The Quest for Peace: The Final Fight

Yes, that headline is true, this is the final chapter of my legacy. I had the urge to share it now at 2 in the morning because I'm a night owl and can't sleep; plus I'm bored and want to do it before I forget to. As I said earlier this week, Saturday I'll be with my boyfriend for two weeks and away from my simming computer. And my neck is also really sore and I can't turn it to the right without pain. Sitting at my desktop doesn't make it feel any's happened before, my neck muscle gets strained or bruised or something and it doesn't usually go away without medication which sucks. I know what muscle it is, and usually some hard and firm massage makes it feel a bit better (for a while) but it's my sternocleidomastoidius muscle and it's a major one that allows your neck to turn left and right. But enough about that, here's my final legacy chapter *sniff*