the eruption of Mt Etna, and it wasn't all caused by the volcano itself. Someone went through a lot of trouble to hide this, and he had to figure out why.

He clicked a link and angrily closed the annoying pop ups that it brought.

Marc Antony: Gods be damned I hate these pop up tornadoes.

Then his screen flickered and a small IM window opened up. He tried to close it.

Omega: Be careful mortal, you're delving into something dangerous.

The IM window popped up again and he tried to close the window again but it remained on screen. A message bar popped up with the blinking cursor waiting for his reply.

MA: Who is this? How did you get into my computer?

Omega: I warned you mortal, be careful this is dangerous.

MA: Why? What's so dangerous about it?

Omega: Is there any chance you'll let this go?

MA: No way in Tartarus, now tell me what's so dangerous.

Omega: .....Temple of Athena.

The IM window vanished, and his screen went blank again. Marc Antony stared at his computer, how did they get into his SCIA formatted computer so easily? It was supposed to be used for hacking, not to be hacked itself. And the way Omega kept calling him mortal, did that mean this Omega was a god? His thoughts were interrupted by Amy's cries for him upstairs.

Amy: Way to miss the birth of your daughter Agent Jones.

Marc Antony: I'm sorry Amy, I got a rather strange IM from someone named Omega.

Amy: Omega?

Marc Antony: It's not that important, but look at her, she's beautiful, our little Psyche.

Psyche is named for the mortal princess who everyone worshiped and adored. She was so beautiful that the mortals chose to praise her for being more beautiful than Aphrodite. And this upset the goddess naturally, so Aphrodite ordered Cupid to make her fall in love with the most hideous of men. But Cupid ended up falling in love with her himself  and he would only come to her while hiding his identity. As long as she never looked at him he would continue to come see her at night, but Psyche's jealous sisters tricked her into looking at him and he abandoned her. Psyche was heartbroken and ended up wandering the world looking for her lost love, she eventually came into service of Aphrodite. Aphrodite ordered her to perform a series of difficult labours that came to an end in the Underworld where she was reunited with Cupid and married to him. Their wedding was attended by all the gods and she was made into the Goddess of Soul.

Amy: Umm, Marc you may want to--

Psyche: *splat*

Amy: Never mind.

Marc Antony: I deserved that for missing her birth, blech.



Liam: With this ring I thee be wed.

Lilly: But Liam, don't you want to invite your mom or your brother to see this? Aren't they family?

Liam: I told you Lil, the gods are the only witnesses we need. I don't want to see my mom because he'll come...

Lilly: Your stepfather? Do you really hate him that much?

Liam: I don't want to ruin this moment okay? Just please, forget it.

Lilly: Alright, if you want. With this ring I thee wed.

Liam: I love you Lilly.

Lilly: I love you too Liam.

Liam didn't want to invite Roxie or Solan to see him get married, they would only try to get him to give up on his mission to reunite Jonah and Roxie again. Lilly didn't like the fact that he would exclude his family from their wedding but she had learned to not push Liam to talk until he was ready to. She didn't know much about what happened with his family but she decided to let him tell her when he was ready to.

One thing led to another and soon enough they did what every newly wed did...

Testing out the bed springs.

Births and unattended weddings aside....

At the Temple of Poseidon, a birthday of great importance was about to take place. One more piece in Dalen's plan was about to fall into place.

Aiden: I can't believe it, a teenager already. Isn't it great mommy?

Mokosh: Of course baby boy. It's a big step in life.

Aiden: Is daddy here yet?

Aiden turned when he heard a pop, his smile brightened when he saw his father appear toting a party horn.

Aiden: Everyone's here, I can grow up happy now.

However, for Mokosh and Poseidon this marked the beginning of a painful time, today was the day when Dalen made good on his promise to take Aiden with him back to his temple and then things would get a whole lot worse. Dalen glanced over at Mo and Poseidon.

Dalen: You knew this was coming...

He spoke to them telepathically so Aiden wouldn't hear him.

Mokosh: Dalen, please don't take him. You've already taken Hope and Jason from me, don't take Aiden too...please.

Dalen: Decision's final Mo, you know that.

Poseidon: You know we won't take this lying down, we will fight you if you try to use Aiden against us.

Dalen: I know, and I welcome the challenge. So do your worst old man.

Aiden: Here I go!! Are you watching everyone?

Poseidon: We're all here, go ahead Aiden.

Aiden grew up into a very good looking boy who decided that the life path of Romance was the way for him. But as far as anyone else was concerned that was going to be the least of his concerns now that he was finally a teen.

Mokosh: Dalen you CAN'T do this to our son!! He can't become an evil pawn for your revenge quest!!

Dalen: You knew this was coming for years Mo, when Aiden was a teen he would be leaving with me. His potential as my heir needs to be encouraged. If I leave him here with you, he'll grow up weak.

Mokosh: He's unstable, this is a volatile time for young gods, I can keep him from destroying himself and the world!!

Dalen: I won't listen to this Mo, his birthright is to rule at my side as first born male. You know that!! I'll hear no more of this. We're leaving.

Mokosh: I think this should be up to him don't you? He should choose who he wants to live with, me or you.

Aiden had only caught the end of their conversation, when they asked him who he would rather stay with Aiden chose Dalen. He said he missed his brother and sister and wanted to see them. Dalen looked at Mo with a smug arrogance as he headed for the door. Mokosh bit back the urge to slug him in front of Aiden, and it was a rather difficult chore not to.

Aiden was looking forward to living with his father, brother and sister. He had wanted to ever since he was younger. He loved his mother and grandfather, but there were some things that only a father could teach his son and that's what he craved the most.

A small smile tugged at the side of his lips, Dalen's plan was almost ready to be executed. All Aiden needed was a little bit of training and his powers of mind manipulation could be used on the other Olympians, and he planned to make that power the strongest one Aiden had at his disposal.

Since Aiden couldn't teleport yet he had to take the old fashioned route back to the Temple of Ares, Mokosh ran after them, Dalen's thoughts were hitting her full force and she knew exactly what he planned to do with Aiden.

Mokosh: Aiden please!!! Don't go with him!!!

Panic coursed through her veins, the pounding of her heart thudded in her ears, she had to try something, anything to keep Aiden safe from Dalen. He was going to use Aiden like a mind bomb on the other gods, make them submit to Dalen's will and then he would kill them. Aiden had incredible power inside him and if he was taught how to use it for evil, the effects would be catastrophic . If he was with her then at least she could help Aiden burn off his power by using herself as a conduit to release his energy through. Poseidon gave her ambrosia with Zeus's permission so she could be strong enough to be the conduit for Aiden's power if she had to be, as a full god she stood a better chance of surviving the process of taking out Aiden's energy.

But she wasn't fast enough, and they were gone. She broke down. Her wails shook the temple and scared most of the fish away. Poseidon teleported beside her and placed his hand on her trembling shoulders.

Poseidon: Baby girl, don't cry. We can still save Aiden, all of your children. We aren't going to lay down and let Dalen run rampant across the world.

Mokosh: But he toookkk my babies!!! He TOOK THEM!!!

Poseidon: We won't let him get away with this. I promise you.

Mokosh: Why??!! Dalen was never this evil...WHY?!!!

Poseidon:  You know why, Diamos is gone. He kept Dalen under control. His legacy heirs might not make it in time to save him. We have to step up and try to hold him off a little longer...just a little longer honey...

Mokosh: But...but what if we can't? What if we don't make it in time either?

Poseidon; Honey, have faith. We will make sure of it, all of Olympus is behind you and me. He can't possibly take on all of us at once.

Mokosh: I miss Diamos so much, I miss him daddy. Where did he go? Why did he leave us?

Poseidon: I don't know, I just don't know.

Mokosh: Maybe...maybe you're right daddy. We can do this, we have to hold Dalen back as long as we can until the final heir is ready to restore Dee's power.

Poseidon: That's right Mokosh, we will hold him back. And I know you can still be the calming influence on Aiden. He's the lynch pin in Dalen's entire plan. And I think that Dalen's forgotten that Aiden is yours as much as he is his.


Unknown to the legacy heirs and spares of the new development in Dalen's plans, life went on for them Soon enough it was time to see the newest members of generation five to enter toddlerhood.

Julius: Are you ready little dudette?

Maddie: Honey, she doesn't understand you.

Julius: I know mom, but I like to talk to her anyway.

The result: Little Pandora is sporting her daddy's nose. >_<

Pandora Reed:

A  neat freak, shy, active, playful mean kid. She will be loads of fun with that combo.

At Tavi's the twins were joining their older cousin Pandora in the realm of toddlerhood. And they are identical twins so telling them apart is going to be a challenge.

Pyrrah newly irradiated and ready to learn:

Pyrrah Thayer:

Nice, all fours and eights. Slightly Sloppy, Outgoing, Lazy, Playful and kind of Mean.

Her identical twin sister however:

Penelope Thayer:

Neat, Shy, Active, Very Playful, and Extremely Nice. Identical in looks but worlds apart in personality.

Amy: Marc, you drop her and I'll kill you.

Marc Antony: Oh please Amy, like I would be so kluzy like that.

And the result, she had daddy's chin:

Psyche Jones:

Messy, Outgoing, Active, Serious and Mean I see a princess in her of those diva princess types. With two Fortune sims as parents she is definately a spoiled little princess.


End of Entry Twenty-One.

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