Can't Wait
Ive recently found out that a certain website I use is full of viruses...thanks to Norton it no longer allows me on there unless I bypass the system which is getting harder :D So there for im going to be keeping up to date on this from here on live journal...Hopefully you know who it is...lets just say we share one similar father to our rp charries and your im one of your sim ladies...with a evil goddess for a sim that she created :D xxx
Re: Can't Wait
Dont be daft hun! Your not dumb or silly....I should of made it more obvious really :D
Re: Maybe
Sporking the bad XD I was reading a website a couple of months back where they listed all the really bad stories which are posted on boolprop! Lets just say it was someone many people trusted on boolprop and sooo in a strop I made this account and was planning on discrediting them for the mean people they are but I got bored and couldnt be bothered and so decided to keep it around to post comments on your stories :D xxxx
Re: Maybe
Xd So when can we expect chapter 18 for this? Not that im trying to rush you just excited for whats next! xxxx