The Quest for Peace: Dark Moon Saga 4

Okay, so I managed to save my legacy...somewhat.  Unfortunately I could not save Castor and Pollux, Drinn's boys, nor Pollux's triplets with Jane Stacks. I did not upload Helen right apparently and no matter what I did, she would not show up in CAS to be used to recreate the twins with Drinn. And I had lost Minos too so it came down to remaking Solinny's four kids, random skilling them with the Sim Blender, sending them to college enough for a Hello Good Bye and dropping them out. The sticking Camilla back with Icarus and having her get pregnant all over again so...Minos will be a while yet, but I will have him back damnit!! I need him before I can post or write any legacy stuff. So for the most part here's what I did in the meantime.